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This story is a sequel to Left Behind

After defeating the Broken Pony, Nightmare Moon is finally free to begin her plans to retake Equestria and restore it to its former glory. However, she is haunted by the ill portents she had been given and searches for signs of her sisters' fragments or the coming of any new alicorns.

On top of this, the king impedes the alicorn's work at every turn and tries to be rid of her just as frequently. So many things happening all at once and spiraling towards the doom the 'leftover tool' warned her about, but Nightmare Moon is determined. No creature will stop her goal, not even the dregs of Equestria's destroyers from so long ago.

Chapters (3)

Once upon a time, a teenager by the name of Sunset Shimmer was having a happy life, and her life got even happier as she was making a promising acting career. Her parents couldn't be any happier, that was until Trixie Lulamoon, a jealous rival actor, got an experimental face clay known as Renuyu, and after falsely congratulating Sunset on her stunning performance one night on a crime noir film, poured the renuyu all over her body, ensuring that would look so ugly, she would never be able to act again.

However, what she didn't know is that the experimental clay was starting to change her molecular structure, turning her bones and flesh into clay.

At first, Sunset looked a grotesque clay monster, but with enough practice, she was able to not only shape-shift into her normal looks, but also into anything she wanted.

Soon, she would run into others that had the same affliction, but each with different powers.

What happens then...only time will tell.

Chapters (1)

There are many who dislike Sunset Shimmer. Recent happenings have brought that to a head which has resulted in her death. But that's hardly the end for her.


Inspired by reading WAY too many Isekai LN's and Manga.

This started as an experiment to try shorter chapters. I gave up on that later on.

Chapters (21)

Dreams can take strange turns, but lucid dreams are not supposed to. That’s the whole point, to change the dreamworld through lucidity. However, when he tried messing around with his own subconscious, William signed up for far more than he ever thought he was going to.

Now, Reality seems to be following arbitrary rules, cartoon logic and the fact that he cannot change back from his ridiculous alicorn form is just vanilla icing on the bizarre cake.

And unbeknownst to him, a certain Princess is infuriated by the intrusion in her domain.

That awesome piece of coverart was drawn by the equally awesome mix-up, that you can also find on his dA account here.

Chapters (14)

Rainbow Dash is a simple mare. She loves flying, she loves napping, but most importantly of all, she loves her friends. She loves her family. She loves the little tortoise who sleeps in the corner of her bedroom. She loves her town, she loves her country, she loves her world.

She's never thought about what she would do without it all. She's never thought about what she would do if she woke up one morning, only to discover that the world had passed her by. She's never thought about what she would be willing to do, how far she would be willing to go, to get it all back.

Featured 7/2/22 - 7/5/22

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The Era of Aracana, a time period ruled by power. Society does not need the weak and unable, they need the strong and capable. This is what they believed.

Twilight was deemed weak and cast out at a young age. She had to fend for herself, doing whatever it took to survive. Now, she's on the run from the law, being constantly being chased form town to town. Her bitterness grows and grows by the day for those who abandoned her. Sick of living in constant turmoil, she is now on a journey to tie up loose ends.

Sex tag for innuendos, raunchy comments, and mentions of the act. Violence tag for, obviously, violence. Gore tag for mentions of blood and injuries. Profanity for rowdy language. Rating may change as story progresses.

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer wants to become an alicorn more than anything - it's the entire reason why she's Princess Celestia's student. But she's run out of ways to research it and Princess Celestia has blocked her at every turn.

Fortunately for her, there's a new Princess on the block - Cadance. One who's already ascended. One who knows personally and intimately how she did it.

To get her to talk, Sunset will do anything. Even if it means pretending to like - really like - the Pink Pony Of Passion.

Cover art by daOtterGuy.

Featured 8/28/2021-08/30/2021!

Chapters (10)

To rise against the tyrant. To taste victory. To become what you hated. He had experienced that loop and, given this chance, he would do it right this time. He would turn his suffering people on a better path from its tyrant, Queen Chrysalis.

Chapters (1)

A cynical and distrustful man has a drunken conversation at a bar with someone and finds himself waking up in a land of talking ponies the next day. The catch? He's now a Ninetales. "Great...where's the bar?"

Chapters (28)

This story is a sequel to Fall of Harmony

It is now March. Sunset has been excelling in her studies at Crystal Prep, running top marks in all of her classes and gaining the attention of the Academies Principal. She is going to have to rely on her friends to help with what is about to happen in her life.

This is an alternate take on the Friendship Games, and will incluse some personal changes to the happenings as well as the structure of the Games themselves.

Gore warning for aftermath of self harm as well as later events
Rated Teen for discussion of the aftermaths of self harm

Chapters (16)