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I'm rewriting this story, essentially. As such, you see a lot less than there actually is. If you're curious about the story, PM me and I'll show you the rest. And even more, if you'd like to help me out, I would so greatly appreciate it.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders have regrouped after a personal hiatus; after about a year. Two out of the three live their lives according to new—and really not the best—kinds of 'philosophies', but the other member, Apple Bloom, remains totally faithful to her friends and her family.

However, her family isn't in the best shape right now: all of the metaphorical glue that held it together is gone now, and the Apple name doesn't have nearly as great of a reputation as it did years ago, before Apple Bloom was even born. But even more so—Apple Jack is missing, and the Crusaders come to find out that she's in deep trouble.

A powerful, psychic force doesn't make Apple Bloom's life easier during this time of confusion, as it begins to stalk her after she witnesses an event that, while she already questions so much about her life as of late, makes her question reality itself. As the Crusaders' group efforts to find the truth about Apple Jack reach higher and higher grounds, so does the threat that the force poses.

It wants something from Apple Bloom, it seems...and it wants whatever justice it so desires. It won't stop.

Chapters (5)
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