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Play this song first!

Twilight Sparkle has always been looking forward to her 21st birthday. It's the day that she's finally recognized as an adult mare, but also the day she's finally able to learn magic on the highest level. What should have been a great day though, turns out to be the most horrific day in her life. She finds a prophesy talking about the next great evil in Equestria, and it's HER! Now she's falling, slowly becoming the very evil she swore to fight against, and not even her closest friends can pick her up in time. In the end, she may even...

Apple Bloom is tired of being the last in her class to not have her Cutie Mark, but her friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo aren't going in the right direction to get their Cutie Marks, and she knows it. In order to get her Cutie Mark the right way, Apple Bloom begins to have thoughts of separating from her friends, and getting her Cutie Mark on her own. But her search for her Cutie Mark opens up to a major mystery in Equestria, and Apple Bloom will discover much more than just her special talent...

friends become enemies...

destinies are revealed...

light fades into the darkness...

and through it all, a hero is born...

This is the first main story in the series.

New cover art by my friend The Spectralist.

Link to the TV Tropes page!

Chapters (34)

Trixie returns to Ponyville to revisit Twilight Sparkle, ever since she became the Princess of Friendship, she craved and longed for power. This time, Twilight was going to obey her commands then, all of Equestria.

Will the Mane Six and Spike save Equestria before it's too late? Or will they fall under Trixie's spell?

Chapters (4)

Dr. Spiral Swirl, a psychologist unicorn has set up her practice in Ponyville, and while she does help ponies with their problems, they are quick to learn that she has additional ideas in mind. Using her trusty pocket watch to induce hypnosis she quickly begins turning the ponies of Ponyville into her hypnotized slaves. How many will fall under her spell before she's stopped...can she be stopped?

Awesome cover art by Tinker Tie over on Deviantart

Chapters (12)

Just another glorious day in Ponyville, till the nanite infection is activated. Now it's up to Rarity and an infected Twilight to save the world. This will prove easier said than done though as old friends, enemies, and teachers come out of the wood work, and they all want to shut down the intrepid pair. But have n/ ...detgruhfihvdsivbhdsfh
Insubordinate data terminated. Run Program: Imperium.

Credit for the cover pic goes to Thattagen of here and Deviant art. Be sure to like, fave, and follow.

Chapters (4)

This story is a collaboration between me and Belgian

Dream, just your ordinary mare from Ponyville and a powerful hypnotist, had enough of her everyday life. Constantly trying to cure mentally ill ponies was starting to weigh on her, and thus she wanted to do something more fun. Taking over Equestria seemed a good idea in her eyes. She had always been a fan of power and control, so it was no wonder that she became a hypnotist, but like everypony knows, power corrupts and Dream will experience that firsthoof.

Join her as she and Deviosis, her partner in crime and controller of the minds, try to take on Equestria and implant a new rule in the country. Will their plan succeed and will they become the new rulers of the country? Or will they fail and be banished for eternity?

Warning: Contains hypnosis, mind control, robots, and possibly clop.

Chapters (2)

Enemies stir in Westeros's far northern tundra, coming from beyond the furthest place on the map, The Haunted Forest. A shell of its former self the Night's Watch must send a team of its own through the Haunted Forest to try and save mankind.

What they find on the other side of the forest may surprise them though...

Awesome new cover art done by the amazing Ayemal.

Chapters (3)

Princess Celestia wakes to find that she is not in Control in the way she used to be. Seeing how she is not the only one with power. Princess Celestia feeling insecure and weary on the changes around she feels she needs to Control the Princesses. Not just Princess Luna, but Cadance and even her faithful student Twilight Sparkle, but for Princess Celestia this may be a challenge as she needs to develop plan's on how each Pony will fall under her Sleepy, Tired, Relaxed, Heavy, Effortless, Susceptible, Warm, Blissful, Obedient and Mindless Trance into Princess Celestia's Hypnosis. Who know's even you might be Hypnotized. "No Need To Think about how Susceptible You Are as you Mindlessly and Effortlessly Read This." -Princess Celestia

"Oh dear... it appears my plans have taken longer than truly anticipated, surely the wait has been long, grueling, and even ridiculous, perhaps some added goals aside from these Princesses." - Princess Celestia

Written By: Luna Elite
Edited By: Belgian & Xaldon Ajide
Proofread By: Zevski & S0ngb1rd

Chapters (3)

"Are you happy? You know it’s your duty, right? Do as you’re expected!”

Twilight Sparkle lives with her friends in a technologically advanced utopia, where the happiness of everybody is guaranteed. There are no fights, no heartbreak, and no troubles of the past. Everybody lives in bliss.

Twilight and her friends need to rebel.


A/N If you're worried about that there OC tag, I can assure you that the only OCs are a few supporting characters. Rated Teen for violence and swearing, but used in moderation.
Beautiful cover art by the amazing Conicer

Chapters (28)

It was supposed to be Trixie's vacation, a soul searching trip to Ponyville. Instead she found herself in a town full of crazy, enthralled ponies, the result of Twilight becoming corrupted by a mysterious amulet.

Managing to escape conversion, she set out to form a resistance movement. It's off to a great start. She already has Fluttershy.

(Genre-deviating sequel to Hostile Takeover)

Chapters (5)

Twilight Sparkle regains consciousness thanks to Discord only to find she and all of Equestria have been transformed into changelings by Chrysalis, with Canterlot as her new grand-hive. A weakened Discord gives her the help she needs to locate her friends and attempt to snap them out of their brainwashing, while Luna leads the remaining ponies in a struggling but stubborn resistance against the love-feeders. How long does Twilight have before she succumbs to the changeling's hunger again?

Chapters (4)