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When Rainbow Dash interrupts Rarity's morning makeup routine, she learns a lesson about the importance of keeping up appearances.

Second-place finalist in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Trans Pride contest.

An entry into the Pride and Positivity event.

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This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Library

A routine visit to Ponyville's ghostly princess is interrupted by the unfortunate fact that Rarity may have a small (see: big) fever.

Small oneshot set in the universe of The Enchanted Library. Takes place aprox. sometime before chapter 7 of TEL.

Thanks to lillo for the beautiful art!!!

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An army marches upon Canterlot with a single intent.

Kill the Princesses.

I appreciate the story being shared around, commented on, liked, all that jazz.
Check out my profile for more fun little dark stories.

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Every year, a funeral is held for Celestia’s dearly departed daughter, Aurora. Every year Aurora grapples with the consequences of facing her mother and the public eye once again.

Rated T for themes of death - albeit lightly touched on. Constructive criticism is always encouraged.

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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer is not an Alicorn

During the events of Between Dusk and Dawn Twilight delegated some monster-busting to the EUP. The EUP, not equipped for the job, delegated further. Now, Sunset Shimmer has been drafted into Equestria's forces to deal with the prophesied return of a dread monster. She's going to need to bring everything she's got to fight off the latest threat to Equestria, and the keys may lie in the ponies she hurt before she left.

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The Tree of Harmony loomed large before Gilda.

This was her one shot.

Taking a deep breath, she began her case. "Harmony, I have come to bargain."

Featured 8/19/2021 - 08/23/2021!

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Rarity has had some tough luck at love. Blueblood, Trenderhoof... Now that she's been set up on a blind date by Rainbow Dash, all she hopes for is that it won't end in utter embarrassment.

She didn't account for having already impacted their life in a major way.

Rated Teen for Horse Romance. Coverart by myself.

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What is a mediocre villain to do these days? How in Equestria do you compete with the likes of Chaos gods and love-stealing shapeshifters? Ever since those Bearer brats found the Elements of Harmony and Princess Celestia's long-lost and kind-of-evil-but-not-really-in-the-end sister returned, nopony bats an eye at the small potatoes any more.

Small Potatoes himself just cannot take being relegated to the side lines any longer! He has one, glorious plan in the works, one that might finally see it - his name, that is - go down in history. He's going to do the one thing that villains all over Equestria have been failing to do since that fateful Summer Sun Celebration to stop the Guardians of Harmony once and for all.

He's going to hire somepony else to do the job for him.

[This story contains scenes about death, attempted murder, some blood and an injury described in light-moderate detail (and with a humourous bent, I'm hoping.)]

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Everyone needs time to breathe now and again, and the princesses are no different. Cadence was happy to use a request to speak at the School of Friendship as an excuse to get in a relaxing mini-vacation in Ponyville.

The issue with that plan was using "relaxing" and "Ponyville" in the same sentence.

Set in Season 8, just before "On the Road to Friendship." Rated Teen for references to alcohol, violence, and certain biological functions.

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The smallest things can make the biggest changes in our lives.

A routine medical procedure reveals a previously unknown link between the King of the Changelings and the Prince of the Crystal Empire. With this knowledge now revealed to them both, will they find a way to contend with the change?

Or is it simply easier to keep things the way they are?


Rated Teen for mentions and discussions of conception and paternity.

Thanks to happytime27 for the pre-read.

My entry in the My Little Pony Renaissance Contest.

Cover Art Borrowed from racingwolf.

Featured From 6-29-2021 to 7-4-2021. Thank you all.

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