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To better herself, Luna has studied Twilight's actions and friendship reports almost religiously. However, she never expected to find the tables turned and be under the microscope herself, nor did she realize that a pony would go so far for one they called friend.

Pre-reading/editing by auramane, Habanc, Foals Errand, Meridian Prime, and Timaeus

Cover art commissioned by me and done by Silfoe and can be found here. Thanks a bunch!

Chapters (47)

This story is a sequel to Sharing the Night

Twilight Sparkle is the alicorn of the stars, and after a period of self-discovery, ancient-goddess-discovery and a minor case of malmanifestation madness, she has finally come to share the night, a city, her ex-villain status and a bed with Luna, the alicorn of the moon.

Things are looking pretty good for her.

The five demigoddesses she created out of spite? Not so much. Celestia and Celestia are a little lost too, and for some unknown, completely mysterious reason, dragons are flooding into Equestria—and they're not acclimating. Someone probably should do something about that.

It never gets dull in Ponyville, does it?

Chapters (19)

Every week, Equestria's princesses take a break from ruling their kingdom and discuss life. Usually over coffee.

Here are their assorted conversations.

Cover art by Grennadder.

Chapters (31)

Celestia's morning has been difficult enough, between hearing Twilight's confession of love, and then breaking her heart as gently as possible. Mere moments later, her private chambers are rocked by the shockwaves of a time-traveling spell. This marks the arrival of Celestia's alleged lover from five thousand years in the future, Princess Twilight Sparkle—or as she insists on Celestia referring to her, Glitter-Flanks.

Armed with thousands of years of knowledge of which buttons to push and how to make her squirm, Glitter-Flanks has traveled back to this date for one singular purpose: to establish the closed time loop that sets the two of them up as a couple.

Chapters (2)

Princess Cadence and Princess Twilight Sparkle are called to Canterlot to take over two very important responsibilities: The Sun and the Moon

Oh, and just one additional thing.

Placed 8th in the Writeoff.me event for Out of Time

(Now on Equestria Daily Cover Source - MLP Wiki site )

Chapters (1)

Princess Twilight Sparkle lay there in anguished silence for almost a minute until she decided to let Scootaloo, Apple Bloom, and me help her. It came out as a whisper: "My special talent isn't magic." Of all the ponies we might help, I had never imagined our first might be Twilight, or that it would essential for Equestria that we got it right.

Featured (as high as #2) from Oct 18th through Oct 22nd 2015 for 100 hours.
Thank you everypony!

Chapters (1)

When Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, and Twilight Sparkle decide to visit their mother (in-law) for Mother's Day, they find out a little bit more about her and about themselves than they originally planned.

A/N: Inspired by A Visit From Mom by hennyboo13, which I thought was going somewhere completely different, and decided to write a story based on where I had originally thought it was going.

Chapters (1)

Twilight Sparkle is facing a crisis greater than Tirek, the Changelings, and King Sombra combined.

She's read every single book in existence.

So it is that she has nothing new to read.

She does not take it well.

Pre-read by The Albinocorn and MythrilMoth.

Review by Gear Tech the Living Robot

Dramatic reading by DRWolf
Reading by Wing T. Spears

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Apotheosis

Celestia leaves Equestria in the hooves of Luna and Twilight.

While she searches among the gods to answer her questions, Luna and Twilight must struggle to fulfill their own duties to ponies and to Equestria.

Chapters (12)

Twilight's first Winter Wrap Up in Ponyville had a rocky start. Things took a turn for the better when she assumed control over the planning and organization, but after a stressful morning and with an all-nighter in front of her, she was afraid it might all be for naught. Luckily Applejack was there and knew Twilight needed a chance to take a break and recharge.

She needed a visit to the Thinkin' Spot.

Editing by Formerly Committed and JetstreamGW.

Chapters (1)
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