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In the battle training, Bakugou’s hatred for Izuku grew stronger and stronger until he snapped. Luckily for Izuku, his soul carries on.

Written By DannyPhantom79 and BioQuillFiction

Chapters (3)

Anon is a villain. Not a particularly good one, but... he’s a villain. Let’s see what stupid shit he did this time.

A one-shot inspired by “If movie Villains didn’t waste time”

Chapters (2)

Life is basically complete for Twilight. She and her friends are practically retired, Equestria is at peace, and everything's been wrapped up for at least another thousand years.

Well, you'd think so, anyway. You know how it took two years for Twi to mention her brother? Well...

Tagged with Sex for implied fun times in the future.

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Sunset has once again become a pariah, the students of CHS have turned against her, and even her own friends have abandoned her. At her lowest point and without her friends, Sunset is left vulnerable as the students voice their frustration at her being Anon-A-Miss. But she still had one friend who believed in her and that was Twilight Sparkle, with her words of encouragement, Sunset is reminded of who she is. With her confidence back, Sunset begins to take back control of the school and hunt down Anon-A-Miss.

Chapters (22)

After reports of magical happenings, Daring Do comes to Canterlot in her A.K. Yearling persona. Having become estranged from her friends, Sunset Shimmer has plenty of time on her hands and is more than willing to spend it with her favorite author. The fact that it's been about a hundred moons since the last time she had a chance to geek out about magic is just a bonus.

The two talk about magic, life, the universe, and everything.

This is very low on my list of priorites, given how many other stories I have that are in need of an update, so don't start reading unless you're ok with infrequent and sporadic updates.

I made the cover art; it took an absurdly long time.

Chapters (1)

I have no idea what happened. One second, I'm sitting at my desk, working. The next second, I'm Sombra. Or rather, I'm in his body. And nobody seems to believe me about it...

Now with (amazing!) cover art by Mix Up. You can find their work here.

Chapters (32)

After accidentally learning that each Princess has their very own secret rooms to retreat inside whenever they wish, Twilight Sparkle makes it her mission to uncover just what could be inside Princess Celestia's.

Perhaps Twilight should have knocked first.

Artwork by Hawk9mm.

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After failing a math test, Anon returns home to her adoptive mother; Twilight, who attempts to teach Anon basic math. Unfortunately for her, math is harder than it appears.
Will Twilight learn a lesson?
Will Discord cause chaos?
Is Princess Celestia too fat?
Will Anon get the cake?
The answer is mostly yes.

My entry, and now the winner of the Anon Filly Contest
Featured on the day of its posting; 3/6/2020!
With a reading by StraightToThePointStudios!

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A pony is stuck in a fence, and it's my job to get her out.


Cover art by silfoe. I've always loved this particular picture.

Inspired by the cover art and this video.

Originally wanted this to be in 2nd person, but I know that can turn people off to the whole thing. I get it, I used to be like that too.

Featured on March 2nd, 2020! Thanks so much guys!

Now has a live reading by StraightToThePointStudio.

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Anon-a-Miss has invaded Canterlot High and the girls think that Sunset did it! How can she ever regain her honor?

Mortal Kombat, of course. Equestrian Tradition dictates that challenges are to be issued and duels are to be performed. Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack are all well aware of these facts.

The CMCs, however, haven't had that particular Social Studies class, and now they have started to realize what they have unleashed.

Reading by StraightToThePointStudio

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