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New! Part 3: After Twilight notices Applejack becoming increasingly obsessed with the game, she tasks Pinkie Pie (of all ponies) to keep an eye on her. The two head out into Ponyville in search of adventure and the perfect game.

Part 1: Twilight has finally convinced Applejack to join her other friends in Spike's weekly D&D game. However, will she be able to figure out the rules before they all drive Spike crazy?

Part 2: Applebloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle have stumbled across Twilight's D&D books, and convinced her to take up the dice once more. But will anypony meet their high standards to be their Dungeon Master? More importantly, what will happen when you-know-who finds out?

Chapters (13)

Twilight Sparkle has been convinced that kidnapping YOU is the solution to saving Equestria! While this should be a dream come true (going to Ponyville, meeting Twilight Sparkle, etc..) There's just one catch...

You don't want to be a pony... At least not like this!

Chapters (23)

After leaving on a second pilgrimage to find himself, Spike returns to Ponyville, physically larger and sporting an impressive array of skills and powers.

His plans for a calm life in Ponyville, however, takes a different path as he soon finds himself the desire of several ponies interests, friends old and new included.

Change breeds benefits, as the saying goes. Spike has yet to hear it ring true.

Chapters (1)

How will a Pony adjust to living in your human apartment? More importantly, how will you adjust to living with a pony? A mare pony no less. You should have known that someone with the name of Fluttershy would have been a pony. Equestrian Ponies are just so... foreign! You never know how to act around them. Will you be able to overcome this and cope with this pony invasion into your life?

In part inspired/influenced by The Roommate by totallynotabrony.

Chapters (9)

After Twilight Sparkle discovers a new book of pick-up-lines, she wants to bring her friends closer by complimenting them with cheesy lines.

And it does more than bring them closer...

Chapters (7)