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Whilst enjoying the company of Twilight Sparkle and her friends in the doughnut shop immediately following the events of The Best Night Ever a disappointed Princess Celestia send a letter off to Prince Blueblood explaining the implications of his failure of the "Rarity Test", among other things...

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A creature of old has been present in Equestria since the beginning of the rule of the alicorns, watching, waiting. He saw their fall and the sisters' rise to power. Now, for the first time in eons, he steps from watching and takes action.

Chapters (21)

The Unity Day party at Sweet Apple Acres goes awry after surprising accusations are leveled at Applejack, on account of some difficult-to-discern lyrics.

Find Iron Wolf's dramatic reading of this story, in a super cool Polish accent that kicks the whole thing up to 11, here.

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We all know our beloved dragon, Spike. He is kind, helpful and never complains about unfair working conditions. He helps where he can and tries to live a happy life while being Twilights' number one assistant.

What if Spike wasn't that? What if he would be a sarcastic and cynical flank-hole? What if he had enough of the way Twilight handled him? What if he leaves Twilight and searches for his own life?

Well, let's see how this plays out.

Now with a sequel.

Dated pre-coronation, and will not take the changes of it into consideration.

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Getting kidnapped by a black van seems terribly clichéd until it happens to you, and you get thrown into a spiraling course of events, which seem to make no sense and end up in you getting sent over to the middle of Nowhere, Not-even-Earth.

Nathan got caught in this situation, and now he must learn to cope with the fact he isn't home anymore.

He’s a gryphus now, and he’s a moron. He’s Nathan, folks.
Oh, and he’s now a cyclops or something, because I hate him.

Rated Teen for obvious language reasons, as well as some dark themes.

Chapters (3)

"OH! That would be the Elements of Harmony! They're the neatest thing! We each get a jewel necklace--Twilight gets a sparkly tiara--and we used them to defeat Discord and Nightmare Moon with rainbows that go pewpewpew-!"

A clawed glove wrapped over Pinkie Pie's lips, silencing her.

"What does the pink one speak of, pony?" He demanded of Twilight, who sputtered at his question. "Do these 'Elements' hold the power to resurrect humanity?"

"I'm... not sure." She returned, halfheartedly. "They're pretty powerful..."

"Where are they?"

"In Canterlot, the city on the mountains, but-"

He dropped Pinkie and stomped off, leaving her to flop around her stretched-out lips. Twilight saw that he was going out the door and in the direction of the city she had mentioned.

"W-wait! Stop!" She galloped after him.

Chapters (2)

After an existential journey goes wrong, a man finds himself in Equestria. With no way to return home he has no choice but to find a path in a new body. Will he discover a place to belong once again in this new land, or be forced to carve one out?

Chapters (41)

Friends discuss how bananas can be quite dangerous to the average pony.

Author's note: I enjoy consuming bananas so much. So much that I actually wrote a ponyfiction about them. This is something I wrote in an hour. The only free time I seem to have nowadays.

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Where am I? Who are all these creatures calling themselves ponies? Why are they calling me Spike? Most importantly, how do I get home?

Chapters (4)

You are Rarity, and you are not that much a fan of Twilight right now. After she got you stuck in this strange new world, you've been wondering just how you'll get home. And when you first meet the denizens of this strange realm, your confusion and desire to return home only begin to grow. What's a lady to do?

Chapters (6)