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This story is a sequel to TCB: 'Not Just Ponies' Dragon Librarian

Princess Luna choose to accept an short little interview as the strange alien radiation known as 'magic' spreads across Earth forcing humans to undergo a species change to survive it, and Luna proceeds to just chat about this and that.

Pretty much the definition of option canon in every shape and form, such as it is. Don't like it, ignore it.

Part of the Not Just Ponies setting. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/TheConversionBureauNotJustPonies

Vector by istilllikegamecubes

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Equestria's world is a place of many nations, past and present, each with stories to be told...

A series of entries detailing the Nations of Equus, detailing the history, politics, culture, society and other aspects of the civilizations that existed in the Fourth Age.

MLP is property of Hasbro. Please support their official release. Cover art property of ZuTheSkunk

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Equestria and the world beyond is vast and ancient, with countless mysteries waiting to be uncovered, and a million stories waiting to be told...

A series of entries detailing notable events that happened around the timeframe of the setting's 'modern times' (the Fourth Age of Known History), or significant events in the distant past within said Age.

Preview image is by [img]https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/v/e/vectorshy.png?3[/img]. MLP FIM is property of Hasbro. All other references belong to their respective franchises. Please support their official releases.

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Equestria and the world beyond is vast and ancient, with countless mysteries waiting to be uncovered, and a million stories waiting to be told...

And now for another series of Codex Equestria entries, this time on the various wildlife that exists in Equestria and beyond!

As a biology student, I am fascinated by the various mythological and exotic creatures depicted in both the main MLP episodes and the spin-off comics. I had always wanted an opportunity to showcase them in a world-building project, and expand on the creature list further.

Ideas and reviews are welcomed!

Preview pic is property of [img]https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/s/o/soren-the-owl.png?2[/img]. MLP FIM is property of Hasbro. Please support their official releases.

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This story is a sequel to PONY POV SERIES SEASON 8: FINALE!

This takes place narratively after the entire pony pov series, IE, Pony Pov Series episode 435 (actual final chapter, "I wish you all to fair well my friends.") as there are spoilers for the entire series in here. So please read this last.

This was commissioned by me years ago to Godzillawolf, who has only now gotten around to completing it. I felt the story might have needed more polish, but after all the blood, sweat and tears he put into working it, he just waned it DONE, and I can very much appreciate that.

The story will run about 3 parts give or take.

The title says it all really about what this IS about! It's SIRENS, verses NIGHTMARES, who is gonna win? No matter who wins, we lose.

I hope you enjoy this final run through the pony pov series.

PLEASE don't forget the Pony POV Series Trope page! https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanFic/PonyPOVSeries

Cover art by Godzillawolf.

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A final explosion of drabbles, most written in the span of 24 hours, written by request. This is my swan song for my creative works. I hope you manage to enjoy them all. Most are comedies, some are emotional, some are a little profound. All involve the ponies we'e come to know and love.

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Ruling over the Crystal Empire has required Cadance to do many things, but one day she discovers a matter that needs her more immediate attention. One of their guards has decided to retire, and when she asks him why, she comes to understand something important. Something she'd always suspected, but that nopony until today has said to her.

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Ocellus should have expected this question to come up someday. She really should have...

Just a silly little thing I thought of and had to write down.

Korean Translation by Ad Hoc
Audio Reading by ajvasquezbrony28

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Everypony in Ponyville is naked! ... Okay, that's nothing new. But everypony's fur and feathers are falling out! What is the source of this evil? What twisted mind could have unleashed this on innocent Ponyville? And what hero shall rise to the challenge and save Equestria from embarrassment and indignity?

Story by:
Alex Warlorn

Image by AleximusPrime with permission.

MLP:FiM Copyright Hasbro

Adios Amigos.

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My name is Sweetie Belle.

No not that one.

I know what you're thinking.

"How can a stuffed pony tell a story?"

Well, I can.

My story may not be the most exciting, but it is close to my heart.

So if you like, give it a chance?

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