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I deserve no forgiveness. If I could take it back, well... I would never have met her. Somepony who could forgive me. I think. Look, it confuses me so stop asking!

Sombra, Former Ruler

I hate him and what he did to the Crystal Ponies is something I will never forgive. So why is it that I care when ponies scorn him? When they hurt him, why does it make me cry? When I see him, why does my heart skip?

Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship

Is it just me or has Twilight gone crazy? Dude's a jerk.

Spike, Number One Assistant

Can we please change the subject?

Princess Celestia, Co-Ruler of Equestria

Author's Note: Other is flagged due to the character flag limit. Expect Cadance, Shining Armor, Luna, and Discord at least!

Chapters (20)

This story is a sequel to The Return of the Shadows

Princess Celestia sends King Sombra to Ponyville to learn about friendship with Twilight and her friends.
But days passed, and between Sombra and Twilight something else grows.

Chapters (11)

...have a tendency to go awry in the most unexpected of ways.

When the Crystal Heart's power destroyed King Sombra, all of the Empire rejoiced. Little did they know, they had played right into the ancient tyrant's hooves.

Having over a millennium to plan, Sombra knew that if a pony managed to get past his traps before he could reconquer the Empire, their was little chance of him surviving. So, he let himself be 'killed', in order to get closer to his true goal undetected; the Umbrum trapped beneath the Empire.

Hiding as just his horn, Sombra laid low in the very heart of the Crystal Palace, biding his time, until the entrance to the underground section was opened by the new Crystal Princess and another princess with a purple coat and familiar magic. Recognizing that magic as that of the pony that foiled his most recent efforts, and knowing of only one princess-to-be with a coat that color, Sombra swears to make Radiant Hope pay for moving against him once again.

Using his magic to reach the deepest depths beneath the Empire, Sombra reached the sealed Umbrum undetected, and reformed his body. Having devised a way to free them during his own imprisonment, Sombra began so, fulfilling his goal even without controlling the Empire. Bursting free in a wave of shadow that left no doubt of their return, Sombra gives Cadence a message for Celestia before following his own subjects into the night:

“Give this message to the Two Sisters. Deliver unto me the princess that yet again hindered my efforts to free my people to me within a week, that I might exact my revenge against that traitorous Radiant Hope, or I shall show all of Equestria why the Umbrum were so feared!”

However, when a week passed, and Sombra found out that the princess in question was not Hope, but rather a new princess named Twilight Sparkle, he finds his plans for revenge derailed. Bound by his word, when she offers to go with him to prevent a war, he finds himself with a 'prisoner' against whom he holds little ire.

And as time passes, Sombra begins to see that he and his 'guest' have more in common than he initially thought.

AU as of Chapter 34 of the 'Friendship is Magic' comics.

Chapters (5)

5000 years ago Celestia and Luna imprisoned another, male, alicorn to keep him from killing himself, his name was Crimson Fang and he held the titles of the God of Fear and the King of Monsters. When their king was imprisoned, vamponies, werewolves, ghouls and many other kinds o Monsters went into hiding and eventually faded into obscurity. Today the ponies of Equestria think that they are just stories. But the Monster King is about to be feed from his stone prison, and both his kingdom and subjects will rise again.

What follows is a tale of love between the newly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle and the ancient King of Monsters as they fight off the Thirteen Archdemons. Ancient friends and enemies of the Monster King will return, relationships will blossom and secret familial relations will be revealed.

To find out what adventures await these ponies, read on...

Chapters (83)

Sombra was not always the heartless ruler that ruled the Crystal empire with an iron hoof. He once had friends, a home, a lover...
But his thirst for knowledge and power led him down a dangerous road.

By chance or the powers that be, Sombra is deemed worthy of a second chance to correct a thousand year old mistake. History ignores intentions however, only recording actions. Can Sombra find a way to bring peace to his heart and those he cares for, or will the darkness from his past consume him?

Image, story idea and OC used with permission.
Check out her DA Here!
Inspired by StasySolitude's animation. (Watch to provide a bit of clarity/backstory!)
Click Here to watch!
Art by StasySolitude for this fic;
Chapter 8 Picture:
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Chapters (21)

After Twilight's coronation as a Princess, she receives a package from a mysterious admirer. In it is a note with what appears to be a small crystal. She meets the sender in her dreams. Will she be able to keep him away, or will she be corrupted by his influence?

Inspired by A Somber Meeting by Omny87. Used with permission.

Chapters (1)

What if Twilight was never meant to become an alicorn through friendship?
What if she wasn't meant to help reform Discord?
What if King Sombra was to return to power?

A dark destiny awaits you now, Twilight. You weren't prepared for this.

Chapters (2)

It has been 2 years since King Sombra tried to over throne the Crystal Empire. But when the Mane 6 are invited to the Empire's Grand Galloping Gala, This Gala takes a surprising turn. When Twilight goes missing, it is in the Mane 6- er, 5, hooves to find Twilight, and see what is lurking beneath the Crystal Empire. But one question remains--
Will they find Twilight?

Cover Picture; By Myself
Written By; Myself. Wow. I'm pretty independent.

Chapters (2)

Sombra's influence was dispelled upon the returning days of the Crystal Empire, but only his essence. Far be it from him to give up after only one attempt. If the straight approach would not work, then by another mean.

He'll just waltz in as himself.

Chapters (7)

Countless years had passed since King Sombra started haunting the Crystal Empire. The citizens were listless, forgetful; but when the mane 6 started investigating, truths were uncovered that shook their entire world. Rarity is at the center of it all, as she and her friends try to balance justice with duty and compassion. Political intrigue, magic, romance, and darkness cloaks them all.

Chapters (5)