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Eric, easygoing local human, is winding down for the night when he receives an unexpected visitor.

He is a good host to them.

Chapters (12)

Luna takes her job very seriously. When she hears there's a human having difficulty sleeping, she decides to share a bed with him until he feels safe and happy again.

Chapters (1)

Song and magic are two parts of the same whole in Equestria. When Rose saw Anon, it was love at first sight, and as if to shake any doubt, she heard their song, the one they're meant to sing together. It was the happiest moment of her life.

Until she realized he couldn't hear it.

An RGRE story

Chapters (3)

Sometimes, there are states of emotion that can overwhelm even the mightiest of creatures; or so they say. Queen Chrysalis had never taken stock in such tales, nor the creatures that told them. Until today that is.

Artist is hotkinkyshy

Chapters (1)

Being a close friend of Prince Blueblood has its benefits. His public perception may be a bit off, but Anton knows the wonderful truth—the guy is a total bro. Through methods unbeknownst to the human, the Prince was able to procure no less than four last minute VIP tickets to the first show of Songbird Serenade’s summertime tour—the Crystal Empire.

Human x Songbird Serenade romance, because Sia pone deserves some love.

If there's enough interest, I may well write a sequel to this.

Pre-read by JimboTex

Chapters (1)

There's a little known fact about Bonbon, aka Sweetie Drops. Though she's known as a tough as nails, hard-boiled mare that has stared down monsters, she's also a notorious cuddle bug. Unfortunately, Bonbon, as with most other ponies, is ignorant to this fact. Luckily for her, Adonis is more than happy to bring this closely guarded secret to light.

Chapters (1)

George has a lot to learn about Equestria. For the most part he's been doing that by reading all he can at the royal library, where he works. He's not too concerned with going out and making friends but meeting one pony may change how he feels about things.

Thanks to FallenAngel for commissioning this story.

Chapters (6)

I don't want to be here anymore, I want to go home. How much longer until they find a way to send me back? Each passing day is agony and I can't take it anymore.

(Thanks to PeerImagination for editing!)

Chapters (1)

Following a tiring day, you and Cadence encounter trouble sleeping. The two of you give the matter some thought and you come up with a simple idea that just might do the trick... a late night snack of cookies and milk. But can such a simple remedy really work and help you both return to dream land?

Please note: Pony x Human story, no clop, but has some kissing and cuddling.

Author's Note:
This was a fun idea that came to me when I had cookies and milk at work the other night. And who better to share such a fun snack with than Cadence. Oh and please note in this story, she's your mare and has no affiliation with Shining Armor.

Cover art by 1trick.

Chapters (1)

The nobles of Canterlot are up to their old schemes again. Trying desperately to elevate themselves from mere nobles to that of royalty, the high council begins to pressure both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna into marriage. There is only one problem the two sisters face. As the law of old states, only a pony of nobility or foreign dignitary may be eligible to wed either of the princesses. The two sisters must now find a suitable candidate willing to adhere to the balance of power they had so desperately fought to maintain, or lose their right to rule.
Luckily, there seems to be a certain somebody that meets the strict criteria and who would also not abuse his position as royal consort to the Moon and Sun. Now, if only there was a way to convince him.

((I know I am terrible at writing synopsis, but please don't let that dissuade you from giving my story a chance. Rated T for light cussing, teasing, flirtatious mares, and provocative situations. May change later on depending on how I feel and the input from the readers.))

Update: I finally got a beautiful cover art for the story! It looks so freaking amazing and I am super happy with how it turned out. The artist is super talented and you should all go view her stuff and maybe even commission something from her! I literally can't justify how amazing this picture is!
Artist: Cotton
Thank you all so much for your feedback and support! Because of you all I was featured! *happy pony noises*

Chapters (8)
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