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A mistake with an ancient book of dark magic results in Twilight being 'living-impaired'. What follows is a series of (mis)adventures involving tax evasion and constant decapitation.

The chapters are short. I know. I like small bite-sized scenes, and it burns me out less.

Despite the tags, this fic is mostly comprised of light hearted comedy. The violence and gore is all for comedic effect.

Art is by GifAnon, used without permission, as is apparently traditional on this site.

Chapters (2)

"So... you weren't going to tell me?" The pink pegasus had tears in her eyes, feeling like a tiny filly again as she looked up at her mother.

"Dearest..." There was sorrow in Queen Haven's eyes, and Pipp didn't even need to hear what she'd say next. She already knew she was right. But her mother spoke anyway. "Before today, it wouldn't have mattered."

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to That One Time: Celestia and Luna Married the Mane Six

Celestia and Luna married the mane six, now they have a harem and a honeymoon to deal with. In all honesty, happily ever after isn't all it's cracked up to be. At least there'll be room for orgies.

A Big Thanks to ArcaneDust for proof reading.

Chapters (29)

Everypony worth their salt should have a backup plan. Cozy Glow knows this better than anyone. And when things start going south, what better backup is there than to go back in time and try again?

But when she ends up accidentally flinging herself into the future instead, she finds that maybe some goals aren’t worth pursuing.

Written for the 2021 Cozy Glow Short Story Contest using the prompt “Cozy makes an unusual friend”.

Chapters (1)

In a memorial museum inside the futuristic city of Ponyville, lay the memories of what is considered the greatest ruler of Equestria to date. A collection of memoirs left by the long-gone Princess. Of the millions of letters and thoughts recorded by Twilight, seven have achieved infamy. Believed by many to be addressed to the legendary bearers of Harmony themselves, scholars have long debated the meaning behind the strange words.

Who were they? What was their relationship to her? Nopony knows anymore, all that's left are the myths and legends, and of course, Twilight's Heartfelt words.

Check out this wonderful audio rendition done by Straighttothepointstudios on youtube.

Chapters (1)

You see a message sent ten minutes ago from someone who has not been online for the last ten months.

You are Spike, and that message is from Rarity.

[Cover by NC Mares]

Chapters (1)

Celestia has witnessed many things in her centuries of life, among them being many sunsets that have involuntarily pained her. But even a pony as ancient as her can be taken by surprise. Especially when it involves a filly’s innocent actions.

Inspired by the adorable Art by BranewashPV that you can see as the cover.

Managed to hold second place in the Featured Box for a while! :pinkiehappy:
Actually reached top of the Featured Box! :yay:

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio: Check it out!

And also a Chinese translation by TheFlint44

中文译文(Chinese Translation):

Chapters (1)

When Twilight first saw her, she thought the mare was beautiful, and she couldn't help but be attracted to her. When she got to know her more, she began to realize that the mare was somepony she connected with and loved. But as date after date went by, the mare got more and more nervous, as Celestia struggled to figure out how she would break the facade to the mare she had grown to love.

Chapters (5)

On a cliff overlooking an ocean, Sunset Shimmer is asked an important question:

"Our little ponies. Our kingdom. Are they just as peaceful and prosperous as ever, Princess Sunset?"

Art by OverlordNeon

Chapters (1)

As she suddenly woke up as a tiny pony staring at two very familiar pairs of eyes, Ganondorf couldn’t really say she was surprised. Disgruntled and mildly annoyed, yes, but not surprised. She really should’ve remembered to put something to break the cycle of reincarnation when she made that ritual to escape from Hyrule all those years ago. So being reborn after the end of her last life was by no means a surprise.

Sure, being female this time around was odd. But at least it seemed that there wasn’t some destiny bullshit railroading her path in this life, so that was something. Not to mention that Link and Zelda were also here. That was another plus.

No curse, no meddling gods, no stupid destiny. Yes, things could definitely have been far worse. So she and her fellow Triforce Wielders just had to have an average childhood for a change. How hard could that be?

This is a non-canon sequel to my story The Power of Freedom, following the idea that after their first life in ancient Equestria the Triforce Trio gets reincarnated as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. (Yay!)

Reading TPoF is not necessary to read this, though it would make it more enjoyable in my opinion, all that is needed is to know that the Trio broke free from their original fate of endless reincarnation imposed on them by the gods of Hyrule, escaped to the pony-world and lived a full life as ponies in the early years of Equestria.

Also, since this is a non-canonical AU sequel, there will be no spoilers in regards to the end of TPoF here, so no worries in that regard.

Timeline-wise this story starts about two months before the return of Nightmare Moon.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!

Featured for the first time! From 01/17/2021; to 01/20/2021

Chapters (4)