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Banished to another reality by a vengeful Starlight Glimmer. Twilight ends up in a near copy paste version of the Equestria that she knows and loves…with one small difference, she doesn’t exist. Twilight played a huge role back in her Equestria. So what would happen to an Equestria that ended up losing its saviour years ago?

Attempting to figure out what makes this reality different from the one she was born in and what happened to the original Twilight Sparkle. Twilight tries to reunite with those that she was closest to and find a way to replicate Starlight’s spell to return back home. However things won’t be as easy as she had originally thought.

Though after spending time in this version of Equestria, making friendships and finding love. Will she really want to go back?

Note: More tags will be added later throughout the story when required. If a tag should be there though isn’t, please comment or DM and I will rectify this mistake.

Proofreader: Rainbow Sunbeam (chapter 5 only)

Chapters (12)

In a series of Lunar coincidences, Rainbow Dash gets in trouble while teaching.

Written for Trotcon 2018's Speedfics-R-Us panel. The prompt: write a story involving Rainbow Dash, Featherweight, and the Moon.

Chapters (1)

North of Canterlot, in the far marches of Equestria near the border with the Griffon tribes, there is a mountain that flies.

West of Canterlot, beyond the Galloping Mountains and a desert painted in the pastel hues of a faded rainbow, a tower sits at the edge of the world.

South of Canterlot, past the Everfree forest and the desolate badlands, a city of gardens waits to be born.

The Lost Cities Challenge! Awesome authors who have taken it upon themselves to explore other abandoned places:

- The Land of Glass and Stone, by RazgrizS57
- The City that Breathes, by Pearple Prose
- Aletheia, by Foehn
- Far Kobresia, by Baal Bunny
- Keskiyönnon, by Bradel
- Unknown Architecture, by Not_A_Hat
- The Gentle People, by Bad Horse
- The Seal of Wax and Glass, by DuncanR

Dramatic Reading by Illya Leonov: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4.

Royal Canterlot Library interview for Lost Cities.

Chapters (7)

Like ponies, changelings can get pretty paranoid at times. After all, it's not every day that a changeling gets kicked out of the hive for being a pony.

Chapters (1)

Saving the damsel in distress is less impressive when you're the one who ruined her life in the first place.

Pony Joe is going to try anyway.

Now on Equestria Daily!

Thanks to Aragon, MrNumbers, and Themaskedferret for editing.

Thank you to SilFoe for letting me use her wonderful art, and to ThePoneDrome for the colourful additions.

Chapters (8)

The Crusaders sometimes form conclusions and make decisions based on impulsivity and gut feelings rather than rational thought. So, when they meet Ponyville’s newest, specialty flower vendor—a young, quiet mare from Alemaneia named Schneeblume—Scootaloo immediately begins to suspect something… that behind her quiet exterior, that bright smile, and those kind eyes, she's hiding something sinister.

Well, technically, she is... but perhaps not in the manner they expected.

In the end, the three quickly-growing fillies may find that their cutie marks and their penchant for helping ponies may come in a different fashion than they're used to.

Cover art done by the incredibly talented G_Hyze. This is the crop of a full picture I commissioned; said picture is presented in the story and sourced to his DeviantArt.

Chapters (1)

Recent archaeological expeditions to far-flung corners of the Old Kingdoms have revealed a wealth of pre-Celestian artefacts, dating as far back as the Hearthfire Wars. These artefacts shed a light on an era we of contemporary Equestria really know very little about, and the stories they share range from the highest court intrigues to the humblest backwater folktales.

This account, found engraved in the wall of an old Pegasi garrison known as the Eastmarch, relates the final night of a condemned mare, in one of the last wars of the pre-Celestian era. It has been translated for the benefit of the modern reader.

Pre-read by the inimitable Admiral Biscuit.
And now with a reading from resident crooner Illya Leonov.

Reviewed by Seattle's Angels,13 January 2018

Chapters (1)

At 3:15 AM, Adams woke me with a loud knock on my front door.
"Put your boots on," he said when I answered. "There's a biblical monster in my house."

* * *

A Visual Companion, by the author
Interview with the author, from the Royal Canterlot Library.
Audiobook by Scribbler.
In-depth analysis by the Heroic Tales cast.
Literary Analysis by ScarletWeather.
Special thanks to GaryOak.
City of Doors
One Man's Pony Ramblings
Louder Yay
Between Lines
Bad Horse

Chapters (4)

Bon Bon visits Lyra at the mental hospital.

* * *

Audiobook by Scribbler Productions.
Reading by Crafty Arts.
Thanks to GaryOak and Reia Hope for proofreading.
Cover art by Mica Halligan.

One Man's Pony Ramblings
Titanium Dragon
The Royal Guard
Louder Yay

Chapters (1)

"For safety reasons, it might be best to keep all the doors in the house unlocked, including your front door. As well, have friends close by, so that they can come and help you at a moment's notice, if you ever need them. Keeping a mobile close at hand would be a good idea too."
-One-Man Hide and Seek Creepypasta

Companion to The Truth behind My Little Pony.Artwork done by the amazingly talented Maii
And Special thanks to MisterNick for all his help.

Chapters (1)
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