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It has been months after Ditzy's return from the zombie infested Earth, and all has been well in her life. ...Until now.
Once again she finds herself thrown into the cruel and horrific zombie apocalypse, however this time someone came with her. Now she must once again face the horrors of the apocalypse alongside friends, family, and newcomers, all while fighting to survive and find a way back home. But with endless hordes of infected, and even the military in her way, will she be able to make it back, much less survive?

For those of you who dont know, this is a direct sequel to Left 4 Derpy. Give it a looksy if you'd like to read and/or know more.

Fecler~ Its finally here guys! Hope ya'll enjoy. (Luna knows, you sure have been asking for it.) :twilightblush:

(proofread by TheYellowBro and Zaponator)
(special thanks to SteampunkBrony for assisting with the cover image)

Chapters (3)

Part 1: Kindness Warms the Frosty Heart

After a humiliating defeat at the hand of a bizarre human with a mutated arm, a dazed Bael, Lord of Toads and Master of the Frozen Soil, is dragged back through the Hellgate, and plummets through the tunnel walls. When he awakens, he is greeted by a frozen wasteland, much like his home, but there is something amiss. It's too calm. Too peaceful. Before he tries to find a way back, he will make a new home here, but not before some alterations, and finding a source of food. Preferably the kind that didn't have a glowing hand.

Part 2: Laughter Cools the Tempered Heart

After the defeat (and subsequent death) at the hand of God, being used by a smart mouth human, Elvis of the Four Devas gives one last request to his slayer before he passes on. But where does one pass on to, exactly? Demons are especially tricky, considering their allegiances and designs. Elvis, however, was always the odd one of his race, exemplifying moments of generosity and kindness, despite his voracious appetite and short temper. Perhaps the good in him could be fleshed out in a land of harmony...

Warning: Gratuitous Spanish

Part 3: Generosity Graces the Vain Heart

Hundreds of years after a surprise attack, a vampire king is released from his limbo, and greeted by his once perished former brother. Boasting considerable strength and new found power after being subjected to the spirit world for so long, he warned his savior upon being questioned about his strength. When all is said and done, the mighty goliath of a vampire, a master of a now dead and scattered kingdom, will understand the meaning of humility and charity. And on that day, the life of a young and aspiring unicorn of fashion and art will help show him the way.

Part 4: Honesty Smooths the Jaded Heart

Monsoon came and went, and was reduced to silver lining slivers when the lightening of vengeance struck. He conceded to his own dark philosophy as he drew his last cybernetic breath. But the universe would not let him go, not as the cynical and violent soul he is. The winds of destruction give way to the winds of change, and like raindrops to a puddle, he is reformed on a new world for a new chance. Can his brutal point of view be changed with simple and peaceful honesty, or will he continue down the dark and complex path of his natural born chaos?

Part 5: Loyalty Opens the Closed Heart

Heaven demands the highest expectations of obedience. When a powerful witch dares to tread their hallowed grounds, eager and dutiful angels throw themselves at the chance to prove their worth. However, upon underestimating their foe, the messengers of God are quickly defeated. One particular angel that jumped into the fray was stricken out, and denied the embrace of death. While floating through the endless sea of stars, its broken body finds itself coming to a new realm, untouched by Heaven or Hell.

Part 6: Friendship Saves the Nihilist Heart

Frustrations swell as time continues to pass, where research and failure go hand in hand. A darkened mind is pulled from the void, violently ejected into a world not its own. Death gives way to life, and life bares death. The final heart as arrived, but not through planned volition. The worst is yet to come. It will be up to the scholar to unravel this enigma, while a new, far more dangerous threat grows. Sing the hymn of the mantis.

Chapters (62)

Eons after the events on Earth, Jon Osterman finds himself exploring the cosmos. In doing so, he finds himself coming across one of his creations. After all, he did say that he was going to make life.

Set in a universe where MLP doesn't exist (the show).

This is a Watchmen x MLP Crossover.

Chapters (3)

Sunny is just a normal pony. He has a pretty normal life and a pretty normal job, but when ponies start turning into zombies and the streets run red, his definition of normal morphs. He and a group of ponies, thrown together by chance, must now brave whatever lies ahead. This is their struggle for survival.

This is their story.

[Author's note]: This was my first story, and the beginning chapters are sort of a rough grind. I'm working to better them, but until then they're not as good as I'd like them to be.

Orriginal cover art

PS: Comments contain spoilers! You have been warned.

Chapters (21)

The Red team and Blue team get some new help, but when a failed teleport sends the new guys, along with Tucker from Blue team and Donut from Red team to a different reality things don’t exactly end well for them. Or do does it?

Side note: This is not exactly a serious project.
This is some what based off season 4 - 5.
Rated T for Teen, Cause you know. Bad language.

Chapters (15)

They say that there is a level of terribleness that, once attained can destroy anyone who dares to observe it. That level of awful was thought to be just a legend, but like bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster and Bill O'rielly, some legends really are true. Enter the show simply known as "Birdemic: Broadway", and although it sold a grand total of two tickets and critics universally labeled it as "an earnest show", its existence is a scar on human history we shan't soon forget, or maybe we will, I dunno.

Despite His prior knowledge of birdemic's bad reputation Jonathan P. Jafari and his bird Jacques made the foolish mistake of purchasing tickets to the show, forever sealing his fate. A mere ten minutes into the show, Jon suffered from a case of spontaneous exploding sending both him and Jacques to the magical land of Equestria. Now armed only with his wit, a bird and a game-boy color Jon must find a way home.

Will Jon make it home? Will Jacques finish that show he was working on? Will Egoraptor ever get to be player 1? I dunno, google that shit.

Rated teen for language

Chapters (2)

After Deadpool and Pinkie Pie were laid off from their other story, they were given another job, to do a time wipe and go with a new story. As cliche as it is, it's the revival baby!!!

Chapters (7)

Thrust headlong into a strange new world, Solaire of Astora must make amends before he can continue with his mission. Unbeknownst to them all, a shadow from his past approaches.

Grossly Incandescent

A Dark Souls / MLP Crossover

Chapters (8)

A Dishonored/My Little Pony crossover.

The city of Dunwall, once the pride of the Isles, is on the brink of anarchy. As Emily Kaldwin, the child Empress, and her assassin-turned bodyguard, Corvo Attano, struggle to prevent the death of an Empire, a deal made with an Outsider sends Twilight Sparkle into the chaos.

Some credit for this goes to Urdeth, who helped pre-read my chapters.

Dishonored was co-created by Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios. MLP:FiM is property of Hasbro. I have no affiliation with either.

Chapters (9)

Twilight's job in the Equestrian Army puts her under enormous stress. Perhaps a certain pony can help her relax.

On a boat.

Tagged for sex just to be safe.

Chapters (1)