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With some changes on Star Swirl's time spell, Twilight accidentaly gets trapped in the past. But after saving two fillies and enlisting them to be her students in magic, they go on adventures together to survive the ruthless world they live in. With new friendship and foes, they discover what it truly means to be family by choice.

Now with the collaborative efforts of Angel Bunny, Fausticorn and soulwinds!
Art by awsdemlp.deviantart.com
People who I am in deep gratitude for offering help:
Cerulean Starlight
And FAN ART by 1110soulite!

Chapters (14)

For many weeks now, the citizens of Equestria have been struck down by an epidemic of illnesses and sickness. Nobody seems to know for sure what could be the cause, but Princess Twilight has found one common answer: The restaurants and hotels of Equestria. All of them seem to be struck with the same kind of problem, but none of them seem to be sure why its happening.

So with her friends Pinkie Pie and Rarity, they will cross over to Earth and bring back over a man that she has heard from Pinkie is a legend among humans when it comes to food. A man that she hopes can help her get to the bottom of the epidemic sweeping across Equestria: Chef Gordon Ramsay. For her sake...let's hope he takes the request well. And pray for the sanity of the poor souls of Equestria.

(this will include elements from both of Gordon's shows Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell)

(Feel free to give any creative suggestions with this fic, its kind of a shot in the dark on my part making this one)

Chapters (25)

This story is a sequel to Stardust

Everyone knows the story of Hearths Warming Eve. They know the tales of the three pony tribes and how their strife brought the Windigoes upon them, and how the Fires of Friendship saved them from their frozen fates. For countless generations the tale has been told, but how has it changed over those years?

Or is any of it true in the first place?

Only one pony knows, and Celestia would prefer that the past stay forgotten.

(Based on a 'What If' line of thought that was born from the Stardust storyline. While some familiarity with Stardust and Mente Materia doesn't hurt, this story can be enjoyed on its own)
(Coverart available soon from the amazing FoxInShadow!)
(Many thanks to Arzoo, BradTheBrony, Vandenbz, and Setokaiva for prereading!)
(Complete with it's own TVTropes page as part of the Stardust continuity)
(Character tags will be added as chapters are added!)
(Possible spoilers in the comments! BEWARE!)

Chapters (12)

Discord knew this was coming. He knew. So did Princess Twilight. They knew. They saw it coming a mile away. Yet, they let this happen anyway. Why couldn't they just let things stay the same? Who's the bigger fool here?

As of Nov/12/19 this story has made it to the featured page! That has never happened to me before! Hell yeah! Welp, as of Nov/16/19 the story isn’t on the featured page anymore. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.
Author's Note: Okay! So this is a pretty simple story I pumped out because I was in a depression-fueled journey through immortality and its repercussions after seeing the finale of the show and realizing we've been right about it all since bucking SEASON 3! But whatever, it's fine, we're all fine. Just so you know I did NOT have any proof readers or editors so if you want to point stuff out that I got wrong, I'll happily fix it. COMMENTS ARE MUCH APRECIATED! Please leave one if you can think of something to say or if you just have something relevant to share. Also, maybe let me down gently if I suffered from "talking heads" too much in this. Improvement is a slow process and I'm rusty as all hell. Okay? Okay.

Chapters (1)

She is the One who Mourns, She Who Raises the Sun and Moon, the Reclusive Princess.

Years have passed since the appearance of the Mare in the Moon, years during which Celestia has left the day-to-day running of the still-young kingdom of Equestria in the hooves of Platinum's grandson Prince Pyrite. Each day she raises and lowers the sun and moon, makes brief appearances at diplomatic meetings and special events, and then returns to her chambers, too lost in her melancholy to even count the years as they pass.

But what will she do when she discovers that her trusted prime minister has not been the faithful servant of the people she expected? Will she lose herself to her grief... or to the same madness that took her sister from her?

Written for Fan of Most Everything's Imposing Sovereigns II contest.

Chapters (1)

When Rarity accidentally nicks Twilight during a fitting, she discovers just what alicorn blood can do, properly applied.

Winner of the 11th Quills and Sofas Speedwriting contest. The prompt was "Spurred to action."

Chapters (1)

Clover the Clever never asked for his life to get so complicated.  It was bad enough tricking a drunk Imperatrix Celestia, war goddess of the Three Tribes, out of her accidental coup against Queen Platinum.  But now the most dangerous pony in Equestria has returned to trade her claim on the sun for a chance to woo him.

On top of that, his erstwhile mentor Star Swirl the Bearded has saddled him with a mysterious magical necklace and a uniquely bleak and pointless prophecy: If he's brave enough, and if he's clever enough, he just might survive Celestia for long enough to break her heart.

First place, "Out of Time" Writeoff! (11/2015) At long last, expanded to novella size! The world-spanning, centuries-spanning romance as it was always meant to be told!

Featured on Equestria Daily!

"One of my favorite depictions of Celestia in a long time." –billymorph
"To the top of the ballot with it." –AugieDog
"There’s going to be a lot of tears shed when this one hits publish." –Georg
"You need to read Time Enough For Love. I literally swore out loud when my computer crashed when I was halfway through, and then I immediately whipped out my smartphone to finish it. And now I'm reading it again in a desperate attempt to figure out how it does its job so damn well." –Bachiavellian
"I can get behind some historical revisionism for such a brilliant story. The writing is second-to-none … I laughed, I cried, and I felt other things too." –Trick Question

Cover art by Nadnerb.

Chapters (12)

Princess Celestia was going for an incognito stroll through the town in order to unwind from court, that was until she came across a small oddity of a shop called 'Cliff's Craft' on Elder Street.

So, she decided to pay Equestria's only resident human a visit.

[E] Means it has been professionally edited.

Mild violence, swearing and sexual themes.

Please note: In this story ponies (and others) are similar (anthropomorphic) to humans. Though ponies (for example) are generally shorter, have fur, magic, cutie/destiny marks, and the extra appendages like wings or horns.

Also shout outs to:
PurpleFloof for editting!
Dekaskittalz for proof reading!
Vongoalyken for the advice!

Chapters (7)

Herds. In a world inhabited by magical ponies, that's really not too surprising of a thing... unless that herd consists of four living, breathing goddesses and yourself.

My name is Glorious Radiance and I'm the King of Queens.

A/N: This story takes place several years after episode 1 of season 4, with the story line assuming that the rest of season 4 never took place.

This story is about a herd between an OC and the princesses. It takes a long time to get to the romance though because I'm not a fan of fast paced romances. The shipping will happen, but it's going to take a while so just keep calm and read on.

Chapters (12)

'All the world’s a stage,
And all the mares and stallions merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one pony in her time plays many parts,
Her acts being seven ages.' ~ William Shakespony

In the aftermath of banishing her corrupted sister, Celestia is left to tend to a land ravaged by fear of their own rulers, political discontent, racial tensions between the three tribes and her own crushing loneliness. A thousand years is a long time to wait for the return of the pony she was closer to than anyone else in the world; long enough that she needs to make other connections with other ponies to prevent herself from going mad and following her sister into corruption. The question is, can one pony ever be strong enough to rule a land for a thousand years and be both a good ruler and a good pony?

Written as a Patreon reward for Echo Located, who asked for a first person story about Celestia during the period of Luna's absence based on the poem 'The Seven Ages of Man' by William Shakespeare.

Chapters (10)
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