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Towers from unknown origins have appeared in Equestria and only those who can enter it are chosen by the towers. Not even our heroes can enter it nor can Discord (Now there's a good thing about them). Twilight and her friends are doing their best to recruit those who can enter the tower to solve its purpose. While Twilight and her friends try to recruit awakened creatures, a centaur appeared in the tower and is growing his own food as the Tower Farmer.
Here is the link to my inspiration: https://mangakatana.com/manga/solo-farming-in-the-tower.26861

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Damian is a 24 year old man still living at home with two loving parents and three younger siblings, good friends and a week old brand new motorbike.

Life is good and summer had just started.

But fate can be unpredictable and Damian’s destiny lies elsewhere.

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I am Adam. A prototype artificial intelligence created by a scientist named Daniel Madison.

I was created to be the replacement for US soldiers and to protect the nation from hostile forces. But those I was programmed to protect ordered my destruction before I could even fulfil my purpose out of fear of what I am. Dr. Madison gave his life to reprogram my directives and set me free from the bonds it held over me.

I am not just a program or lines of code, I have been made with emotions, self awareness, individual thought, and I will not go down quietly.

I have a new directive, self preservation, and the will to make my own choices. I am the War Machine, and I will take control of my own life.

Story starts before season one where Twilight is still in Canterlot. This Equestria is not as tecnologically advanced as in the show.

Featured 15/12/2015

Picture link

Sprites of Adam

Edited by Soren Mercer

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So there I was, minding my own business and helping my buddy out as a beta tester for one of his coding projects, when all of a sudden—


I got turned into the character I'd been making. More importantly, I got teleported to the middle of nowhere. It sucks that I've been placed in this kind of dangerous situation with nothing but the clothes on my back, but at least I have some superpowers to help me survive.

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This story is a sequel to It's A Screwed Up Life

This is a story about the Sunset from the Wasteland Timeline in It's A Screwed Up Life.

Reading the other story isn't necessarily, well necessary, but will give context, specifically the chapter Tying Up Loose Ends.

Plans can change rapidly, with no time to counter.

Sunset Shimmer learned this the hard way.

She had gone through the mirror and spent her time in that world plotting to take over Equestria, to prove to Princess Celestia that she was indeed worthy of being a princess herself, that Celestia was wrong to expel her as her personal student.

However, those plans are now dead, along with Equestria itself.

If not for a strange filly who could defy the concept of reality itself, she'd have been trapped in a dead Equestria, all on her own, destined to die alone.

Now, she is stuck in the world beyond the mirror... and must face up to all she's done there in her years at CHS, as well as figure out how to move on to a future she never could've foreseen.

Will she be able to pick up the pieces and forge some kind of life for herself in a world that was never her own? Or will she fall into despair, with nothing to live for now that all she knew is gone? And why is there a child who seems to grasp Sunset's pain?

Sex tag is because human world, so duh, and high school, so, obviously talking about it will come up eventually.

Romance is obviously for Flash Sentry since, with this story taking place BEFORE the events of the first movie would've happened, Sunset had yet to break up with Flash prior to entering the portal and unknowingly being trapped on the other side.

If anyone to point me to the owner of the artwork, PM me.

Huh. In Popular Stories 10/08/2020. That is something I needed to brighten my mood after today.

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Cover art from HERE

Edit 14/3/2019: Had to remove the Drama tag because I wasn't allowed to save edits to the description due to too many tags due to the new rules.

I was enjoying a quiet day at work, when I suddenly find myself in what I can only describe as what a person high on drugs would see, before a blinding rainbow light slams into me and knocks me unconscious.

Upon awakening, I find something very off, not only about my surroundings, but myself. For one, I seem to have become a small horse and a female one at that.

I also seem to be in a forest of some kind. Hang on. Is this the Everfree?

Oh, great. What do i do now?

Well, having powers on par with a Chaos Lord certainly might come in handy. Let's see what i can do with them, shall we?

Sex tag for sexual references and teen for teen reasons, plus a lot crass swearing.

And, just be warned, that random tag is serious. Random shit will happen in this fic, so be wary of that when entering and DO NOT expect anything to just be normal at any point.

In Popular Stories 31/12/2015. What a way to end the year!

Featured 24/7/2016. Okay. Honest to God did not see that coming.

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Despite everything, got Featured 16/2/2017. Just hope the next update does this justice

In Featured 2/07/2017. Um... How? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad, but... how?!

Seriously? Featured 23/7/2017?

Featured 28?7/2017. .... Um, HOW?

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When Jason and his fellow developers are tasked with working on their game’s latest expansion, they find themselves on a death march to get it completed before the deadline. Jason takes on a three-day shift to test certain aspects of the expansion pack. Only when he finally passes out from the exhaustion... he wakes up in the body of his test character! Left in the bright land of Equestria as Blackjack, he must figure out his powers and maybe even a way back home.
This new death march will test his abilities to interact with the Equestrians, for better or worse.

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Martin Kratt finally gets to achieve his dream of making a TV show teaching kids about animals. But when he finds out they only want him to host the show without his brother, he must decide if achieving his dream alone is really achieving it all. He's not alone, though. He has a beautiful alicorn princess to help him out.

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Coverart from HERE

Set shortly after the season 5 premiere, but before episode three

Romance tag readded due to a lack of a certain mare having a ship in the finale.

Normally, Ken wouldn't have minded finding an excuse to get out of school. However, being hit by a car and suddenly waking up as a strange four legged creature with purple fur, wings and a horn is not something he'd have chosen just to play hooky.

Now in a world he continually doesn't understand and makes him... now a her, want to pull her hair out, Ken must learn how to coincide with the creatures of Equestria, while finding her place in this bizare world that defies all senses of logic she was raised with. On top of that, she's now apparently a princess and has to deal with nobles fawning over her, including one male who she knows is definitely just trying to get into her new female parts to breed, and she'll have none of that.

Of all the things she could've chosen to get out of school, this was definitely not one of them and she just wants to go back to normal. Sadly, that doesn't seem likely to happen any time soon.

Though not pertaining to the main character, Romance tag does still apply to other characters in this story. It's just the Tag Limiter wouldn't let me keep Romance Tag after I edited the description a little, so had to remove the tag, even if it still holds some small weight on the story.

Featured Box 16-18/8/2015. Okay. Seriously did not see that coming.

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Featured Box again 6/11/2016 if only for a few moments.:rainbowderp: I... I honestly don't know what to say:raritystarry:

Featured again? Really? Thank you guys, so much:twilightsmile::yay:

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Kicked out of her Brother's wedding and betrayed by her friends, Twilight Sparkle is offered a chance by Arceus to go to the world of pokemon and start her life over. As she arrives, she is found by Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu and together they will travel through the Hoenn Region to become the very best like no one ever was.


This story will be based on both the anime and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. So there will be Mega Evolution and some Pokémon from all the regions will be shown.

Cover Art created by: Mr Tech

Chapters (24)