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This story is a sequel to Upheaval: Breaking Point

Following the events of Breaking Point, Twilight Sparkle and her friends discover that Equestria's demise may not come from an enemy invasion, but from within. The Barrier Lands and the Heartland begin the slow and uneasy process of reuniting into a single Equestria, but this long-delayed joining is already in danger at its conception.

With Celestia's power in her grasp and her agents by her side, the wheels of Black Rose's plans for Equestria's future continue to turn. However, her brazen gamble has done more than just bring down a centuries-old barrier. Ancient powers begin to stir: the remnants of a dark period in Equestria's history, the immortal inhabitants of Celestia's homeworld, and a rising tide of darkness coming ever closer.

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Cheerilee has lived the life of a schoolteacher with a smile and devotion that is unparalleled to any other pony in Equestria and yet, her career has left her single and lonely.

However, a simple and unexpected reunion with a student she almost forgot about may perhaps change that.

((Characters Aged Up. Cheerilee x Silver Spoon.))

((I do not own that picture. This dude does: here! Praise that person!))

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Cheerilee decided that she would allow each pony in her class to choose what the nature of their homework should be. That was her first mistake.

The second was to think that Scootaloo was serious.

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Scootaloo's parents suddenly show up to a school function. And nopony quite knows what to make of them.

Finished a distant 18th in the /fic/ write-off "There's Magic in Everything." Just a fun concept that I figured I'd try out, and I have no interest in revising it, so might as well publish it.

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When it looks like the CMC might actually have a shot at becoming Ponyville's flag carriers for the Equestria Games, Silver Spoon comes up with the ultimate plan to throw the Crusaders off their game: Have Diamond Tiara flirt with Scootaloo.

An alternate take on "Flight to the Finish".

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Often called a psychotic, meth dealing hillbilly with a habit of untamed violence and murder sprees, Trevor Philips is someone that no one wants to mess with. The body pile he leaves behind and then sets on fire just for the heck of it proves that. But after a particularly deadly drug deal gone wrong, Trevor finds himself in a place even his disturbed mind has difficulty comprehending.

The feeling is mutual for the ponies.

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Potions Teacher.



Severus Snape was known as many things. But right now, he was just confused.

"And just...what are you all supposed to be?"

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It was a night that will forever be burned into the memories of everypony. One fateful night in Equestria everything changed. The princesses who had ruled over the world with kindness and heart were gone, and a new ruler had taken their place.
Years have passed since that event. Ponies have grown up, aged, and moved on with their lives. Equestria has become a very different place over the span of these years.
Our story begins when a face resurfaces in Equestria. When a weathered, scarred, but familiar face steps into the light.

This is the fanfic based on Astringe's Bad Future series on DeviantART. He did some great designs of the characters, so make sure you give that gallery a peruse before you read the fic.

Also worth mentioning, he's been nice enough to plop any pics he does based on chapters I've written into this separate gallery, so there will be less spoilers for readers just jumping in to the story.

NOTE: The canon of my story picks up at the start of Season 3, where it begins to diverge away from the canon of the show. I've never read the IDW comics nor have I seen Equestria Girls, so the events of my story aren't canon at all with them.

Now has it's own TVTropes page!

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Going through a bout of insomnia, Diamond Tiara is willing to try anything to help her get to sleep. So far nothing has worked, but that doesn't mean she's willing to give up.

Part of the "Insomnia Project", where Bootsy Slickmane and I decided to both write about Diamond Tiara having insomnia and see how different our takes would be. Check out his story here. And before you ask, yes, his version is almost as good as mine ;D!

Thanks to Mudpony for editing and inspiring me to write this (forgot to credit him earlier due to being tired}.

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Diamond Tiara tries to keep herself occupied during another sleepless night.

Part of a little writing project with Mattricole, seeing how each of us would write a story about Diamond Tiara having insomnia. Be sure to have a look at his take on the idea here. It's a bit funnier.

Also, check out Sleepless, by Samey90, which was inspired by this story.

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