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To Princess Celestia, her subjects are also her children and, for them, she strives to be a beacon of integrity and friendship. To Prince Blueblood, she was even more than that, until duties stole her away and his parents naturally filled the role in her absence. They taught him to uphold his family's honor and accept no reproach on his brithright. Their example showed him how to snub his peers if they outshone him and exercise his authority without regard for his subordinates.

To see her own nephew become so cruel pains her. All those around him suffer, and so does he, the pain hidden beneath an unremorseful sneer at those quivering before his hooves. Luna's presence grants Celestia the time that had been denied to Blueblood many years before, and she vows to use it to help him rediscover the loving, happy colt she once knew. Determined and hopeful, Auntie Celly enacts her plan for helping her nephew learn once more what it means to love, and be loved in turn.

Warning: Has a adult pony wearing diapers and snuggling.

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*Just in case the cover picture didn't give it away, this is a babyfur story. If you don't like snuggles and ponies acting like foals, then please, click back.*

Twilight and Rarity go to a rather... interesting spa. They both come back refreshed, though.

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Twilight Sparkle has always been something of a perfectionist. Sure, she enjoyed making lists of things and kept everything in a neat and tidy order, but that didn’t mean that she had a problem. For most of her life, she didn’t, but sometimes small quirks can evolve into things far worse and suddenly the order has to remain exactly as it is, never changing. Suddenly, Twilight finds herself thrown into unknown territory as she tries to uncover a solution for an illness that ponykind never really bothered with and she has to deal with herself: An Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

She finds herself drifting farther away from her friends and seeks solace and healing in something different, as she discovers infantilism for herself. Not everything goes perfect for her, as the relationships she has built over her time in Ponyville are put to the test and she has to deal with her own issues.

It all starts with a moment alone, a moment without books as she suddenly finds herself on a journey to discover who she is and why she does things her own way. Twilight is intent on not letting the world get to her and between her coming to heads with her friends and learning to deal with both her desires and problems, a cold winter approaches, bringing with it the greatest challenge yet.

Coverart by: fillyscoots42

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Equestria stands on the brink of ruin. A necromancer has raised an army of the dead and is poised to plunge the world into darkness. Monsters and brigands roam freely across the land, preying upon the innocent.

Only one hope remains. Armed with swords, spells, snacks, and a bag of dice, five heroes band together to defeat the forces of evil… if their rolls are good enough.

Welcome to gaming night in Ponyville.

Dramatic reading by Goombasa.

Cover image by Elosande used with permission.

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