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Being an immortal Alicorn sucks when you have nopony to share it with. Fortunately Twilight finds a neat spell that'll ensure her friends live forever! All they have to do is die!

Now with a live reading by Skijarama! (thanks a bunch)

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A day after Mrs cake’s birth of her sons, she was told she wouldn’t want to see her son. She still requested to see him, but the doctor didn’t let her see what she had made. Only when she was left out of the bed, she saw what the doctors wanted to hide from her. She walked home, and in that time, made a decision, one she would and wouldn’t forget.

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"Yes Twi?"
"I found this book outside the Everfree Forest... It seems to be Apple Bloom's diary."
"Mah sis kept a Diary? Does it say what happened to her?"

TheLostNarrator did a fantastic reading of this story some time ago; find it here.
Now with a reading in Finnish, courtesy of DubbiKnight.

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We must have shared a womb.

Sometimes twins eat each other in the womb.

Gold medalist in the 1000 words contest (group / info). Category: grim

Warning: the following fic contains cannibalism. It is technically a spoiler, so proceed through all with caution.

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Twilight Sparkle, Alicorn Princess and Element of Harmony disappears while leading an expedition force in the Badlands. Now twelve years later she has been found however despite what those who came to rescue her think this will not be a simple retrieve mission.


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Based on a story idea someone suggested

Queen Novo banishes Twilight and her friends to the deepest reaches of the ocean. In this dark and desolate place of water and silence, giving in to one's animal instincts seems like the obvious course of action.

Thus Spike awakens, trapped and alone in an unfamiliar place. But as he quickly learns, it's a lot worse than that.

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