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When Fluttershy received her certification as a fog specialist, she only wanted a plausible excuse to write off the expenses associated with her ground-based house on her taxes. However, when an accident in Cloudsdale sends a blanket of industrial-grade clouds rolling towards Ponyville, Fluttershy suddenly finds herself in charge of coordinating the response, mostly because she's the only fog specialist in the area. Can our heroine step up to the challenge at hoof, or will she risk facing the wrath of the Equestrian Revenue Service?

Artwork by Page Turner. Now with a TVTropes page!

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Memories are the soul of the self; it defines the past, shapes the present, and guides the future.

A year has passed since the events of What Would Daring Do. The memories of their struggles have bonded Applejack and Rainbow Dash into a union of love. But when those memories are lost, can Applejack find the strength and resolve to save the pony she loves? A broken mind is a catastrophe; a broken heart, tragedy.

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Humans. Over the last few years, they've been appearing in Equestria. Virtually all of them believe they're the first ones to make it there. And they try to move in, take over, and worse. Sometimes much worse. Even the peaceful ones can do damage by accident and there's no way to tell what could happen long-term. Equestria is for ponies and has to stay that way -- and so the Princesses have created the Canterlot Deportation Agency. The CDA exists to send humans back where they came from. Every time. As peacefully as possible, with a minimum of injuries -- unless things go wrong. And things do go wrong.

(Cover art courtesy of GroaningGreyAgony and http://www.says-it.com/badge/)

Has a TVTropes page and character sheet. New edits welcome.

Now with author Patreon page.

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Rainbow Dash comes home to her marefriend Applejack. After a busy day of farmwork, Applejack has some fruit that she needs to count. Rainbow just wants to sniff her mane.

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“Hey RD! Come pick me up at the ’Acres at seven. We’re goin’ on a date tonight.”


Applejack seems determined, Rainbow Dash tries to catch up.

Original Story idea by Tchernobog and Steel Resolve.
Title, pre-reading/editing assistance, and an apple cart full of awesome ideas courtesy of Tchernobog.
Post edit pre-reading by Zaphod.

Proudly part of bookplayer's AppleDash Primer; Featured on Equestria Daily 10/09/13

Scene markers were created from these.

Original vector by Are-you-jealous modified with permission.

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Twilight Sparkle is intent on just finishing this accursed piece if it takes her all day. She will stop at nothing to ensure that she gets this absolutely perfect.

This requires solitude, peace and dedicated focus!

Pinkie decides that's boring and wants to help save Twilight from herself. Hilarity and awkward misunderstandings ensue as an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

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After breaking her leg, Rarity finds interest in watching ponies whose lives she finds rather addicting, however things take a dark turn when she fears she watched a stallion murder his wife.

Inspired by a little film called Rear Window, clearly. What you never heard of it, Alfred Hitchcock? James Stewart? Go check that out, like now.

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"Awkward, but worth it."
This is the phrase Twilight Sparkle used when Rainbow Dash first attempted to work up the courage to confess her love for Applejack. Rainbow quickly realized that she was right--it was awkward, but worth it. What she didn't realize was just how applicable that statement would be throughout all her life. That first conversation. That first kiss. That first night spent together. That time Apple Bloom walked in on them. That first apology after their first argument. The arrival of that acceptance letter. And on so many more occasions.
Throughout it all, Rainbow kept smiling.
It was awkward, yes. At times so much so that she wished she could sink into the ground and disappear forever.
But in the end, every time--every time--it was always so very, very worth it.

Dear Tchernobog: This is all your fault. I hate mildly disapprove of your guts. Sincerely, bt.

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There are two types of ponies in the world; those that read love stories...and those that write their own.

Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been friends for years. But after a seemingly harmless game in the orchard awakens Rainbow Dash's deeper feelings for her friend Applejack, she is determined to ensure that her friend has a special somepony for Hearts and Hooves Day. But what will Dash do when that pony isn't her? Can she stand on the sidelines and watch her friend find happiness without her? Can Dash find the answers she needs in the latest tale of Daring Do?

Cover image credit goes to RainbowDerp98

And be sure to check out the sequel, Where Would Rainbow Dash?

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Applejack and Rainbow Dash knew this would be hard, but a long distance relationship was in their future from the start. A Wonderbolt and an apple farmer don't have a lot of time in the same place, so they do their best with letters and the occasional weekends. But when Applejack finds out that Rainbow Dash is on the cover of Flyers Illustrated: Wet Feathers Edition, it plays on a fear she never mentioned to Dash: Everypony knows that famous ponies are different from normal folks. . .


"Wet Mane Rainbow Dash," used in the cover image, is by Suikuzu.
Prereading by DbzOrDie, First_Down, Tchernobog, and Jackie

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