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The summer season was just about over at Stella Lacus adventure summer camp. Amie and her younger brother Wes were eager to return home. Unfortunately for them, their adventures had only just begun.

All at once, the entire summer camp and the mountain it was built upon shifted universes, leaving Earth behind for a far stranger world. In the same moment, every camper, counselor, and staff-member transformed into strange insectoid creatures, with unknown powers and incomprehensible needs.

Instead of returning to nursing school, Amie has a new goal: keep her little brother alive. If only the other campers didn't look at him like food...

Updates every Saturday. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail.

Awesome cover by SimonDrawsStuff.

This story was sponsored by Canary in the Coal Mine on my Patreon. Thanks so much for your support!

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“I ain’t just a farmer anymore and you ain’t just a fashion designer anymore. Now we’ve got new titles.” She placed a hoof on her chest. “Element of Honesty...” -- she moved her hoof to Rarity -- “and Element of Generosity. Saviors of Equestria and whatnot.”

When Applejack was a filly, she'd been told a hundred times by her parents that she was special. This... this isn't what she expected.

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This story is a sequel to The Village Called Respite

That little filly from Cloudsdale has blossomed into a true mare of Respite with the help of those not-quite altruistic twins. Joined by their bubbly friend, Toola Roola, they're ready to take their first steps into adulthood. But outside the village gates, the world is changing fast.

Can Sure Stroke and her friends keep up? Or will their happy life in that village hidden in the untamed Neighagara Forest take a turn as the world comes knocking at their door?

Cover art by Arcticwaters.

Chapters (19)

There is a hidden village deep within the untamed forest surrounding Neighagara Falls. Should one ever journey to this village, those who live there will welcome them for a simple price: love.

When the village accepts a new family from Cloudsdale, a not-quite-altruistic pair of changeling siblings offer a young filly friendship and a chance to find her place in the strange village she hopes to call home.

New cover art done by Arcticwaters.

Chapters (52)

Trixie's line of work is dangerous. But she's a careful showpony, and that's why she's only died a few dozen times in her career.

She thinks this is normal.

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When The House of Enchanted Comics starts selling board games too, Spike picks up a bundle of them for Twilight and the girls to play. All the board games have really funny names: Stellaris, Command & Conquer, Dishonored, EvE...

Maybe the girls should have just played monopoly instead.

A series of one-shots about ponies and video games. Unedited random fun.

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There are many lands through the mirror; strange ones where all manner of things are possible, even one where the righteous are instead wicked and the only hope fell to the villainous. A world put out of sorts when the Good King Sombra absorbed the evil of the Two Sisters.

The Overlord, Thorax, has come to set the world back into its dark path, and only the recently turned Sisters stand in his way... but they'll need help. Light once came through that mirror. Surely light can be brought forth again, to quell this rising evil before it is too late.

Prologue through Chapter 26:
Written by Disappointment-Incarnate
To be proofread by TheAncientPolitzanian

Cover courtesy of the amazing Mr Tech.

(This story involves the mirror universe that appeared in the IDW comics.)

Chapters (28)

This story is a sequel to Changeling Space Program

Twilight Sparkle's experimental interplanetary drive has malfunctioned, stranding Starlight Glimmer, Spitfire, Cherry Berry, a changeling and a dragon on a hostile planet in another universe. With limited food supplies, very little magic, no communications with home, and no way to leave the planet, they must survive until somepony rescues them.

Fortunately they crashed right next door to another creature with the exact same problem- a creature named Mark Watney.

They're going to science the buck out of everything- and do whatever it takes to survive Mars and get everybody home.

TVTropes page here! Thanks to GymQuirk for making it!

Commissioned art and fan works from the readers! Thanks, everybody!

This experiment in an updates-daily story was made possible by a generous grant from Canary in the Coal Mine and viewers like you.

(Sex tag for crude talk about sex, but no actual sex in the story.)

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Recursive fanfic of vdrake77’s “The Changeling of the Guard.” Following the trend started by “Idol Hooves at a Canterlot Wedding” by Airy Words. This is “Idol Hooves After a Canterlot Wedding,” in which Idol Hooves is out of town during the Changeling invasion, gets back about a week later, and then proceeds to freak everyone out with his reaction to the news.

Chapters (1)

At the Grand Galloping Gala, Cadance finds something unexpected: somepony who looks like they don't want to be there at all.

Contribute to the TVTropes page! This is the third story in stand-alone Four Loves of Cadance continuity: (Agápē/Storge/Philía/Érōs)

Chapters (1)