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The reason I write is because I want to read a story written for myself. One day, I want to read one of my own stories and say to myself "That is the best story I have ever read."

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To the north, Queen Chrysalis' empire grows strong with conquest, industry, and fearsome new weapons.

To the south, Equestria sleeps.

But not Miss Harshwhinny. She is not a soldier, owns no factories, did not even know what a tank was before seeing a picture. She can learn, though, and she can see what is coming. And as the day of invasion draws near, she races against time to build for Equestria a weapon with a fighting chance.

(An Equestria at War fic.)

Now with a dramatic reading by Skijaramaz!

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Starlight does a slightly better job at attempting to reform Chrysalis after freeing her friends and reforming the rest of the hive, and finds herself quite unexpectedly the new Princess of Empathy. Whether things go uphill or downhill from here will depend on who you ask. Twilight is thrilled, Chrysalis is miserable, Trixie is gay, and Starlight is just trying to cope with becoming royalty scarcely a year after being Equestria's most dangerous supervillain.

This is a story I've been working on for months, and am finally going to start posting! I've always thought Starlight more than earned her wings in the show, but, given that I also love Chrysalis, I decided to grant them in a way that ends with my two favorite characters not trying to kill each other.

This will be a series of mostly one-shots dealing with various aspects of Starlight's life after ascending, with a variety of tones; while it's marked as incomplete, there should be a complete story here at any given time. Obviously, there are an enormous amount of things to be done with such a premise, and, if you have anything you'd like to see explored—and also enjoy the story enough to comment—please feel free to request topics for future chapters!

As I post this, I have about 33000 words written across eight or so chapters, which I'll be posting a couple times a week until I run out. After that, chapters will be posted as (and if) I write them.

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Over 5 centuries ago, halfway through Celestia's millennium long reign, a rebellious political faction attempts to take over Equestria and start a new pony republic. Celestia is accused of crimes against ponykind and put on trial in an effort to remove her from power. Celestia must defend herself, and her actions, against the conspirators who aim to take over her kingdom. The fate of friendship and the future of Equestria hangs in the balance.

Told through the perspective of Princess Twilight reading the story to Luster Dawn.

Cover art by Decoy the Skeletal Boy:

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Everypony worth their salt should have a backup plan. Cozy Glow knows this better than anyone. And when things start going south, what better backup is there than to go back in time and try again?

But when she ends up accidentally flinging herself into the future instead, she finds that maybe some goals aren’t worth pursuing.

Written for the 2021 Cozy Glow Short Story Contest using the prompt “Cozy makes an unusual friend”.

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And can you dry your tears
When the rain falls down in droves and droves
And can I be here for you
To let me hold you tight

Trixie has been best friends with Starlight Glimmer for months now, and the bond between them has never been stronger. But, after a bull-headed mistake and lack of critical thinking, Trixie manages to leave Starlight Glimmer angry and disappointed. Again.

Over the course of a single day, Trixie takes the steps to make things right between the two of them and, in doing so, instantly discovers some feelings inside of her that she never thought possible. Her best friend was kind, sweet, and yes, very hot. And now she was in love with her.

Greatly inspired by this amazing image by TheSoleil, as well as the brony song Seagulls by the illustrious FritzyBeat.

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It's always been fun playing Dungeons and Dragons with the girls. Applejack never gave thought to running a campaign herself until their group hit a wall. Sunset's game had just finished, Twilight wasn't ready to start a new one, and no one else volunteered. It was Applejack or bust.

But she wasn't much into dragons, glowing swords, and all that. As her writing slows to a crawl, Applejack takes a walk outside in search of inspiration...

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"Sweetie, Are ya okay? Ah took a medical kit if ya need help?" Apple Bloom said as Sweetie kept totally still, the pair in front of her making no move to enter the small cave.

"Please do not harm this unit." The voice was distorted, damage to the vocal box giving a metallic tang to the request. Both Bloom and subject 2 jumped back from the entrance, their eyes wide at the distorted voice.

"S-Sweetie?" Apple Bloom stammered, reaching for the shotgun strapped to her barrel. Sweetie pressed herself a little deeper into her hiding place.

>Updating survival odds: 37%

"Please do not harm this unit." Sweetie tried again, various subsystems starting to simulate the most optimal way to fight in her current state.

"H-Hey Sweetie, t-that's you, right?" subject two asked, sounding even more terrified than Apple Bloom.


A small Sweetie Bot story I had in the back of my mind and have occasionally dotted down things for for the last 9 months. Hopefully a fun read!

Cover Image Source

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This story is a sequel to A Noble Death

Known as the Angel of Las Pegasus to the ponies and the Demon to the changelings, Lieutenant Sierra-B312 Callsign ‘Noble Six’ has certainly made a name for herself.

From the streets of Canterlot to the tunnels of the Grand Hive of the Empress, Six brought the war between pony and changeling-kind to its conclusion. But now that peace reigns, what is a Spartan to do? Is she more than a living weapon? And what would happen to her should her newest family meet the same fate as her old one?

And with the recent return of the Crystal Empire after months of ever-growing restlessness, the answers she has been looking for may finally become clear.

But with every light, a shadow is cast, and one last question will become clear:

Is she afraid of what waits in the dark?

Coverart made by Crimsonwolf360

Tags will be added as the story progresses to prevent spoilers.

And I dedicate this story to you Frazy, whenever people see Six they will be thinking of the design you brought to life, may your retirement from drawing be filled with fuzzy ferret love.

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Rainbow Dash didn’t know she’d be on the precipice of the biggest change in her life when she nonchalantly agreed to help Pinkie Pie. Throw a party, make a lot of foals happy, go home. That was the plan.

So…why does she keep going back? Why does home…feel so empty?

Unable to shake the one foal that refuses to leave her head, Rainbow Dash is ready to jump into the greatest change—and greatest challenge—of her life.

And that, my friends, is only the beginning.

Chinese translation by luhcow:
无光,无声 Unseen, Unheard - FimTale

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In the aftermath of the Memory Stone incident, Sunset has been doing her best to make Wallflower feel included at Canterlot High. Thankfully, her efforts appear to be paying off. However, a certain online discovery leads to some interesting conversations—and revelations—between herself and Wallflower.

Sometimes, the best things grow out of what we shouldn't say.

Birthday gift for my girlfriend Scampy, who supplied the initial idea, and whose Wallflower stories are far better than this. Go wish her a happy birthday!

Written to this album by Drew Wholcomb And The Neighbors.

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