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They say that good armour is a Royal Guard's best friend.

Sometimes, it might be a little more literal than expected.

After all, it isn’t every day that one receives shameless self-promotion from their protective attire.

Chapters (1)

Smolder's exterior suited her well—tough scales, with a soft, vulnerable skin underneath. Celestia was she thankful it was difficult to get underneath her scales. Difficult for anyone but herself.

Edited by Graystripe, Jack of A Few Trades and MissyTheAngle

Chapters (2)

Sandbar's birthday is coming up within the month, and none of the Student 6 knew!

Most of them haven't even had a birthday and thus have no idea how to celebrate it the pony way. They end up having two options. Get Pinkie Pie to tell them what to do, which is a cope out, and get jobs so that they can afford gifts.

Things really end up sliding down hill from there.

Chapters (2)

It's a weird morning for Smolder. There's a griffon in her bed, except it's not her bed, and she's fogged in while just in a room, not the building itself. Fortunately, there's a griffon in the bed, and four claws are better than two.
Contains Smollus and implied Gallbar, rated T for some innuendo and flirting.

Written for the Smaugust day 24 prompt, "Cloud."

Edit: top of the Popular column? This makes me a happy dragon

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Scarlet

It has been a long and arduous journey for Scarlet Frost and her found family, and they are all ready to settle down in their new home, Sanctuary, for a quiet, peaceful life. Unfortunately, fate is a mistress seldom sated, and all too soon, the peaceful life Scarlet yearns for is ripped away from her. When Princess Twilight Sparkle, a legendary mare seen as a goddess, calls on her to aid in a mission to right the wrongs of the Fall, Scarlet feels compelled to heed the call.

With the return of the Princess and her five friends, the world stands on the brink of sweeping and irrevocable change. Whether or not those changes are for the best, however, remains to be seen. What is certain is that the world has ever been unreceptive to change, and the ghosts of Scarlet's blood-stained past shall cry out for justice before the day is done.

A special thank you goes out to my editors, Mister Hypothetical and Chromio!

Chapters (9)

Twilight is desperate for love—and that desperation dooms her chances for it.

Hence The Love Protocols. Rules set in place to stop her feelings from making a mistake. Desperate enough to nearly date anyone, she needs the rules in place from getting with the wrong pony—or messing things up with the right one. 

Spike assures Twilight she's not so shallow and that, given dating experience, her tastes would narrow. Yet she requests his aid in finding love at a bar. 

How will our wingman fare in helping Twilight find somepony to love?

[Cover by Maren]

Commission for Barbarity!

Want a story for yourself? Then check out my commissions page!

Chapters (1)

After one of Twilight's sleepovers turn boring, Rainbow Dash comes up with an excellent idea: a challenge to see who can withstand Fluttershy's powerful stare. However, they quickly come to question whether that's even possible as this idea takes a sharp turn into a problematic direction.

Chapters (1)

She didn't think anypony would notice. Nopony ever had before. Not her parents, not her brother, no one.

But then somepony did.

She wasn't ready to be confronted about it.

In hindsight, she was happy that somepony had.

Chapters (1)

It is Heartswarming Eve, and filly Twilight Sparkle wants to stay at the empty castle with Princess Celestia, refusing to go home with her parents even after the monarch has sent all the staff back to their families. But why?

Twilight's answer leaves Celestia contemplating all the ways that make the lavender unicorn so special.

(Cover Art made by me!)

Chapters (1)
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