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A new hidden enemy threatens Sunset's new home. It craves magic and desires all who has it. She and her friends must rise to the challenge. But even with their powers, they can't do it alone.

Their friendship maybe strong but another source is needed to fuel their powers.
The Power of Love!
Flash x Mane 7

Chapters (98)
Chapters (34)

This story is a sequel to Sunset Among Shadows

The Anon-a-Miss era is over, and Sunset is happy in her new life with her new friends.

But a new challenge will make her return to the place she left behind, and face those who were her friends, and a strange but well know person.

The GAMES are going to start, and there can only be ONE winner.

Update 20/12/2021
Now the story has been edited by my good friend 'Arthor2017'

Chapters (11)

Anon-A-Miss, a mysterious internet user who corrupted Canterlot High School. Everyone have accused Sunset Shimmer of this betrayal, even her friends have abandoned her.
Now Sunset is alone, as she once was, and depends only on herself to start again, among shadows ... New faces, and not so new ones, will come to her life.
Will Sunset be happy again? Canterlot will ever know the truth? What will happen to the magic of friendship?

- "dark" label due to psychological conflicts and a certain degree of physical aggression -

- All chapters have been editing and correcting by icecreammac-

Chapters (34)

This story is a sequel to Sirens of the Night II

Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, Sonata Dusk, Sunset Shimmer, and Scootaloo are ordinary teen girls, well as ordinary as teen girls with magical powers can be. However, Incognito is still out there, plotting to bring about the end of Sunset Shimmer. And then there is Gilda, a fellow classmate that has created a rivalry with both Sunset and Aria. But as long as Sunset has her family and their friends, then they can face anything together. Nothing to worry about, right?

Chapters (8)