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Everypony knows that Rarity is the spirit of generosity. Everypony knows that Rarity is also a fashion designer. What everypony doesn’t know however, is that in a world where clothes are viewed as “unnecessary, and a waste of time and money” Rarity is struggling to keep her business going.
When push comes to shove and bits are far and few in between, Rarity finds herself in a rather compromising position that could change everything forever.

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This is not the Equestria we are all comfortable with.

It is an Equestria as it could have been. An Equestria which exists during an age of empire. An Equestria ruled by steam and gunpowder, set against familiar foes and alien powers which would unmake reality. Where brave mares, stallions, and peoples not of the pony folk must tame their fears and hold the line.

It is an Equestria as it might have been. An Equestria which exists during an age of exploration. Where steely eyed stallions and mares set forth into frozen tundra, boiling jungles, and fetid swamps just to see what mysteries they contain.

It is an Equestria as it would have been. An Equestria which exist during an age of technology. Where advances in the arcane sciences and natural philosophy promises new wonders and convenience, yet bring forth the risk of social unrest and the toppling of the established order.

It is the Equestria this story is focused on, an Equestria given its own time to shine. It is a strange yet wonderful world, one which is ready to share its secrets.

Original SpaceBattles thread

Cover image is the property of Equestria-Previals. It is used without permission, though the artwork did inspire me to write this.

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Inspired by her many trips through the Everfree Forest, Twilight gets an idea for a book. With a little help from her friends, however, what began as a single passage quickly evolves into an entire universe, with the Mane 6 as its goddesses.

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Everyone's a changeling. You, him, her, that. If it moves, it's a changeling. If it breathes, it's a changeling. If it's alive, it's a changeling.

And Chrysalis is utterly sick of it.

An attempt at following a silly concept into the deepest depths of its burrow. Kinda dark at the start. Mainly surreal for the rest.

Thanks go to Fredrick the Saiyan for the preread & plethora of helpful corrections and Firebirdbtops for... well, being him, I guess.

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It’s been a whirlwind romance, but the Doctor has worries. He’s going to try one last crazy scheme before he has to break an innocent mare’s heart.

Can YOU guess who she is before it’s revealed, dear reader?

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Scootaloo: the orange filly that everypony knows, either for her heartfelt devotion to her idol, or for the slightly disastrous happenings that occur around her and her fellow Crusaders.

But what if the filly is hiding something? A secret that might, maybe, explain all the bizarre events that occur in Ponyville? Only one knows, and he is intent upon recruiting her.

In the darkest pits of his being, Discord laughs at his fortunes.

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Twilight had always been a diligent researcher. She would routinely pour over every book she had at her disposal in preparation for every royal assignment. Except, sometimes books can only teach one so much. With this heretical idea in mind, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash decide to take it upon themselves to make sure Twilight keeps her wings clean, and doesn't embarrass herself in the sky.

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This story is a sequel to Hard Reset

After the events of Hard Reset Twilight's life and mental well being are slowly returning to normal. Her recovery is cut short, though, when a letter arrives informing her that the time loop spell she cast is causing severe damage to space and time itself. In over her head, Twilight tries to summon anypony who will know how to fix it. The pony she gets is the last one she ever thought she would meet... and nothing like she expected him to be.

Available in Spanish thanks to dgs1993
Series TV Tropes page

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Celestia has faced many terrible foes throughout her life, from tyrant unicorns to the very embodiment of chaos. However, the time has come for the noble alicorn to fight against the most dreadful of monsters, a vile creature which dwells in the shadows of the night, flying through the darkness as it thirsts for the blood of innocent ponies.

It is time for Celestia to face... the common mosquito.


Written to fight my writer's block. It worked. I hope you like it.

A million thanks to Inumaniac for being my proofreader once again.

Read the polish translation here, courtesy of Dolar84

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