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Celestia has been dating Rarity for a few months now and was under the impression everything was perfect. Except, for some reason she cannot understand, Rarity has taken to… keeping her distance.


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Ever since the defeat of Cozy Glow, it was no surprise that the group of students known as the 'Young Six' would remain close friends outside of classes. However, it seemed that Gallus and Smolder were eager to enjoy one another's company away from the others. After numerous instances of the gryphon and dragon slipping away without much explanation, the other four students of their group were determined to learn the truth of their secretive outings. Were Gallus and Smolder secretly a couple? Or was there more to their private meetings that their friends weren't aware of?

To get to the bottom of things, Ocellus was quick to hatch a foolproof plan with their friends. Unfortunately, even with the surveillance in check, none of the group were prepared for truth about the taboo indulgences the two shared with one another...

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This story is a sequel to Sparkle

Twilight Sparkle has been out to her friends as a mare for a while now, and things have been better than she could have imagined.

But the Grand Galloping is fast approaching, and Twilight plans to attend as herself. Which means coming out to all of Equestria, and by extension, her parents.

Surely there'll be enough time along the way for Twilight to figure out exactly what Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are to her! Not to mention how to tell her other friends...

Story will update as chapters are finished.

Content Warnings: Gender dysphoria, coming out, "Well intentioned" transphobia from parents, transphobia from strangers.

Sex tag for: Named discussion of genitals in a transition context.

Proofreading and editing by our lovely partners, Kataponies and FlutteringLillies.

Cover art by ourselves. Find more of our art at humanwhodoesstuff.com. Title lettering graciously provided by Kataponies.

Featured, 1/30/2022! Thank you very much!

Chapters (3)

Dusk Shine is completely fine with being a stallion.

Sure, he doesn’t like it, but I mean who does, right? He isn’t good enough to be a mare, like his friends are, so there’s no way he could be transgender.

Feeling out of place and alienated around his closest friends has to be some kind of friendship problem, and that is what he’s here to study after all.

Maybe once he fixes this hole in his heart, he’ll understand why his friends seem to want him around. Maybe he’ll even be somepony who deserves them.

Content Warnings: Moderate internalized transmisogyny and associated gender trauma, detailed depictions of panic attacks.

Sex tag for: Some very saucy cuddling and kissing, and vague discussion of genitals in a transition context.

Proofreading and editing by our lovely partners, Kataponies and FlutteringLillies.

Cover art by ourselves. Find more of our art at humanwhodoesstuff.com. Title lettering graciously provided by Kataponies.

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When Fluttershy and her friends find themselves threatened by a new villain they're trying to defeat, Fluttershy is scared and nearly attacked. Fortunately, her guardian draconequus appears to protect her.

Day Two of #FluttercordWeek2022: Protection

Chapters (1)

A tool. That is all he is to them. They changed him, improved him, while taking what makes him human.
Just a long cycle of tests and experiments. Now, they need him for an important test. Teleportation. For better or worse, he ends up a bit farther than expected, like a lot farther. Now, he needs to learn to coexist with this bizarre world. However, those that sent him away aren't very willing to let him go...

Chapters (17)

As she suddenly woke up as a tiny pony staring at two very familiar pairs of eyes, Ganondorf couldn’t really say she was surprised. Disgruntled and mildly annoyed, yes, but not surprised. She really should’ve remembered to put something to break the cycle of reincarnation when she made that ritual to escape from Hyrule all those years ago. So being reborn after the end of her last life was by no means a surprise.

Sure, being female this time around was odd. But at least it seemed that there wasn’t some destiny bullshit railroading her path in this life, so that was something. Not to mention that Link and Zelda were also here. That was another plus.

No curse, no meddling gods, no stupid destiny. Yes, things could definitely have been far worse. So she and her fellow Triforce Wielders just had to have an average childhood for a change. How hard could that be?

This is a non-canon sequel to my story The Power of Freedom, following the idea that after their first life in ancient Equestria the Triforce Trio gets reincarnated as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. (Yay!)

Reading TPoF is not necessary to read this, though it would make it more enjoyable in my opinion, all that is needed is to know that the Trio broke free from their original fate of endless reincarnation imposed on them by the gods of Hyrule, escaped to the pony-world and lived a full life as ponies in the early years of Equestria.

Also, since this is a non-canonical AU sequel, there will be no spoilers in regards to the end of TPoF here, so no worries in that regard.

Timeline-wise this story starts about two months before the return of Nightmare Moon.

Beta Reader: The Amazing Emtu!

Featured for the first time! From 01/17/2021; to 01/20/2021

Chapters (5)

Something weird is going on in the human world. Sunset needs advice.

If only Twilight would write back.

Chapters (19)

Wallflower tries repeatedly to murder Sunset. She doesn't expect Sunset to flirt back.

You get to choose the ending!

Written for The Sleepless Beholder as part of Hearthswriting 2021.

Original prompt:

Wallflower, as a cliche horror killer, tries to kill Sunset Shimmer for all the bullying she suffered during her time as queen b**** of CHS, but her mission becomes immensely difficult when Sunset, instead of being remotely scared, flirts with her in every encounter.

Thank you to Bicyclette, Sunlight Rays, iAmSiNnEr, and daOtterGuy for prereading. daOtterGuy also deserves thanks for the title as it was a fantastic suggestion.

Chapters (4)