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This story is a sequel to The Parliament of Dreams

A hundred years in the future, where Equestria is a parliamentary republic, and cutie marks don't exist, a simple run for take out food ends up being more than Detective Sergeant Ana Kelso bargained for when she discovers a certain pink party pony asleep on the bonnet of her car... despite the fact that Pinkie Pie is supposed to have been dead for the last fifty years.

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Equestria Daily post

It's been a hundred years since Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were overthrown, and the Equestrian Republic was founded, a hundred years since anyone has gotten a cutie mark. So what happens when a completely ordinary pony living in the Republican Capital City of Ponyville woke up one morning and discovered that one has appeared on her flank?

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(Now with Fanart!)

Scootaloo's rather embarrassed by her Mom. Not because she isn't cool, arguably she's both the hottest and the coolest mom in Ponyville. It's not about the fact that her mom serves on the royal court either, though that doesn't help. Maybe it's got more to do with the fact that the reason her mom is almost never seen after sunrise or before sunset, or because before the Mare in the Moon returned to Equestria, she knew her name.

Or, you know, that her mother is a chocoholic, an embarrassing know it all that's actually lived it all, owes personal favors to Princess Luna, and has the unfortunate job description of 'ruler of the land and day'. Sure, having Celestia as your mom is cool and all, but at the same time nopony can know who she really is. Nopony gets to 'know' her, and every moment is guarded against snooping visitors. And yet, there's still hope for a better day to come. Even when all your mom's enemies and rivals finally come home to roost and ruin your day. It can't be all bad, right?

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And Fanart:

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My name is Sarah and I am eight and a half and I'm really pretty because Daddy and Mommy says so and I am also a princess. I have brown hair and blue eyes but no freckles. I really want a pony because ponies are cute and I love ponies lots and lots but Daddy and Mommy says I can't have one.

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Scootaloo gets some bad news in her early womanhood that changes her life. Filled with grief and sorrow of her past she strives to find content with herself.

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When Ruby boards the first trans-oceanic flight in Equestrian history, the last place she expects to end up is stranded in the middle of Eternity's Crossing in the wake of a horrific zeppelin crash. After a mysterious tower leads her and a fellow survivor to discover a twisted and fragmented city twenty thousand feet below the surface of the ocean, though, a bit of fire and smoke is the last thing she needs to worry about. Between the horrendously disfigured residents and the paranoia of the madmare who once built and controlled it, daily survival in this corrupted utopia is anything but a guarantee. But with the help of some new friends and a few genetic enhancements, Ruby isn't going down without a fight, and in the process might just discover that the deadliest weapon in Harmony is herself.

An adaptation of BioShock for the world of MLP. Written to be comprehensible to anyone, regardless of whether they've played the original game.

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Through fire and fear, and darkness and shadow, when the end of the world came, it came swiftly to the peaceful land of Equestria. Now, almost ten years after this cataclysm, a lone mare and her daughter embark on an epic journey of survival across the wasted Equestrian landscape, trying to find hope and meaning in a world where harmony is nothing but a memory.

Inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’.
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