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This story is a sequel to Flying Sky-High

So much has happened in the past year. Friends have been made, battles have been fought, and love has bloomed. Now at long last, Rainbow Dash has the chance of a lifetime: a chance to become a Wonderbolt and instantly be part of an elite squad. However, one of the key judges for the tryout is none other than her love: Soarin. He is bound by his profession to be fair and honest in his selection. Will their relationship give Dash an edge in the tryouts? Or will it strike her down before she even gets there?

Also what of the dark magic within Soarin? He's kept quiet about it for a while, but not all is as well as he lets on.

And what of the Shadowbolts? They scattered after the battle with Nightshade. Surely they didn't just disappear.

A story of remaining strong in the face of harsh challenges. Life and love can be tough, but strong hearts always find a way to prevail.

Originally Edited by: Kestrel (and on occasion: Lucky424)

New editors: Delphina34 and Zoljen

This Fic's length is a bit intimidating, but it is broken into four parts, each of which could be considered their own stories with clear beginnings and conclusions. I decided to keep it all together because it was how my outline was structured (aka i completely underestimated the length).

This is not a Gurren Lagann Crossover. The title was a coincidence. (But said coincidence has led to many references and characters that parody the anime)

Featuring multiple chapter illustrations by: Scootafail/Chiwee, PenumbraGlow0290 Deviantart: darkmoonrising, Colorstrike, and foxenawolf

I also like including pieces of fan art drawn by my readers if they drew certain scenes. So far i have included some fan art by: GlitterDash (Dev art: chessaw), Hopscotch, MyLittleXyo, Ice Blade, mlplover789 (aka NightyScribbles), EchoSong, sweet Isolation, Pie Is Epic, melovedogs123, CowgirlVK, CrystalMelody_kc, Noble Savage (Deviant art: thatdamntenpin), Those Kids In The Corner, natis120, eveyannie, PhonicBoom, bambiki, Randompig212, Schemmer, SOARINDASH1, Neonspirit, NorthernLights8, kikirdcz, Fuzzette, SilverWolfFTW, Cantil, Coco Candy, -_Rainbow_Dash-_, Lazzari and Lucky Autumn

Chapters (182)

This story is a sequel to Rainbooms and Royalty

Alternate Universe (Dashverse): A continuation of "Rainbooms and Royalty" Ponyville goes to sleep one night only to find in the morning that every foal in town is gone! The ancient evil King Sombra has returned and stolen foals from all over Equestria. But why? What is his true purpose in stealing them? It's up to Rainbow Dash and her friends to rescue the foals and stop this evil once and for all. But it's a long journey and complications arise with the ponies that join them. How can they save Equestria and preserve harmony when there is disharmony among their own ranks?

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This story is a sequel to Hot Heads, Cold Hearts and Nerves of Steel

DASHVERSE: (Takes place several months after the events of http://www.fimfiction.net/story/68962/hot-heads-cold-hearts-and-nerves-of-steel)

Rainbow Dash and her friends are off to Canterlot to help in the preparations for the wedding of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor! But once she arrives, Rainbow learns of a sinister plot against Equestria. What's worse, she can't even rely on her friends to help her because one of them is not who she seems...

Chapters (20)

The Wonderbolts are debuting a new show in the skies of Ponyville. Rainbow Dash is ecstatic to see a performance up close and personal. But when she is left speechless by their unbelievable techniques, she begins to question her chances. Lost in her thoughts, a very unexpected surprise throws her life into a roller coaster. A story of staying true to yourself and knowing when to listen to your heart, even if it isn't the logical choice.

Featuring art by: lortstreet54, shad0w-wo1f!, PenumbraGlow0290 Deviantart: bonnama, colorstirkeand rulette

Also a small animation in chapter 2 by: HarlenBooks

This story has not been fully edited yet, i apologize for anything sloppy.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Head in the Clouds

Written for a small group contest. (Placed 1st! Thank you all for the support!)

Rainbow Dash and Soarin are extremely unsatisfied with how they left their relationship upon parting ways. Friends with benefits sounds nice, but once apart they both realize just how much the other means to them. Unfortunately now neither are in a position to confront the other and reveal what pulls at both their hearts: Love.

Soarin may be duty bound and unable to act, but Dash jumps at an opportunity that could turn their relationship into the direction they both truly want. A story of not accepting barriers. True love exists on all levels and distances.

(Note: this story was admittedly rushed for a contest. Looking back on it now, there are some inconsistencies, such as some of Dash's abilities. The end may seem a bit squished as well. I apologize in advance)

Edited by: Kestrel He did an awesome job :) featuring in chapter art by foxenawolf, eveyannie, PenumbraGlow0290 Deviantart: bonnama, and SpicedDemon (Commisioned for me by PlayBitz)

Chapter 11 animation done by: HarlenBooks, Equestrian Airship Productions

Chapters (18)

(Originally conceived as a oneshot, this story has become a series of them because of the massive popularity of the first installment and how it was featured on the front page.)

Pairing: Soarin/Rainbow Dash

Chapter 1: Meet the Parents Rainbow Dash has a brilliant idea: since she hasn't seen her parents in awhile, why not bring her new boyfriend with her to visit them? Unfortunately for Soarin, this means meeting her father and mother (Firefly). Will the Wonderbolt survive the visit? Will I ever learn how to do comedy? There is a single yes and a no between these two important questions.

Chapter 2: Meet the Scootaloo Soarin unexpectedly finds himself introduced to Rainbow Dash's number one fan, Scootaloo, and once again finds himself learning a bit about Dash's world. Warning: Might make you squee.

Chapters (13)

First three chapters are being edited sometime later on. If they bug you because they're not up-to-quality with the rest of the story, feel free to skim them. Chapter 3 is the worst offender.

Rainbow Dash just wanted to go home. The weather was grim, sure, but she had to get home. Staying at Twilight Sparkle's library wouldn't cut it for her. Besides, she was too busy sorting out things. However, things take a drastic turn for the worse when she finds that going through the weather was beyond what she wanted. Even worse, she's now stuck with someone who may either be the pinnacle of her death, or her last and best hope of survival...


New Art by: dreamingnoctis - dA
Old Art by: Eldorado - dA


A/N: Fallout Crossover?! How original, Shadowflash! Do elaborate on such a creative idea!
Now, now, calm down. This is a twist to the original crossovers - I've yet to see one where The Lone Wanderer was evil and where Rainbow Dash is sent there, instead. I've thought about this long and hard, and it's time to do this crossover properly. Let's get to business, and I hope you enjoy. Love you all<3

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This story is a sequel to Rainbooms and Royalty

Dashverse: Rainbow Dash is geared up and prepared for the Best Young Flyers Competition in her hometown of Cloudsdale! And Rainbow is more than ready, having already used her Sonic Rainboom to help stop Nightmare Moon. When she and her friends arrive in Cloudsdale, things get even better: Rainbow has more fans than all the other competitors put together.

But that's when the problem starts. What's the cost of being the best? How can you have a competition when Rainbow is just that much better than everypony else? How will Rainbow Dash react to a horde of new fans? And how will her friends react to Rainbow's budding legend?

Chapters (5)

Solutions to war, famine, disease and societal collapse are not easily happened upon. For Celestia and Luna, the solution was a mystery for eons, until their top six battle mages forged a plan from their very essence. To unite their absolute individual powers into one worthy host. One who could put an end to the horrors plaguing the budding nation of Equestria.

Only one pony was ever worthy. His deeds and heroism ultimately culled evil and hatred from Equestria and allowed peace to reign. After this achievement, the power vanished of its own accord upon the natural death of its wielder.

However, it seems that something in the shadows has provoked the lost power's return in the form of a new carrier, and she's going to find out her true destiny through a series of literal trials by fire.

(Updated on 3/1/2019, I'm ashamed that its been almost 5 years since my last chapter update...)

This is my take on the origin of "Super Rainbow Dash." Shout out to the creator of Super Rainbow Dash, Super Klonoa. My apologies for not finding out who you were sooner!

Thanks to unexpectedly high ratings, this story has been moved from an experimental work to a full production. Edited by the Awesome Amazing Regular... uh.. "Solid" SolidFire.

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The history books say that Commander Hurricane and his lieutenants Lightning Streak and Ice Wing successfully brought the Pegasi nation into a firm alliance with the other races, establishing a new country under the Royals in Equestria. Yet, time tends to forget the darker details of history. Not everypony was happy to see the mighty and miltant Pegasi subdued under the 'beneficial' union with the other races. The ensuing internal struggle would fade into Pegasi myth, a secret long thought laid to rest...

Thousands of years have passed. Equestria has been at peace under the Diarchy of Celestia and Luna. Nopony recalls the forgotten history of the Pegasi. It is all about to change. Storms from the past are on the horizon, an ancient vengeance set to transform Equestria. Only three unsuspecting pegasi stand destined to turn back the storm; to discover the forgotten Legacy of the Pegasi.

Proofread by SeerGun

Chapters (30)