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HB is recovering from a nasty case of 'Everything Disease', and, being both her teacher and caretaker, Fluttershy decides to help the mare with cleaning her home. Unfortunately, their would-be chores are interrupted by a pony arriving at their home with the appearance and mannerisms of a poorly animated wooden puppet. Taking it as a sign of trauma, Fluttershy invites her in temporarily until she can take the visitor to the hospital.

While HB is skeptical of this pony's behavior, the sad-faced veneighzuelan spiders in her attic aren't buying the 'performance', especially after all the strange occurrences happening around their dilapidated old house.

Heartbreak is the creation of Potatobreak (:>). The Sad-faced Veneighzuelan spiders are also their creation. This is a late birthday present for them as well. Happy ECHday!

Their first story would be this one if you're interested: My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken.

I'd say you don't need to read it just to understand this short story, because I feel like I portrayed Potatobreak well enough. Still, you should read them, they're fun to go through.

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This is my first published story on fimfiction. Like the description says, three humans are transported from our universe and sent to Equestria. Those three humans are me, Jet_Black1980, and the mod of Monster Steven on Tumblr. The three of us were sent to Equestria in the form of our MLP OCs, and now we must live out our lives while stuck there. Some events that have happened on the show may or may not happen in the story.

There's friendship and other stuff in it too. More genres will be added soon. Rated T for cursing.

Jetblack1980 and @beingmonsterau gave me permission to use their likeness in my story. Jetblack1980 also gave me permission to use Heartbreak for his current form. Also, this story is not connected to the Heartbreak series.

The cover art is an image of Foodie Love drawn by doodlemark.

My Proofreader is The Psychopath, while Jet_Black1980 proofreads Heartbreak's lines to make sure there are no mistakes.

Edit: Added the Suicide tag because of Chapter 12.

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He smiled slyly at me. "Well, what do you wish for?".
I smiled back, and, slurring my words, answered, "I wish to be a pony in Equestria,".
"Consider it granted," he said. "Just close your eyes,".
"If you say so," I shrugged, and closed them. I felt his finger touch my forehead.

Inspired by the story Trust Once Lost, by Greenhorne

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A large group of Veneighzuelan sad-faced spiders are looking for a home to call their own and care for the future generations, but they haven't had much luck. Now they've found a thick forest called the Everfree which suits them just perfectly. Unfortunately, while their usual prey live within the confines of the trees, they weren't prepared for the special beasts that live there too.

Now they must find the safest place possible to rest and rebuild and live. Let's hope they find it soon. They're too tiny to survive for long in the wild.

The Veneighzuelan sad-faced spider is Jet_Black1980's teeny tiny creations and this story is set within his HB-Verse. This is a gift...so it'll probably be mother's day quality...:coolphoto:

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The old chapters won't have anything rewritten since that's how the owners of the characters wrote them, and I don't want to touch those.

I'm The Psychopath, and I'm here to interview everypony so YOU can learn more about them. If you want to try your hoof at it, check here for information. Everything will take place in the World of Illogic!

And sometimes, if you're unlucky, The Sociopath will interrogate you instead, and you'll be in the World of Insanity. Let's hope that doesn't happen.

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This story is a sequel to House that Heartbreak Rebuilt

Heartbreak, after a roller-coaster ride of an adventure, is finally in a home of her own, and an honorary Cutie Mark Crusader to boot! Unfortunately, her time with the Crusaders and the Summer Readers Club is more than just social calls - it's also a one-of-a-kind opportunity for Equestrian germs.

It's Fluttershy's turn to teach Heartbreak a lesson in friendship, but it will be a struggle to get a real understanding of kindness through to the sickest, most stubborn tan mare in Equestria.

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This story began as a simple method of venting frustration towards something I viewed as horrid and cruel. The initial idea grew and grew. At one point, I allowed my significant other to influence the narrative in quite a horrid manner. Events occurred suddenly and without explanation. This current version aims at a more complete, coherent story. I hope you enjoy the read.
Ditzy was once a simple little foal in a not so simple world. Bullies attacked her verbally over her naturally drooping eye. Teachers and Wonderbolt Generals alike set her up for failure due to this deformity. A series of events, orchestrated initially by her Flight School Bullies, will send her life down a very odd path filled with bravery, death and a spot of inter dimensional time travel.

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In a world without bacon, five humans find themselves trapped... grazing on mother bucking dandelions. To get home, they'll need to learn that friendship is magic. Too bad none of these jerks are friends.

A Collaborative Story by Many Authors, Starring:
Breath of Plagues as Sweetie Belle
Derek (Daemon of Decay) as Apple Bloom
Kaidan as Scootaloo
Seven Fates as Berry Punch
TypewriterError as Prince Blueblood

Aided by Numerous Editors, Including:
Cerulean Starlight
Death the Kid
the parasprite
Rex Ivan

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This story is a sequel to My Little Heartbreak: Heartbroken

It's a week later, and Twilight is nagging Heartbreak into learning more about herself and what her special talents really are! Heartbreak shows herself to be the artistic type but with learning to be a pony and contending with ponies curious about the new mare in Ponyville, it's a rocky start that is leaving Heartbreak feeling more than drained of her ability to express herself. Let alone learn how to use a pencil with her mouth. Perhaps Zecora can help with a special brew she calls "Creativi-Tea"? Or will this just going to lead to a lot of Insani-tea?

Chapters (30)

This story is a sequel to My Little Heartbreak: Creativi-Tea

For the whole of April, Heartbreak has been confined to the library under Twilight’s orders. By the time May starts, being cooped up is starting to give her a serious case of cabin fever. Heartbreak wants some open space, some fresh air and a bit of grass under her hooves. Twilight wants Heartbreak to learn a bit more discipline and honesty about things. The two would butt heads, but Twilight finds a compromise.
Send her off to help Applejack with the first season’s apple harvest!
But how will a pony like Applejack, whose motto is, “Honesty is the Best Policy,” deal with a pony like Heartbreak, who has wrapped herself up in webs upon webs of lies just to cope with her situation?

Chapters (45)