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Theodor Pichler knew joining the Barrow Observatory's winter crew would be a difficult position. He thought he knew the danger--freezing temperatures, gale-force winds, and terribly spotty broadband coverage. What he didn't expect was for an experimental new telescope array to interact with an unusual storm and send him screaming helplessly into the sky.

Instead of falling to his death, Theo landed in an alien world, populated by colorful horses he can't understand. What's worse: the body he landed in isn't his own, and he's not sure anything is where it should be. Having wings might be cool if he didn't have to be naked all the time...

With limited supplies and no help from the Observatory, Theo has to somehow navigate this new land, making new friends and encountering terrible dangers along the way. It will take all his cleverness, and a healthy dose of luck, if he's ever to be human again.

This story was a commission for Lucky Ray on my Patreon. Feel free to PM me if you'd like one of your own. It was edited by Two Bit and Sparktail. Coverart by FoxHatArt. Where chapters have art, it was done by Jasper.

Updates Sundays

Zutcha was here too.

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Orphaned at an early age, Flitter and Cloudchaser discovered their true callings as mercenary treasure hunters. Now, they are once again risking life and limb for gold, glory, and fame while an ancient evil conspires to finish what it started all those years ago.

Finally, after battling bandits, surviving rockslides, and deciphering runes, they uncover a different kind of treasure than what was originally marked on their map.

Inspired and encouraged by the amazing pony veteran The Blessed One and his incredible F/CC story Sweet and Salty

I hope you all like the new cover-art. The amazing artist NixWorld drew it, and I am blown away by its quality. Check him out if you want high quality art!

Partially edited and proofread by the incredible writer, EverfreePony

FEATURED: 10/4/20

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Meet Daymos. He's just like any other pony in Ponyville.

He works.

He plays.

He has bodies in his basement.

Okay, maybe he's not like any other pony.

But he's only trying to help.

He's a killer with a conscience and murderer with morals.

So if you end up on his table... You probably deserve what's coming.

Author's Note: Okay, this is going to take a while... I have a HUGE story planned for this thing and it's going to take a while to write it all. But I feel like if I write like 3000+ words a week, I can make some headway on it. Now, about the story. It's not exactly a crossover; it's more of an 'inspired by'. One day, I started wondering how a Dexter-esque pony would play out and this spawned. I wanted to submit it to Equestria Daily... But I kept feeling like their requirements were so arbitrary and restricting. I almost dropped it because of all the tiny little nitpicks. So, here you are. Unabridged, unabashed, unedited. Enjoy.

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Sweetie Belle has managed to snag an elusive spot on Princess Celestia’s calendar, but it’s only for a school assignment to interview somepony. On second thought, maybe she’s only wasting the Princess’s time.

Lengthened version of the winner from Loganberry’s first Flashfic 150 event, Getting Warmer.

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The days of fear, torture and fierce opposition is over in the changeling hives. There is no longer the need for an elite, combat-ready military ready to eviscerate, pillage and destroy whatever they are ordered to kill. There is no longer a hive, only a hollow shell of pony lights, pony love, pony customs and the fading of changeling tradition. As each day passes, the old 'Chrysalis' ways are replaced by perverted versions of 'Celestia' and her subordinates' disgusting aesthetic.

Pharynx didn't think he'd be alone in his thinking. He didn't think he'd be the only one who stood defiant, fierce and intimidating to those around him. He didn't think that they wouldn't understand. They had to understand. They were his own kin! They turn their backs to him, ignorant to the years they've all spent as warriors and guards, in exchange for a life of comfort and ignorance.

He didn't think the entire hive would betray him. He didn't think the outcasting would be so unabashedly obvious. Is this what Thorax felt when he left the hive? Was this fate's sick karma of tormenting him until the day he dies?

You abandoned your brother. Now, they all abandon you.

This was no longer home.

Created as a pick-me-back-into-writing-again-write-as-I-go-kind-of-like-this challenge for myself. Can't say I am completely satisfied with how I conveyed the story, but it did get me inspired again.

Source Image: https://www.deviantart.com/inuhoshi-to-darkpen/art/No-Need-for-a-Soldier-702973099

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For a filly, a trip to Vanhoover brings with it the promise of visiting a toy store, museums, and a hotel room five stories up.

Sea Swirl would never had imagined the voyage there would make her fall in love with the water and what lies beneath.

Written for Quills and Sofas’ 100th contest.

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It has been a week since Princess Cadence Sparkle returned to her Crystal Empire after enjoying her adopted uncle's time in his Foot lounge. He helps her relight her Crystal heart magic in her with a caring gift of a heart-shaped pendant. Now with World Summit taking away from her Crystal Empire because of an incident with a human republic ambassador that happens in the Crystal Palace. Lord Justice Silverlight returns to the Capital city of Canterlot and his Canterlot castle office to begin the reassigning of Solar Guards and Lunar Guards resources to the new location for the World Summit, unfortunately, Princess Celestia has not given him the new location yet.

As he waits for his fiancée Princess Celestia to give him the new location for the World Summit, he (or she) has decided to spend time together in secret why he there waiting for the new location. In an attempt to finish her overflowing royal paperwork's (back up by the eastern summit) Princess Celestia accidentally signs her name to a proposed royal budget in which it calls for the firing of her personal guard and fiancé Lord Justice Silverlight and replacing him with a small squad of royal guards (who might not be so loyal to her).

No pony knows that Princess Celestia pays her Personal Guard and her fiancé salary from her own personal account (which is quite vast from her one thousand years of life and continues to grow at this time). Her safeguard protects her from those noble wanting to use her personal guard to control her by threatening to fire her personal guard and denying his pay. That safeguard has huge risks for her personal life with her fiancé went Raven Inkwell. Her assistant discovered the accidentally signs royal budget that calls for the fire of her fiancé Lord Justice Silverlight.

Raven Inkwell took the signed document to Lord Justice Silverlight's Personal royal maid and private secretary, a Pegasus mare name Diane Sheer. Both mares are shocked went they see the signature on the pink slip. Both mares quickly plan to keep this information from Lord Justice Silverlight. This works for a while but soon goes south went Justice discovers the torn up pink slip in his trash went a pen falls into the garbage. He put together the torn pieces of the pink slip and using a fixed spell to fix it. Upon seeing the signature on the pink slip, he upset about it.

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Ocellus grew up in a dark cave all he life with nothing but natural bioluminescence of the hive's glowing fungi. Now that she is enrolled in Twilight's school of friendship, she had discovered a brand new form of light.


They are really pretty too....

Written as part of the The Discovery Contest.

Not expecting a win, but at least give me a participation ribbon, come on guys.

Featured 1/30/20, and is my first feature XD

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Spike is her number-one assistant and that will never change. Even in her becoming a greater princess he has not failed in that role.

Isn't it odd how a dragon can compensate for a castle?

Twilight discovers his secret... and must save him from it.

All are condemned either to a passion or an obsession.

[Cover by Iloota | ID: 2333913]

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Atychiphobia

A recurring letter has arrived at Canterlot Castle. Its appearance is one that Princess Celestia always dreads. To help her princess, Raven suggests a little spring cleaning. If only it weren't in the castle room that the princess has kept locked away for years.

Edited by Soaring. A stand-alone sequel. Contribute to the TVTropes page!

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