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I've written a few FoE fics, mostly to please myself and others and to practice my craft as a writer. Now for 4th-wall breaking. "Greetings! I am Delvius, chronicler of Roam and friend to Goldwreath."

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Something strange is happening in Twilight's palace. The magic mirror has started acting strangely during a period of intense solar flares, leaving her worried about what complications might occur. The next thing she knows, through a sequence of events she didn't have the chance to analyze, the mirror inexplicably transports her, her friends, and Spike, to a mysterious, and dangerous world completely unfamiliar to her, where the only way to seemingly get back home is to go with a band of strange beings, on a quest to destroy a powerful ring in a far off land...

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Based on Visiden Visidane's Upheaval series, which begins in Breaking Point, this story is non-canon with that story but written as a fan tribute to the series. I highly recommend checking out the canon series if you're a fan of adventure and military exploits.

Equestria is a peaceful realm, but one that has been kept in the dark about the price of that peace. The Heartland, as it is called, has been protected for generations by the Barrier Lands, a realm outside of Equestria that is occupied by ponies who make up a large army known as the Legion, controlled by the brother of the Princesses, Prince Terrato. This Legion has been fighting an ongoing war for centuries against a host of deadly enemy species that would gladly destroy Equestria if not for the Legion's efforts to keep them at bay.

After a series of events leads Twilight Sparkle and her friends to discover all this, the Barrier Lands and the Heartland are reunited, and the peaceful Equestrians told the truth. However this reunification is not entirely smooth and has with it a terrible price of its own; the draft. Equestrains who have never known a day of violence in their lives must now serve in the Legion, whether they want to or not.

Trixie Lulamoon, Blossomforth, and Coco Pommel are three such ponies, drafted into the Legion and sent to the Western Barrier Lands, where the dangerous bear-like race known as the ursans rule a vast realm of mountains and forest. Though their posting at Beartrap Fortress is meant to be a quiet one, out of the way of the main fighting, these three mares suddenly find themselves stuck in the forefront of an unexpected invasion. Ursans gather in numbers not seen in centuries under the rule of a new warchief, and it seems Beartrap Fortress is directly in the path of this new assault.

To make matters worse it seems there is an even deadlier new threat lurking in the shadows behind this invasion, one that could change the very dynamic of the Legion's struggle to protect Equestria.

Can a single company of raw, inexperienced Equestrian draftees make a difference in such a battle? Its time for the Legionnaires of Equestria to find out what they're made of, one way or another.

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It was 9 A.D.. Three Roman legions were destroyed in an ambush by an alliance of Germanic tribes led by Arminius. Most legionnaires were killed in the ambush, while the survivors were captured by the victorious barbarians. The defeat was so complete that the three Roman legions' numbers were never used again.

What if, however, a certain senior centurion serving in the Eighteenth legion actually survived the ambush? What if, instead of having died in the disastrous battle, went to Equestria through means of a portal to live out the rest of his life there?

(This is my first fanfic, so please help me out by pointing out my errors and offering some advice.)
I do not own the photo.

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Prince Blueblood thought the Grand Galloping Gala was over. He thought he could just go to sleep and put it behind him. He never expected to be reliving the same disaster of a day, over and over... and over.

TV tropes page here:

Thanks to all the people who wrote the page and all the people who gave me a little wakeup call and comment to become aware of that fact! You can't see it, but you guys put a real smile on my face tonight.

Also, recently, extra thanks to RD Dash for giving TBNE a thorough editing. I've updated the fic accordingly (7.11.12)

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Be Awed and Amazed by the tale of Sweetie Belle as she traverses the multiverse in search of her lost mentor and friend, Twilight Sparkle! Will she find her in post-apocalyptic Equestria? Or maybe in a strange world where everypony is the wrong gender? Or even where a Pony claims to be a human? Read as she journeys through very familiar worlds you might have read about... if you dare!

At this point in time all the main worlds to be visited have already been chosen. Thank you all for the suggestions, and I hope you enjoy the surprises!

Here's the official TSC:F Music Intro: The Sweetie Chronicles: Fragments

You can also visit the TV Tropes Page which has spoilers!

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This is the story of a ragtag group of individuals as they face trials and hardship, friendship and loss. Where their roads will take them, nobody knows.

But one thing's certain...

They'll be together until the end.

So, this is my first story here on Fimfic, so as always, constructive criticism is a good thing. I really need to know if I'm fleshing out my characters to you guys' liking. Also, There will be swearing. You have been warned.

P.S. On a side note, I'm looking for OC's to make appearances in this fic as main, side and cameo roles. so send 'em through via PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. No overpowered or alicorn OCs though, please. Also, not all of the OCs need to be male, a few female OCs would be appreciated too

P.P.S. Thanks to ~ForestOfWarriors (Luna) for the cover art. She did an awesome job

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(Post-Mass Effect 3)(FemShep)
When the Reapers were defeated, the galaxy believed that Shepard and Anderson were both lost in the final battle. However, the two long-time friends were also known for not letting death stand in their way.

Waking up, in the middle of a desert, on an uncharted planet they both embark on their strangest mission yet. Attempting to find their way back to the Human Alliance, a place called Canterlot may hold the answers they seek. But first, they had to get there while trying not to draw too much attention to themselves.

Too bad for Anderson since massive explosions and collateral damage followed Shepard wherever she went, without fail.

Crossover of My Little Pony and Mass Effect.
Cover image credit goes to: CSImadmax at http://csimadmax.deviantart.com/
Chapters 1 - 6 proofread by: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/GermanDash (Pre-March 2021 update)

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Kujuta lives his life as a wanderer, feared by raiders and often hated by ponies due to his background as a war-era Zebra. When he meets Salsa, an enthusiastic pony who sees him as a hero, he joins him on a mission to save the ponies of Sunbeam Bay. But Blacktail's gang of pirates may not be the only danger to Kujuta: perhaps he has more to fear from himself.

Written for the Fallout: Equestria group's 500 member contest. It may appear to have more words than the limit, but that is due to this site. When shown in Gdocs or Word, it should be exactly 5000. Salsa is my character in the Turn of an Era roleplay group, and his origin story (actually about his mentor) can be found here.

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There was never a place for Snowdrop. Not in Vault 01, and certainly not in the desecrated lands of Equestria. Once rolling green hills full of life and harmony, this land is now known simply as 'the Wasteland.' There is no way Snowdrop will survive. Not without help.
<Very slow updating rate.>

Warning: Does not take place in Kkat's universe.
May not coincide with original Snowdrop story by Silly Filly Studios

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