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Twilight has too much time on her hooves.

Twilight has a spell that involves 'transposing male characteristics' that she hasn't tried yet.

Twilight is about to get herself into a whole world of trouble.

Translated into Russian(!) by the amazing repitter with editing by FoxcubRandy

Chapters (1)

Twilight is very excited to have perfected a new transformation spell. While trying it out on Cadance, however, an ill-timed sneeze turns everypony in the room into cats, including Princess Celestia.

Stuck in the form of a tiny (and adorable) kitten, without access to magic, Twilight has to find a way to fix everything, all while dealing with her growing feline instincts, the hazards of a pony-sized world, and a Princess Celestia who seems to have forgotten she ever was a pony.

This story was commissioned by DbzOrDie. It features cover and interior art by the talented Elbdot.

Chapters (1)

It's not easy to go back to your life after a thousand years of insanity and exile. It's not easy for Luna to even leave her room. All the same, there's a special somepony that Luna desperately wants to get closer to, and that's worth facing the outside for. All she has to do is get up the nerve to talk to her.

Chapters (1)

(This story is a paid commission, and may or may not represent the views of the author.)

Dubbed "Day Court", Princess Celestia's progressive open-court initiative was intended to shorten the ivory tower to the crown for every Equestrian citizen. Instead it has become a cosmopolitan fiasco of puffed-up peacocks looking for the complaint department, which The Sun must endure until a better idea comes along.

On a certain afternoon like any other, in the waning hours of daylight, a pony claiming to be Princess Celestia herself arrives with a special request for her doppelganger - a request that bears the weight of life and death. Discord must be set free. Before it's too late.

(Historian's Note: The two chapters of this story take place in different time frames. Chapter one occurs shortly prior to the events of the episode "Keep Calm and Flutter On", in season three. Chapter two occurs shortly after the defeat of Tirek, at the beginning of season five. This story was commissioned by DbzOrDie.)

Chapters (2)

Applejack realizes one morning that Rainbow Dash has apparently moved in with her. This discovery surprises Dash more than a little, too, and sets off a chain of events neither could have imagined.

The original minific version of this story came in fifth in the Dec. 2015 Writeoff Association contest, "Things Left Unsaid." And the full, three-chapter-and-an-epilogue version won 3rd place in The Fourth AppleDash Contest: A Little Twist of Lemon using the categories "A Life-Changing Event" and "An Important or Memorable Date."

Chapters (4)

Rainbow Dash can’t wait for her first date with Applejack; they always have an awesome time hanging out, and a relationship just means there are even more physical activities they can try together. So when the dumb zap apple harvest postpones their date, she decides it’s the zap apples that are going to have to change their plans. Equestria should know by now that wild, ancient magic is no match for Rainbow Dash, especially when she might get laid.

Everything is going according to plan, until she crashes. Or, rather, until she wakes up after crashing and fifteen years have gone by. Fifteen years during which she seems to have been a very busy pony.

Now Rainbow Dash has to adjust to a life she never thought she wanted, and figure out if she’ll ever get to live the life that brought her here.

Update: Proofreading and formatting by RBDash47

Written for the AppleDash Group Contest prompts "Family" and "An Important or Memorable Date."
Cover art by SketchyJackie

Chapters (11)

Co-written with Merc The Jerk

Applejack's friend Dash took off for the fast life of the big city years ago, but now she's shown up back on the farm with some big city problems. She knows Applejack will always help her out, and Applejack knows it too; she's always been fond of Dash... maybe a little too fond.

Luckily, the Pomme family has a solution to Dash's problem right in their basement. It ain't exactly legal, and ain't exactly safe, but for a friend like Dash, Applejack is willing to risk her reputation, her neck, and, if the cards fall right, her heart.

Warning for strong language.

Cover art by Eve Ashgrove

Chapters (5)

When Twilight Sparkle was just a kid, her best friend was a girl named Sunset Shimmer. Though their friendship had a bit of a rocky start, they quickly became inseparable, no matter how much everyone thought of them as ‘weird’. They were there for each other.


Years after the tragic accident that tore them apart, Twilight is determined to move on from her loss, and she sets off on an independent research project to investigate the strange happenings at Canterlot High. Little does she know that she will soon come face to face with what appears to be a literal ghost from her past.

Coverart by Kare-Valgon. Chapter illustrations by Zorbitas.

Edited and Pre-read by Dubs Rewatcher, r5h, and Kalan.

Takes place after Rainbow Rocks, but was written before Friendship Games and does not take it into account.

Chinese translation

Print copies now available.

Chapters (25)

Three months can seem like an eternity, but in the timeless nature of hibernation, it passes in a blink. Spring is here, and Tank has awoken, ready to reunite with Rainbow Dash.

However, there's a small complication.

Chapters (1)

Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns is the center of magical research in Equestria. Since Apple Bloom developed a love of potion making and an interest in the theory behind magic, she recognizes what an honor it would be to study there. But that would also mean being the only non-unicorn student to ever attend, leaving her friends and family, and moving to a strange city... and that's if she can pass an entrance exam designed to select the most magically gifted unicorns.

Spike has never wanted more than to be Twilight's number one assistant. But when Twilight points out that there's a pony right in front of him who needs an experienced assistant even more than she does, it means considering a life where he's making the most of his talents... but one without Twilight by his side.

For both of them, facing hard decisions are just part of growing up.

Second place winner for the April Writeoff Association prompt "Great Expectations."

Chapters (3)