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Princess Celestia, the governess of the sun since time immemorial, has been slain in cold blood by the darkest of magics. Binding her very life to the sun as she was assassinated not only ended her life, but caused the very sun to perish along side her. With the world now cast in eternal, freezing darkness and their very planet speeding out of it's orbit, Twilight and Rainbow Dash must reignite the fire that sustains all life, or die. As they traverse their dying world, they learn of the suns capacity to give life and of it's history with it's fallen vessel. They will learn of wondrous magic and strange technology that the remaining souls are using to sustain them through the endless winter. This is the tale of light and dark, life and death, loss and rebirth. All in a quest to leave a fire for tomorrow.

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My name is Sunburst, and I live my life alone, because I prefer it that way.

Not everypony does.

For some ponies, in fact, that's more like a long slow death sentence.

I've received orders to a posting as a royal guard. My duty as a member of the guard is to protect the princess. Traditionally, that's taken to mean against physical threats. Less traditionally, I'm coming to a realization that it may mean assisting in other ways - maybe even in ways she's not aware that she needs. Normally I would say it's not our place to intervene in personal matters. But when you see as plain as the hoof in front of your face that something is wrong, sometimes it finally brings you to the point at which standing by and doing nothing is simply no longer an option.

Day by day, I'm getting closer to that point.

I may have to make a hard decision. I don't know if this is right or wrong. All I know is that watching my princess suffer is impossible to bear when I'm supposed to be protecting her.

Approved by Twilight's Library on July 26, 2014!
Featured on Equestria Daily on February 5, 2015!

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As if things weren't bad enough for Twilight Sparkle now that she's been told that she's got two days left to live, new problems just seem to keep cropping up all over the place:

She has to tell everyone she knows that she's not going to live two days forth,
She has to set her affairs in order for after she's gone,
Oh... and Rainbow Dash seems to want to talk to her about something.

Twilight has forty-eight hours left to live and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

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When Rainbow Dash suddenly proclaims her love and adoration for a certain 'Miss Sparkle' and tells her friends the story of how the unicorn 'fixed' her, the girls are hesitant to take the situation at face value. However, even they can't deny it when the facts begin to build into a case against Twilight. Twilight claims innocence but her words sound like hollow excuses and obvious lies. The four of them are left wondering if Twilight Sparkle is truly the hero she once was or if she has finally allowed her true nature to show: the nature of a heartless psychopath.

[ Spoilers in the comments... So many spoilers... :twilightsheepish: ]

[ 'Miss Sparkle' occurs a few months before Twilight's ascension, early in the spring of Twilight's second year in Ponyville. According to my version of the chronological timeline, the only episodes of the first three seasons that have yet to take place are (in chronological order) "Wonderbolts Academy", "Just for Sidekicks", "Games Ponies Play", "Spike At Your Service", "Keep Calm and Flutter On" and "Magical Mystery Cure". ]

[ The cover art was made by the oh-so-generous tehmisiu. Thanks again! :heart: ]

[ 'Miss Sparkle' placed first in (Incoming spoiler of story-ruining proportions!) Blundy's TwiDash Framed Challenge! Thank you all so much for your support! ]

[ To top it off, Twilight's Library found it worthy of being added to their shelves. I'm at a loss for words as I write this, and I probably will be when you read this too. Just... Thank you. Thank you all so much. ]

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This story is a sequel to Veil of Thoughts

After surviving a spell that merged Twilight and Dash into a single being during the story Veil of Thoughts, the two mares are still struggling to get back to as normal a life as they can have. Except, didn’t they used to have more friends? Why is it so hard to remember…

The boundaries of reality are starting to crumble apart. Half dreams haunt their waking world. Memories of another life seep through their mind. What they were is quickly becoming little more than Fragments of Memories.

Friends, family and even enemies will come together to save Twilight Dash before it’s too late and there is nothing left to save.

The long awaited, highly anticipated, sequel to Veil of Thoughts. Don't forget to remember.

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A lot happened to Twilight Sparkle the year before she made the transition to Ponyville, before she realized the value of a friend, and before she saved all of Equestria...

After a chance encounter with "Rainbow:" an enigmatic, amnesiac pegasus mare with a rainbow-striped mane and a knack for mischief, Twilight begrudgingly finds herself overseeing her recovery, all while questions keep surfacing. Like who is she? Where did she come from? And more importantly... why can't she get her off of her mind?

As days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months, destinies are revealed and the past is dug up as Rainbow's memories begin to resurface; and as sinister forces set their sights on Equestria, Twilight and Rainbow find they must overcome themselves in order to become the heroes they are meant to be.

Edits for the story provided by xgfhj.

Sequel officially now in progress exclusively (for the time being anyway) over on my patreon.
Check out the sneak preview here.

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Twilight Sparkle has a secret. Not one that can change the world or overthrow the Princesses. But it is one that hangs over her head every day. One that colors her every thought and action. Or at least, that is how it seems to her. But when a rainbow colored pegasus asks her out on a date, will she learn to see past it, or will her secret tear apart a budding relationship?

Inspired by the excellent fic Asylum by Daemon of Decay.

Takes place before "A Canterlot Wedding."

Thanks to SilverSugar for the cover art. You can check out her other works here

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Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash have tied the knot. After their grand wedding, they packed for their honeymoon, excited for what Princess Luna has planned for them. But, when they find out Luna had taken “honeymoon” literally, they realize their vacation place will be anything like they expected, and that they’re in for a fun and adventurous ride.Twilight and Rainbow will experience the most unique honeymoon a couple could have: on the moon!

Some infos for new readers:
thestrals = batpony
This fic is partly based on the IDW comics, namely the Nightmare Moon return arc. Since not all members of the bronydom are reading them I have linked a couple pictures for better understanding how some characters in the fic looks like:
Larry, Jerone and Buffy
Here besides Fluttershy we see Larry and Jerome with their new baby, Miss Buffy or for short Buffy. They were shadow creatures under Nightmare Moon's order and had done terrible things (for a kids show) which will explained further in the fic.
Here a closer look on the beautiful Buffy:
Buffy in all her beauty
You take the words out of my mouth, Fluttershy.^^
And cause all good things are three, a fanart drawn by Opallene:
The first offical gay family in MLP

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Rainbow Dash, quite possibly the coolest pony in Equestria, inexplicably falls for Twilight sparkle, quite possibly the nerdiest pony in Equestria. Out of curiousity and Rainbow's pleading, the librarian decides to give her two weeks to see what might happen. Both ponies will have to confront their insecurities if they hope to be a couple for very long.

After more than a year, this albatross has landed with the help of Cookie Monstar, Key Tapper, and Shadowsreached. This thing is FINALLY finished! What started as an experiment on writing a relationship changed dramatically. I can't tell you if it's better or worse though. That's for you to decide. Either way, I'm glad it's finally complete and I deeply apologize for taking so long to get it done.

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Twilight Sparkle has a double dilemma on her hooves. First, it is Rainbow's birthday soon and she doesn't have a present. Second, she really wants to have a relationship with the mare.

The plan?

A week long vacation, each day dedicated to the pegasus. Twilight has a plan of action laid out, and she is certain Rainbow will love it.

But what will become of the relationship between the two close friends?

(Not based at all on Journey to the Center of the Earth)

Accepted into Twilight's Library 12/8/13
Thanks to Bookish Delight for the proofreading and editing!
Submission into the 3rd Twidash Group Competition
Cover art by SharpieBoss can be found here

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