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This story, and the Kirin Chronicles as a whole, are being rewritten and published as a new story due to the size of the adjustments.

Part I of the Kirin Chronicles
It's Twilight Sparkle's coronation day. She's ready to go, all dolled up by Rarity, and the three Princesses await her okay on the spell. She nods. Their horns light, and a deep warmth spreads through her. She closes her eyes.

"Nn- Twilight!"

Her eyes open. Spike, running towards her. His claw brushes the magical aura surrounding her. A roll of thunder echoes, and he is thrown against the wall. The magic surrounding her rises in turmoil, battering and burning, and it's all she can do to stay awake. It ends with a snap, dropping her to the plush ground in a heap. The Princesses are crying, Spike is unconscious, and Twilight... Twilight is no longer a petty Unicorn.

But she's not much of an Alicorn either.


Initially featured from February 8th, 2013 - February 11th, 2013.
Part II of the Kirin Chronicles
Part III of the Kirin Chronicles

** This story was written when I was 15, and the quality and content reflect that. Please be aware that my position on topics contained within may have changed in the time between publishing and now, and I apologize for any offensive material that I may have condoned in my younger years. **

Chapters (11)

Recently rewritten. Contains occasional adult humor and violence.
On a request from Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the mane six explore an abandoned mansion located deep in the woods. While doing so, they unwittingly stumble across an enchanted mirror that scrambles their DNA and pops out three brand new bouncing baby ponies. Hilarity and drama ensue as the mane six must cope with being suddenly thrust into motherhood, as well as protect their new foals from a dark god that wishes to use them for his own sinister gain.


The three foals. by Freefraq on Deviantart.

Chapters (2)

Comet takes his job too seriously. Angel doesn't take anything seriously.

Comet joined to protect kingdom and princess(es). Angel joined for adventure and danger.

Comet isn't interested in mares. Angel can't stop talking about stallions.

Comet is a pegasus. Angel is a bat pony.

Together, this unlikely duo goes through life as Royal Guards from basic training to fully fledged guardsponies. Who knows? Maybe they'll even start to get along.

Cover art by slawomiro.

Chapters (30)

After Pinkie Pie Suffers a severe head injury, in her forehead is discovered something that an Earth Pony should not have. This gives answers to where she gets her abilities, especially how she seems to be able to defy the laws of physics. This also explains some of her craziness.

How will her friends handle this, and can she learn to better harness the magic within?

A big shoutout to Aegis Shield for the original idea. I would not have thought of this one myself. You, good Sir, are brilliant!

Cover image by sapoltop on Deviantart. I lay no claim to the artwork. The artwork is his creation.

Chapters (2)

This is pretty much a self-insert, mostly done for comedic purposes.
After a mishap with an invention of mine, a friend and I find ourselves in the magical land of Equestria. How will the peaceful land of Equestria handle the influx of two humans? Will Jay and I ever find a way back home? Will anyone give this story a fair shot? Read and find out.
Things that actually involve MLP:FiM begin in the second chapter.

Chapters (73)

Lieutenant Rodger T. Laurence, a pilot in the United States Navy, had just taken off from the USS Wasp on a routine recon mission. Mid-flight, Rodger experienced an event that he could never have imagined. Miraculously, the stunned pilot finds himself in foreign skies with no way of contacting home, and is greeted by an unexpected inhabitant of this strange new land.

Chapters (11)

Expand for links to readings, fan stuff, the tumblr, and more!

When Twilight Sparkle slipped beneath the covers last night, everything had been fine. She had friends whom she loved, a teacher she adored, and a bright future ahead of her. But when she woke up, her blankets and quilts had been replaced by hospital gowns and padded restraints.

Everything is wrong and nothing makes sense; even her friends have changed. The doctors keep telling her that she is sick, that none of it was real and that it was all in her head. Yet she remembers a life far beyond the hospital walls. She couldn't have made it all up on her own. They must be lying… right?


Ask Asylum Twilight - Still updating regularly!
Equestria Daily
Asylum Fan Group
The Tartarus Project
Russian Translation
The Asylum 20,000 View Spectacular Stage Show!

Fan Works

May contain spoilers!

Asylum Cover by conicer
Twilight and Twilight Smiles by dreamingnoctis
Mirror Twilight and Plague Doctor by Jaestring / BloodGoldWings
Twilight Smiles and Doctor AJ by conicer
Nurse Ratchet and Silas and What's in the mirror? by Archonix
Doctor AJ Sketch by Archonix | Colored and vectored version by ReFro82
Twilight's Asylum by Khan the Cake Lover
Smilight by HappySwitch
Twilight Waking Up by Dombrus
Fan Art by toxicdemon10
Asylum Twilight by Madness-With-Reason
Asylum Fluttershy and Asylum Ch 26 by Downburst-Backspace
Twilight and her Twin by v747
Birdgirl by sirValter

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Asylum Animated Trailer Video by formuladash
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Broadhoof Files: Dr. Humors by TypewriterError
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Thanks from the Author

A special thanks to Breath of Plagues, Rex Ivan,
ChudoJogurt, Cynewulf, Death the Kid, Selbi, PrinceDolph, Blahman2816, Queue, and Gage!

Guest OCs

Axan Zenith - Dr. Dreamer
Dratini4 - Way Finder
psychicscubadiver - Bright Mind
Velkaden - Dream Chaser
Reese - Silver Glow
Viola Heartstrings - Clover
Archonix - Spinney Whiteacre

Chapters (27)

Homo Avis: the next step of human evolution. If any Homo sapiens were still alive they would call of us Angels, with our feathered wings on our backs. Camp FEATHER is one of the many camps around the world created to help all fledglings. Fledglings learn from their mentors in small one-on-one groups. How would the Wonderbolts react when a Homo Avis fell through their Cloud Dome?

Chapters (1)

It's been 4 years since the Halo incident, 4 years since anyone has seen the Master chief and his AI companion Cortana. But when The ship they are on is boarded by the Covenant, Cortana revives the Master chief so they can escape. But things don't go as planned when they find themselves floating around a forerunner planet and it just so happens that this forerunner planet is Equestria... [Cover art made by myhe01]

Chapters (6)

Zach, the Lone Wanderer, just returned after clearing out an alien mothership. With him, he brought some pretty interesting technology. After selling it off to Craterside Supplies's very own Moira Brown, the scientist/engineer/possibly-slightly-entirely insane woman tinkers around. Soon, she's off to a place full of new things to force her experiments on...

Chapters (5)