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Twilight Sparkle had been preparing for her entrance exam for so long, just to blow it at the end! If only she could get away to a place no one would know her.

Sometimes wishes come true.

A Collab with The Abyss

Edited by RK

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Lyra and Bon Bon love each other, but they have a ... somewhat unusual relationship. One of them is a secret agent. One of them is a changeling.

And the third one is a perfectly normal pony, about to have her life turned upside down.

This may result in some questionable relationship decisions.

Third-place winner of FamousLastWords' "A Two-Faced Charade" competition!
"This story [is] a ride … chaotic, crazy, wild, an emotional rollercoaster." –FamousLastWords

Reviewed by Hopeling! "Now this is an odd, interesting and touching one. ... Go read it, you won’t regret it."

Thanks to Titanium Dragon and BlazzingInferno for prereading suggestions. Cover art by mostlyponyart (whose blog seems to have vanished).

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Candy Mane isn't very clever, but that doesn't mean she can't be a hero!

No, wait. It probably does mean that.

Written for the 2017 Secret Santa compilation as a gift for Admiral Biscuit.

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Rarity just had a perfect date with a perfect colt! But something isn’t right.
She goes to her old childhood journal for inspiration. As she reads she notices a trend.
Hmm, she sure did write about Applejack a lot…

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Everypony has always wondered who Scootaloo's family is including Rainbow Dash, so when she asks to meet them she is taken to meet her guardians at her home. What will happen and who is Scootaloo's family?

Done as a hypothetical situation after the recent reveal in the books.

Cover image belongs to PixelKitties

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A call for help from Cherry Jubilee brings Applejack back to a very different Dodge Junction. Its residents are fearful, a gang of kleptomaniacs has the full run, trolls are on the loose, and the sheriff's in a criminal's pocket.

Besides Big Macintosh, the only pony on Applejack's side is the most accident-prone being in Equestria. If the schemes of a psychotic but dainty griffon don't ruin things, Clutterstep just might. Applejack reckons they've got as much chance as a seed in a storm, but an Apple always honors her friends. It's a race to finish the harvest and save Cherry Hill Ranch while making it out alive back to Ponyville.

Chapters (12)

Sheogorath, Daedric Prince of Madness. Ruler of the Shivering Isles. Crafter of dangerously unstable magical artifacts. Cheese aficionado. A lonely old man.

Discord, Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. Once Ruler of Equestria. Master of unraveling reality. Maker of cotton candy clouds filled with chocolate rain. For some reason an infant.

Now read of this pair as Father and Son.

...abandon Logic, all ye who enter here.

Part of the PWNY-verse.
New cover image by ProfessorCatPro

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Though most view them as simply immortal powerful rulers, some ponies worship the Princesses as actual Goddesses. Some families with deep Earth Pony roots worship the old Nature Spirits of their ancestors.
But some ponies turn to darker forces. They worship monsters and demons, praying for plagues and misfortunes upon those they despise.

One day, Discord finds out that in his "extended absence", a cult formed with him as the Central Deity. Unfortunately, it's not exactly what he would want. These ponies will soon find out it's a bad idea to anger your god.

Edit 5/18/18: New cover art courtesy of the illustrious Mix-up. Check out the original here.

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Inspired by a conversation with Lord of Dorkness and Moongaze14, blame them.

After making a blind jump from the Nevernever, Harry Dresden ends up in Equestria, surrounded by attractive females; given his track record with the fairer sex this would be a terrifying proposal even if they weren’t obviously inhuman.

Now trapped until he can find a safe entrance back into the Nevernever, he must attempt to play nice with the local powers (all attractive females), explain his magic to the pre-eminent scholars in the field (all attractive females), and avoid the malevolent forces that seek to use his knowledge for their gain (all attractive females).

Chivalry, it can get a guy killed.

Takes place after Book 11 "Turn Coat" in the Dresden Files, and the beginning of season 3 and beyond.

Pre-readers are Lord of Dorkness, Moongaze14, and Appletank
Wlam (as of Chapter 3)

(Sex tag is for sexually charged situations; actual nookie may or may not happen and will include a ratings change)

Tags are: Anthro, Human, Crossover, Comedy, Adventure, Sex?

Character Tags will change with Arc

Featured 2nd Sept, 2016 - 5th Sept, 2016.

Chapters (4)

Upon her return to Ponyville, Applejack learns Big Macintosh crossdressed at the Sisterhooves Social to help his little sister Apple Bloom. Obviously, Applejack knows Mac's behavior doesn't mean he has gender issues. If anything, it just shows how much he cares for his little sister.

However, something else happened while Applejack was away that can't be so easily dismissed.

It's time to talk.

Written for The Writeoff Association's "Illusion of Choice" contest.

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