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Lavender Bliss thought that her friendship with Sunset Shimmer would last forever. But a car accident takes her friend away and she falls into a state of depression and resents friendship.

But when she goes to her new school, Canterlot High, she comes face to face with her dead friend. Except.. This is someone else entirely. This is not her Sunset Shimmer. She is so different in how she acts and how she treats Lavender. Soon she is taken into a world where another world exists, where she may actually consider friendship again.

But friendship only ends in pain and suffering. It is not magical, it is not something that lasts forever. Not ever this Sunset Shimmer can convince her that friendship is worthwhile.

This story was edited by The Fairy Editor and Nonagon.

This story takes place after The Friendship Games and I thought of it while watching Sci-Twi and Twilight Sparkle at that last scene.

Chapters (4)

It isn't easy being born with the power of goodbye. Ever since he got his cutie mark, Evening Twilight has been gifted with the ability to heal the pain of loss that ponies experience.

But what happens when his sister makes a promise on his behalf? Now Evening has to help the dying aunt of her sister's friend say her goodbyes and he is not certain he is up to it...

Participated in the Sad Fic Contest

Chapters (1)

Two decades after the banishment of Nightmare Moon, her shadow still lingers. Princess Celestia has been left to tend the Twin Thrones alone and protect us all from those who would see Equestria crumble. Our enemies take many forms: some would tear the world down with their claws, others with their smiles. They are monsters all the same.

I have had many names, and I have been many things. Today I am Swift Sweep, and I work for the Equestrian Bureau for State Security.

Special thanks:
NCMares (DeviantArt) for the gorgeous cover art.
Octavia Harmony: primary beta reader and editor throughout the many months of production.
PaulAsaran: for great help with and feedback on plot development and initial story drafting.
Kleora, Cerulean Voice, Nonagon: for further help with editing and story development.

Chapters (14)

Applejack has been thinking long and hard about Twilight. It's gotten to the point that she feels there could be something more to her thoughts. Eventually, she tries her luck and asks her out.

What she wasn't prepared for, however, was the whirlwind of events that would take place afterwards. Both for better and for worse.

Chapters (6)

Everyone knows how fairy tales go: We meet a dumb protagonist who does something foolish. Things go wrong. We learn a moral.

Clearly, fairy tale authors have never met Clyde Pie.

In this collaboration, a number of your favorite ponyfic authors take a fresh look at classic fairy tales, and what we can learn from the wisdom of an eminently sensible earth pony. (This is an open collection; submission rules can be found here.)

List of authors:

Cloud Wander
Meta Four
Quixotic Enigma
Caffeinated Pinkie
Thomas Hunter
Ghost Pikachu
The Iguana Man

Cover art by Veggie55

Chapters (35)

Twilight Sparkle has a lot on her chest that she wants to get off. She knows about the time old practice of pretending to write a letter to the pony bothering you and not sending it, but that's not enough. Frustrated, she invents a system where her letter gets sent to a creature from another dimension. She feels gratification from actually sending something and there's no way some creature from another universe could know her language. As it turns out, the other mares have complaints too, and Twilight is more than happy to help her friends!

Flash Sentry is a normal high school student who somehow keeps getting magic letters full of some REALLY messed up stuff...

Chapters (10)

Are there times you've ever wondered, "Jee, why did the girls at Canterlot High forgive Sunset Shimmer for her evil succubus meddling so easily?"

The answer's simple: "Because, deep down, she's a pretty pretty pony, you stupid melon fudges!"

Chapters (4)

Cadance isn't Sombra. But Sombra's leadership is all the crystal ponies remember, a ruler they had to love at all costs, with the final payment being their own lives. And as they gradually come to see their new Princess as leader instead of savior, too much of that residual fear is being transferred to her. They praise her, adore her, refuse to correct her no matter what she does -- because they live in terror of the consequences for doing anything else. They have yet to find their own voices, and may go on repeating hers until Celestia and Luna switch shifts. So how can she make them tell her when she's wrong, see that there's nothing to be afraid of, and take the next step in coming back to themselves once and for all?

Forbidding them to do anything other than criticize her should do the trick, right?


(Part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group -- but can be read as a stand-alone, and no knowledge of the other stories is required. New members and trope edits are welcome.)

Now with author Patreon page.

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After Tirek had been defeated by Twilight Sparkle and her friends, he was stripped of all the magic that he had stolen from everypony and sent back to Tartarus to be imprisoned.

Days turned to weeks. Weeks turned to months. Months turned to years. Years turned to centuries.

However, even after all that time, Tirek is still alive. He lies defeated and broken, yet he still refuses to give in.
His hatred for her will not allow himself to surrender to his fate and let that purple alicorn win. So he continues on, driven, his anger his only anchor against the darkness and solitude of his imprisonment.

It seems like Tirek is locked in more than one cage.

Chapters (1)

Princess Luna, only recently recovered from the events of "Friendship is Magic: Part Two," is struggling to adjust to life in present day Equestria. And Captain Bucephalus, Commander of the Lunar Guard, is having a little trouble adjusting to having a Princess to look after.

This was my submission to Equestria Daily's "Happy Luna" competition. After "Luna Eclipsed," it no longer conforms to the series' canon, but I'm fond of it anyway.

Chapters (9)
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