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<Pending editing. I know there are errors and they will be dealt with later when I am not so lazy.>

What would you do if you spent every day getting mocked by a creature in the mirror? What would you do if you spent every day doubting your sanity? What would you do if your reality fell apart around you? My name is Ryan and this is my story.
-A big hand to frieD195 for being my beta-reader!
-The cover art is by Frees

Chapters (42)

Note: This will have multiple side-story type things following various characters from the MLP universe. Some will be a simple one chapter thing, some will span multiple chapters, some will intertwine. Once characters get their chapter, I'll add them to the list.

Also, the pic is not mine.

Chapters (5)

Daring Do has her last adventure, and Rainbow is desolate. The only pony who can understand and comfort her is Twilight, who's been there herself.

Image from Pony Derivative: http://www.ponyderivative.com/images/?fluttershy-in-a-box-video&x=63

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Zack was normal (by brony standard) until something weird happened.
The mane 6 mysteriously appear in his living room and it appears that he's the only one that can see them.
Has he gone finally insane or is it some weird magic?
Time will only tell.

Chapters (2)

The Great and Powerful Trixie regarded herself as the greatest magical power in all Equestria until one fateful day - the day she was completely and utterly outclassed by Twilight Sparkle.

All of Equestria will suffer the consequences, as Trixie has vowed to become the most powerful magical being in the land at any cost.

Even at the cost of her soul...

(While it may be helpful to read "The Eternal Storm" before this to understand some of the backstory, it is not required to get the most out of this story.)

Chapters (11)

Hoity Toity wakes up in his lavish penthouse in Upper Manehattan and starts hearing voices in his head. However, turns out he isn't crazy. You see in an Alternate Universe an ultra bad ass human and king of Testosterone named Duke Nukem has just died from saving a bus full of orphans on the way to get heart transplants. It turns out his soul ends up in Equestria in the mind of Hoity Toity probably the most prissy and uppity stallion on the planet. He wakes up one day and little subtle changes start happening.

Join us as we meet the odd couple. A prissy and proper stallion and a macho sadistic narcissistic pervert share one mind. Will Duke change Hoity and help him get the attention of a certain fashion photographer or will Hoity teach Duke some things about himself and grow a little in the process.

Warning this has some strong language and Duke will spout off some homophobic slurs and f-bombs. So, if your easily offended this may not be for you.

Chapters (4)

The ponies discover Video games, and they decide to play some. After getting systems, controllers, games, and some mics they starte their bender of mind-rotting video gaming fun
This is a spontenous idea that takes human gamers reactions to games and such and put them in the place of the ponies. Chapter 1 is parodying people pressuring you into something new if you haven't noticed
If you don't like it, don't read; just feel i should say that now.

[This is on Hiatus while I gather some video games to write about, but if you want to write something feel free to!]

Picture by oOSkyeWolfOo
It's rather creepy looking, but fitting

Chapters (2)

Major Thomas Williams of NASA was wondering if he would ever get any further than Earth's orbit. Turns out he got quite a bit further than he expected.

Chapters (2)

Sidenote: I appreciate the criticism I received prior to writing this from the people who said that it "couldn't be done", and that "Rarity and Spike being together just won't work out". If it weren't for you guys, I would never had been inspired to prove you wrong by creating this. Thanks! :D

Anyway, this is a cute romance fiction about my favorite - and really, the only normal - couple in Ponyville. Enjoy!

Chapters (4)

When a mysterious flower is brought to Ponyville from the Everfree forest, many ponies begin experiencing incredibly realistic dreams. Most residents of the small town choose to lock themselves away, living in the dream rather than reality. When Twilight recruits the only other ponies still awake to help her, they discover the dark truth of what has befallen their kin.

Chapters (1)