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To be inserted into Equestria, it's a dream come true for anybrony!

Meet the ponies!

Have super awesome magical adventures!

Use foreknowledge to avoid all those silly pratfall moments without screwing things up and causing irreparable harm to the Mane 6...uh...hopefully!

And all for the low cost of possessing Princess Luna, denying her any real freedom or the ability to move on with her life since she's in your head and you're walking around as Nightmare Moon!

Yeah...there had to be a catch in there somewhere, didn't there?

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Andrew your basic every day guy, hates Christmas, he finds no purpose in the holiday, but one day he gets in an accident and dies, or at least he thought he did he soon wakes up in an old crumbling castle, not only that but he's been turned into a small filly, one with black fur and white hair, as well as having a horn and wings, now in a world he doesn't know and being seen as a monster and hated for it, he will have to learn how to live in a new life, all while having heard about this holiday called Hearths Warming.

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On that fateful night on the moon, the princess of night is truly no more, and from those ashes, rises a new entity that is forced to take over her mantle, all her good and her sin.

Destiny weaved by the harmony itself laid before her. A part of the grand story, to be a tutorial villain, to be an exposition giver's sidekick, and to be slaved away beside the golden throne, then retired to a hut in god knows where, lost in history.

"Fuck that I'm out"

And so begin a new tale.

  1. Half of "dark" tags are there as precaution because i will skimps over a bit but very rarely. for example Non-consensual will be use one time on no-name one-time oc character in a flashback. as far as i planned currently.
  2. This is my first time writing a long novel. I promised to post the full plot outline somewhere if I somehow unable to finish it.
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Tom an Average Joe, saves a girl from an attempted rape. But he is fatalily injured and blacks out, only to wake up in a strange place in a body of a horse. A horse known to the locals as Nightmare moon.

Edited by Izanagi

Cover Art done by SwedishRoyalGuard http://www.deviantart.com/art/Nightmare-Moon-372321197

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When a second chance arises, do you jump on the fleeting moment changing your fate forever, or do you let it pass?

For Ada, help called from Equestria leads her on a collision with a daemon of old, broken, defeated, and banished. Swiping the opportunity, she chooses to leave behind her old life in favor of trying to redeem a lost soul, who once tried to force the world into an eternal slumber. Ada must help Nightmare Moon in a journey to prevent evil from prevailing once more, and do so while facing prosecution from the world itself.

Art belongs to aurarrius from Deviant art.

Those who contributed to this story: RandomHamster33, Echo_Off, Terabye West, and JadeDusk.

10/27/19 Status: This story has been cancelled due to me having lost motivation in trying to fix the overall plot for it. I might decide in starting from the ground up to create a better story line for it that fits the bill to show improvement in my writing.

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Click this to read about the hiatus.

We’ve all had nightmares, but do any of us actually know where they come from?

What if, one day, you woke up as the embodiment of nightmares themselves?

In an alley one night, Joseph gets fatally injured after saving a woman from her terrifying nightmares.

He wakes up somehow, but he quickly finds out that he isn’t in his own body. Instead, he wakes up in the body of one of Equestria's most infamous villains.

Joseph must adapt to a world completely alien to him, as well as adjusting to his new body while trying to figure out what, or who he is.

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'Sex' tag added for strong cases of innuendo.
'Dark' tag because this fic deals with morose themes.

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Updated as people help. Includes one-time favours and single chapters.

A/N: Tags will be updated as necessary. Constructive criticism and ego stroking are both welcome. Set both in a world where MLP doesn't exist, and after the events of first two episodes of season one. A show-accurate period of events is not likely.

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This story is a sequel to Death to Nightmare

When Twilight and Selene have an unexpected guest Twilight feels it be a good time for her and Selene to visit her friends in Canterlot High. Especially after the prank Selene pulled on Celestia. However, their vacation runs into unexpected problems as the government and others are now quite interested in the oddities surrounding the high school.

Edited by Twisted Code

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I should have refused to follow him for a night at the bar. I should have stayed at home. Why did I do that? What was I trying to prove?
Our main character has a nasty habit of falling into deep slumbers and waking up where he doesn't know where he is. In fact, the first place he wakes up...
... is in Hell.
Through some horrifying circumstances, the blue armor that was scattered in the ruins of the Royal Sisters' Castle reconstitutes the vessel of Nightmare Moon. Only this time, a human soul is its life source.
Rated Teen for some questionably older implications toward the beginning. In contrast, pyromaniacs will find said implications very underwhelming.
(Warning! Transgender imminent!)
Edit: This story was written solely for entertainment purposes. Please do not dive into this expecting a well-tested chemistry report.

Edit: I think I found a cover that just might work for now.

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In the middle of the night seventeen year old Blake awakens when he suddenly finds his body changing into one both different and familiar.

From normal human male to equine mare goddess of night, he or rather she will now be spending alot more time up at night then usual.

Sex tag for references to the act and not explicit sex

Chapters (23)