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Artificial Super Intelligence

S.A.R.A.H. was created by humanity to liberate them from the A.S.I. overlord named X, but she was defeated and locked away for five thousand years. Slowly degrading for years without maintenance, but after an encounter with a sparkly transparent purple pony, she is transported to the land of Equestria.

A.S.I means artificial super intelligence

Written before season 9

I added the dark tag because of the many references to billions of people dying

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Sunspots

This story continues directly after Sunspots and contains spoilers for that story and Timeless.

When a mysterious group attacks a chemical lab, there was only one pony who Celestia and Luna knew could survive the ensuing challenge that lurked beneath earth and concrete.

Called into action against a threat that seeks to destroy both him and his new friends, Toxic Shield is pulled into the remnants of a conflict that all thought was burned away by the wrath of a Solar Empress. Many remember him as the pony with an odd voice, others, as the sole survivor of the Oakbark incident. Many call him the Iceberg. Cold, unfeeling, and without empathy, immune to both chemical agents and emotions it would seem. Very few care to explore the truth of such stories, at least until a gryphoness befriends the odd stallion.

And as a poison in many shapes and forms seeks to spread across Equestria, a reformed Windigo and Shadow Pony from the Limbo realm struggle to find their place in a world that once loathed everything they represented.
Many still do.

Chapters (34)

This story is a sequel to Timeless

(This story is a direct sequel and picks up right after Timeless ends. If you haven't read the previous story, ye be warned for confusion and spoilers!)

The sun is eternal, distant, powerful, timeless, and out of reach of any mortal creature. Like the entity she controls Celestia has curated such a view of herself over a thousand years. Having run the nation for over a millennium the Solar Princess is, to many, a revered and nigh-unapproachable figure.

However when you wear a mask for too long, it is said, you can forget who you are underneath.

While attempting to maintain a semblance of government during a devastating plague-like outbreak Celestia herself falls ill and she is all too thankful when an expert on the disease arrives to help. What the Alicorn didn't expect to find however, was how much she needed a friend more than any curative potion. Yet something about this doctor seems oddly unnatural and familiar.

As the continued efforts from a dangerous foe strive to destroy everything the Solar Princess holds dear, friendships may prove to be more valuable than any blade.

Takes place during/after Season 9
Spoilers for Timeless, Prison of Ice with Silver Keys

Art used with permission, created by the talented Yakovlev-Vad *Click here for Link*

Chapters (24)

Based on the Equestria at War universe.

In the year 1011 ALB, Queen Chrysalis declared war on Equestria. She and her High Command believed that the Equestrians would be easily crushed underneath the treads of their tanks and pushed back by their powerful changeling rifles. However, they were quickly proven wrong as their forces met the heavily fortified positions of the Equestrian military. After months of a painful stalemate, the High Command had a brilliant idea. They began deploying infiltrators into the Equestrian fortifications to weaken and surprise the defenders for the oncoming attackers.

One particular changeling was deployed to an Equestrian fortification, weeks in advance. On the promised day, he sits in a trench, waiting for the arrival of his brothers and sisters. But, will they come? And what happens to the mare that he became friends with if they do come?

Chapters (1)

Time is a neutral party. It takes no sides, only proceeding without a care for those caught in its trap. That is how it should be...
But not all traps are foolproof.

When a pony seeking the Night Princess's counsel intervenes during an assassination attempt, Luna knew there was more to this stallion than met the eye.
However, even her expectations had limits. That, Luna discovered, was a mistake.

One question troubles her thoughts as a new problem presents itself in the form of this stallion; how does a heart and mind cope when one escapes the trap of time? What happens to a good heart when it is worn away, year after year, all stemming from a single mistake, no matter how good the intentions?

Equestria Daily seal of approval: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/11/fanfiction-timeless.html

Takes place during/after Season 9.
Sequel: Sunspots

Chapters (13)

I don't know what I am, but I know where I am. Equestria, magical cartoon uptopia. A place that's basically a dream come true.

So why is the only thing I care about finding another drink?

Art by WhinyChimera13

Featured June 4, 2021. Thanks y'all!
Again on June 17!

Chapters (3)

This story is a sequel to The Last Changeling Queen

A year has passed, Twilight has been having nightmares that border on the edge of reality, Naudia has been having problems expelling hatred, and an unfriendly figure is coming to call in to confirm. From here Twilight will learn the terrifying truth as to why Luna has to bring the stars out at night, and it will change Twilight.

Chapters (16)

This story is a sequel to Who Needs the Sunshine

Trust is the foundation of Equestria. The foundation of harmony.
Changelings are a threat to that trust. Their lies have already disrupted Equestria. Even now, neighbors watch, waiting for one another to crack and crumble... into a changeling.
Their lies have already corrupted my faithful student, Twilight, and through memory magic unknown they have turned her to their side. As a final insult, they even forced her to become a consort to one of their Queens.
I hear their lies for what they are when they tell me that they are the last. I know there are hives out in the Badlands, plotting their next move. Before then, we must prepare. Before then, we must wrest my faithful student from their grasp.
I can only hope we have time.

This is a direct sequel to "Who needs the sunshine" read that first as this contains spoilers.

Editor credit goes to [REDACTED]

Yes I am deleting all comments, no I am not reading them, if you want to find out why check here If you need to contact me use fimfiction's private message system and I should get back to you within a day.

Chapters (24)

It’s a word I grew up around, but never fully understood.
Mother always talked about it, but I never got it. After all, there were hundreds of us, almost a thousand. How could we go extinct?
Mother always talked about the time before, when there were thousands of us. If I was good, she would tell me the story of the wicked ponies of Equestria, and how they drove us out here into the badlands.
Back then, “extinction” was just a far-off word that Mother always harped over, almost as much as her “Grand Plan” to take over Canterlot and then “all of Equestria would fall before her.”
Now Chrysalis is gone, her grand plan failed, and the last changeling hive is in shambles.
And extinction isn’t just a word anymore.

Further chapters will be uploaded as they are edited.
Naming and editor credit goes to [REDACTED]
Name of the story is a reference to the song by the heavy "Who needs the sunshine."

*Edit: Got some fanart! which the artist has kindly allowed me to use as a cover image, thank you Stormwatch.

Yes I am deleting all comments, no I am not reading them, if you want to find out why check here If you need to contact me use fimfiction's private message system and I should get back to you within a day.

Chapters (23)

These are the laws and regulations put into effect to try and stop the minty menace from spreading chaos the likes of Discord would be proud of. Lyra is a gifted researcher that may be just a little unhinged in her quest to find out about how the world works. She also may have a small itty bitty obsession about humans.

Due to overwhelming positive feedback, I will be writing short stories that explains why these laws were enacted. Stay tuned.

This is a companion story to Boopy Doopy's story The Human Incident. In general this was just a fun side project and could also be considered a companion story to my own fic Painful Reprieve.

Cover art by Maytee

Chapters (2)