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A delinquent young alicorn named Luna just transferred to the Royal Crystal Academy, and Drying Paint has fallen head-over-hooves in love. But she doesn't care about him — or seemingly anything, except for the dark, mysterious gathering place she disappears to on weekends.

Paint might just find a chance to win her heart there. But the shadows hold dangers he never would have expected, and everyone must walk into the darkness alone.

Highly Recommended by Present Perfect! "It's won one contest and taken second in another … because it's outlandish, ballsy, and utterly unique. Read it."

Winner of Cynewulf's Worldbuilding Contest! "Horizon manages to hit both the kind of reader who likes Infinite Jest and the kind who hasn't cracked a physical book since high school, and he does so simultaneously. This is one of his better stories."

Won second place in the 9/2017 "True Colors" Writeoff (as a first draft)! Then third place in the Lunbra group's "An Unexpected Meeting" contest! Also featured by Seattle's Angels!

Praise for the Writeoff version:
"Seriously though, Loveless is one of the coolest things I've yet seen in the fandom." —CoffeeMinion
"Dear god I love this so much. ... The story crashed into me with energy, style, and pizzazz." —MrExtra
"Literally the story of how gothic clubbing destroyed the Crystal Empire." —horizon

Cover art by Graypaint. My thanks to GaPJaxie and Haze for editing assistance!

Chapters (4)

Daybreaker: the monster in Celestia's heart, and the age-long mystery of her life. Her friend and tormentor, her companion and foe. Fanatically devoted to their future, yet desiring one horrific to Celestia.

It is growing stronger.

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Blink

Twilight has never thought about where she ends up in that split second when she's neither here nor there.

The results think about it. A lot.

From refined remains, a Twilight civilisation emerges, determined to warn its creator.

Part of ocalhoun's Blink bandwagon, but with no particular connection to anything else on it.

Chapters (3)

When somepony (or ponies) is responsible for the creation of a corpse, the natural first question to arise is frequently "What do we do with the body?" As it turns out, the Bearers have a few ideas.

Maybe more than a few.

Possibly too many.

(Written for BronyWriter's rather impromptu and completely unintentional Ponies Dispose Of Bodies anthology and inspired by his story Best Friends. And so it goes.)

Now with author Patreon page.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle has always been frustrated with Discord. His ability to do anything, with no more effort than a snap of his claw. It shouldn't be possible. His power had to come from somewhere.
Then, one day, Twilight lets slip how she feels. Surprisingly Discord agrees to explain it to her. To give her the secret to all of his powers. If she's willing to pay the price that knowing it all will bring.

Chapters (1)

Teleportation. It is the best possible way to travel... As long as you don't think about it too much. As long as you don't ask where Twilight goes in that split second when she's neither here nor there.

The sound I listened to as I wrote it, available to you in order to give you the option of having the same atmosphere.

No relation to the other story with the same name, just a coincidence of both picking the same excellent title. I was unaware that the other one existed.
Dramatic Reading by Charles Spratt
Second Reading by TheDizzyDan
Third Reading by Crafty Arts

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Place for Pinkie

Warning: Philosophically Dark
50 years have passed since the events of the Library of Discord, and Accord and his friends have lived long, fruitful, fulfilling lives. But when Pinkie Pie gets sick and is rushed into hospice care, Accord makes plans to turn her—and all of Equestria—immortal.

But when the powers that actually created Equestria return, Accord will have a tough time convincing them and himself that true immortality for all is a good idea.

Now with a full audiobook by Fussbudget!

Special thanks to Soge, Amphicoelias, and Starscribe for editing.

Chapters (10)

The winter’s wind is blowing hard.
The air is thick and white.
All good foals should hide their heads
Because HE comes tonight.
Hooks and chains and ringing bells
Are among HIS favorite toys.
Screams and cries and filly’s tears
Are things that HE enjoys.
HE comes tonight not to give,
HE comes tonight to take
So you’d better be good, my little one
If only for goodness sake.
Tonight the stars will hide their eyes,
The good shall make no sound.
For tonight is Hearth’s Warming Eve,
And GROGAR is coming to town.


Reviewed by the Seattle's Angels January 16, 2016

Chapters (4)

Twilight Sparkle is the master of her own mind. She is the Princess of Friendship. She is the fourth piece of the Alicorn Tetrarchy. She has incredible power, and she has always asserted it in a necessary and compassionate way. She has a charmed life—a wonderful set of friends, a beautiful castle in a lovely little town, and is constantly busy with her life, stretching her wings upward and outward to new horizons as often as possible.

There can be nothing wrong with her.

Pre-read by Majin Syeekoh.

Chapters (1)

I've never really had any imaginary friends when I was a foal. I guess I didn't really have time for them. I mean, I had my books and my BBBFF, so I didn't really feel like I needed to create one.

I guess that's why I found it so strange when Rarity came to me, asking for help with Sweetie Belle. Seems she had managed to pick up one of her own, and it was starting to cause some problems. Well, of course I'd be willing to help Rarity in any way I could. What are friends for?

Chapters (5)
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