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Hey there! I'm mark17, a British aspiring director/writer who prereads stories in my spare time. Feel free to contact me with details regarding your stories!

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Soarin' is an accomplished Wonderbolt, but lately he's been making too many simple mistakes during practice. One day, he and Spitfire come to the conclusion that he needs a change of scenery. Through a brief negotiation with their manager, Soarin' is given a week's time to secure a future performance in Appleloosa. He accepts this task and flies to the new town.

However, there's more to Soarin's life than he's letting on. He's constantly battling his inner demons, all while trying to ignore the hounding media. He's kept himself in check, but his past is about to come forth once more, and in ways he isn't prepared for.

All because of a strange colt he met during a stop at a bar.

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Monster attacks. Crime. Illegal hallucinogens made from electric fruit.

They say things didn't use to be like this. They say things were different, before Luna came back 60 years ago, but Detective Hard "Hardy" Boiled of the Detrot Police Department has never known any world other than that demarcated by the seedy streets of his beloved decaying metropolis; a world in which the coroners sing and dance, surveillance bugs have personality disorders, and the Chief of Police is a scarier entity than most of the eldritch things the city attracts.

The grey unicorn who turned up dead outside the posh High Step Hotel seemed like just another case, but her missing horn is the pointy tip of a very large and nasty iceberg. It's up to Hardy and his friends - a rejected monster hunter, a psychic cab driver, and an underground antiques heir - to find out what’s going on in an investigation that promises to stick more than a cupcake into the very eye of Detrot.

Especially if Hardy has anything to say about it.

By Popular Demand, there is now a Patreon

Additional editing by coandco Sig_Awesome, Hinds, Clint, and Raccoon!
Featured on EQD - 5 Stars!
Cover art by MisterMech (http://mistermech.deviantart.com/)
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When it comes to summer, most of us think about beaches, vacationing, travel, BBQ's, pool parties, etc. But for two girls, all they can think about is each other.

I also want to give a shout-out and very special thanks to my proofreader Wolfie 03. You've been a really great help to me for this story and deserve a lot of credit for helping me make it what it is. You're a really awesome person, and words can't even begin to describe how glad I am that you helped me out.

Warning: This story contains scenes of mild sexual content, some strong course language, and mild violence.

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Your name is Lightning Strike, a pegasus tranfer to Cloudsdale's one and only "Cloudsdale's Academy for the gifted and talented".The only otherpony you know is your all time best friend, Thunder hoof, a dependable friend and caring pony ...

You aim to make the school wingball team with Thunder hoof and get an athlethic scholarship but school never seems to be that simple.

Along with everything else, you also get to experience the many ups and downs of high school.

How will you cope going to a new school, away from home and friends?


Please comment on what you like and what could be improved!
Taken inspiration from many fics on the website. No plagiarism intended.

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It was just a normal day for the ponies when tortoises are coming out of nowhere, each having different appearances.

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Applejack is a simple pony. But a hard working one. Working day in and day out, she provides for her family in a good, honest way. She would not have it any other way.

Spitfire is a Wonderbolt. A damn good one at that. At least, that was until recently.

Now she is going to bring a whole heap of trouble to Applejack's doorstep.

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After years of trying, Scootaloo finally discovers her special talent.
It's the worst thing that ever happened to her. She'll have to leave Rainbow Dash and all her friends behind as she's forced to go off and learn about her new talent... and then it gets worse.

The sequel, Choices Legacy, is now available.

As always, I adore getting comments about the story; the more specific and prolific the better -- negative comments included. Your comments help make my future stories better.
Featured on Equestria Daily.

Many thanks to my team. I couldn't have done it without them.

Dialog Consultants:
Jacob Ellinger


Unimpressive Vagaries

Scootaloo Vector by MoongazePonies
Background and cutie mark by author
In-Chapter art by author

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Every morning Spitfire had a routine. Get little sleep, barely eat, and listen to everything your managers tell you. But she began to realize this isn't right, being thrown around like a toy. She did love her fans, but was the subjugated life of her's worth it? Sick and tired, Spitfire is on the verge of giving up. But once she makes a wish, she is encountered by a strange stallion. Who changes her life and creates the perfect getaway.

~Opinions please?

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Sequel: The Past of a Shy Mare

Rainbow Dash has never been seen around her parents. Nopony knows what they even look like. She's been raising herself since she was a little filly after what happened. She's alone in Ponyville. Her friends have moved on to much bigger things. They write to her and keep in touch, but they never visit. Their schedules are full of other things that need to be done. She tells her parents story now because of the dark secret she has kept since her friends leaving.
This is my first Slice of Life and Sad fic, so I don't know how it will turn out. The idea came from a picture I saw with RD and Fluttershy. I hope you like it!
Also, check the date of this story. I started writing it before we saw her dad in episode 12 of season 3.

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For as long as Rainbow Dash could remember, her life was simple, straightforward, and planned out with one goal in mind: become the best flyer in all of Equestria. Simple. But when she unwittingly comes across a tool that allows her to relive the memories of her ancestors, that simplicity is challenged when she discovers dark secrets hidden in her family's past as well as Equestria's history that not only challenge her perceptions of reality, but threatens to alter her very psyche.

As she's thrust into the remnants of a centuries-long war, as she questions the morals of those around her, as she battles to separate reality from fantasy, will Rainbow be able to hold on to her own beliefs or will she embrace her family's blood-stained traditions and finish what they started?

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