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This story is about Cheerilee rescuing an abandoned filly on the brink of death, who then adopts the filly as her first daughter.

The unicorn filly is an OC and not from the show at all, just to clarify.

The new cover art is done!!! all thanks to monk-fishy on deviantart!!!

Chapters (7)

The Elements of Harmony; quite easily the single most mysterious, and powerful artifact in existence, but they are not without their own flaws. Despite its abilities to bring down villainous foes with ease, they have a fail safe that renders it completely useless unless all six bearers are present, but more importantly, alive and focused. Should one wielder pass away or fail to become in tune with their respective elements, evil shall waste no time in grasping this opportunity to try and conquer Equestria while it is vulnerable.

To combat this vulnerability, the three princesses of Equestria established the P.M.D. program; The Paramilitary Defence program. A separate division of the royal guards devoted completely to the defense of the nation should the elements and their bearers become compromised. However, all information regarding the program is on a strict need to know basis. Other than the princesses, only scientist and important individuals know of what goes on in the program.

Just what exactly is it that they do to the members of the program for everyone, royalty included, to stay hushed about everything?

Chapters (2)

In a magical accident Smarty Pants becomes a filly. Will Twilight turn Smarty back, or will her heart melt as she cares for the filly?

- Special thanks to my editor MidnightBrightBrony
- Special thanks to 1110Soulite for cover art!

Chapters (4)

Meet Lavender, a rare offspring brought into the world by a loving dragon and a beautiful pony. She is told constantly by her parents that she is a beautiful gift of nature, but she is reminded everyday about just how different she is from the rest of the world. She is going to learn very rapidly how cruel and unforgiving the world can be for anything different from them.

Follow the journey of Spike, Rarity, and their offspring Lavender from birth to adulthood as they try to survive prejudice, natural impulses, and even their relationship between each other.

The character of Lavender and the artwork included all belong to Carnifex
Someone actually thought this fic was worthy to be in the Twilight Library. Well... if you say so.

Chapters (14)

Ever wondered what fillies and colts get up to when nopony is watching? Wonder no more! Find here short stories to warm your heart and give you diabeetus as we plunge into the various shenanigans of youth.

All ponies are Crusader aged or younger unless otherwise mentioned.

Please leave ideas for other similar short stories in the comments, if I write them you'll be credited! Just a silly idea I had.

Chapters (11)

In the wake of the events of "Infernal Machines" and the Nightmare's most pathetic assault on Ponyville yet, Applejack is thrown into an existential crisis, despite her not knowing what the word "existential" means. So when a stranger named Stranger arrives in town, teaching a new way of coupling talent to power using complex machinery, she is quickly suckered in, along with everypony else. Now, it falls to the Most Dependable of Ponies to bring the resulting ruckus down to earth, but can even Applejack's legendary pragmatism stand up to the brain-fizzing horror that is... CONTRAPTIONOLOGY?

Chapters (25)

When a Necromancer is hurled into the place between places then escapes to another world at the cost of his life it is not the end. Being a Necromancer he returns to life with ease, but is skirting the edges of consciousness, and unable to truly wake as a mysterious figure uses magic to put him on the back of a horse to carry him away into the night.

To make matters worse the phylactery he used to save his own life recreated him as a member of the dominant race with... some errors. His injuries are still present and he's now in a much smaller body with his magic drained to nothingness.

So now he's horribly injured, held captive by an unknown force, in an unfamiliar body, in an unfamiliar world and completely exhausted. He's had worse days. He just can't think of any off the top of his head. So familiar territory then, nothing to worry about.

(Thank you again Tulip for the amazing piece of artwork.)

On Hiatus due to Life. Sorry.

Chapters (24)

Disillusioned by the tragic events on Panchaea, Adam Jensen chooses to subsequently end everything and hope that mankind will find a solution to the augmentation debate by itself. Instead of welcoming death however, he finds himself in a strange utopian world filled with pastel-colored ponies.

Unfortunately, this does not mean Adam is allowed any reprieve from morally challenging decisions.

A/N: Deus Ex: Equestria is written in a way that does not confuse people new to the lore too much but feels familiar with the players. This story will feature a vote at the end of several chapters that will affect the direction of the story based on Adam Jensen's actions in the world. It is divided into three categories: Combat, Stealth, and Diplomacy. Choose wisely, for it will have long-standing consequences.

Chapters (5)

When Rainbow Dash finds herself lost in a new and unfamiliar village, she reaches out to a certain lavender-hued stranger for help. But to Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash is no stranger; at least until she notice her strange new voice, a lack of wings, and a fondness of the word ‘darling’. Intrigued by the uncanny looks to one of her best friends, she decides to lend the newcomer a helping hoof, but things go from weird to weirder when Pinkie Pie happily announces that she too has met her lookalike. Twilight Sparkle and her friends take it upon themselves to find out the truth behind this mystery: who are these doppelgangers? Could there really be another Ponyville out there? And what does it all have to do with Discord’s lost legacy?

Cover art by AireDaleDogz (http://airedaledogz.deviantart.com/)

Chapters (25)

The return of Princess Luna inspires SkyJagged of Ponyville to investigate occurences during and after her banishment as Nightmare Moon. Only one stands out; the departure of six semi-unnamed ponies from Canterlot due to the prophecy of Nightmare Moon's return. A vague reference is made to a dark forest unknown to ponydom, which SkyJagged believes lies right outside his home.
He enters the Everfree Forest, seeking answers to a tale long forgotten.
What he finds is far from what was expected.

A story derived from Donitz's "Friendship is Magic: Story of the Blanks", the first portion of the trilogy investigates how Sunny Town came to be, and if there is any hope for its inhabitants... or those who find their way in.

The second portion establishes what happens when its visitors have escaped... at least,when it seems that way. But are the ponies of Sunny Town still able to reach him... through his dreams?

The third chapter, the final showdown, is the ultimate battle. It is time to finish what Sunny Town has started. But even with their combined strength, will three friends be able to stop a thousand-year-old curse?

Chapters (3)