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Changing into a pony was one of those things I thought would never happen to me, like getting robbed or winning the lottery. I'm still waiting on the latter two, but the first... Well, it's not as awesome as it might have been, considering the circumstances.

Now I'm sharing a body with Lyra Heartstrings and I've got to find a way to get to New York. If something's going to go down, I'm going to be there for it. Nothing's going to stand in my way!

But it's strange, you know. The Lyra I got? Not really the Lyra I was expecting. What does it mean to be a background pony, anyway?

Submission for the Pony-Earthverse. Yes, I'm joining the bandwagon late. Please don't hate me.

"Other" tag is a stand-in for potential interaction with other stories. If necessary, tags will be revised.

Chapters (7)

I have just fallen victim to an accident involving dimension travel. Now I am a pony, living a life similar, yet vastly different from my old one. I'm being thrown into adventures, though they may be just ordinary days. It's crazy when you think about it. Between meeting old and new friends, figuring out what happened to send me here, and uncovering a hidden secret involving the ponies of this realm, I've got my hooves full.

I just want to go home. Someone, please help me.

Written, proofread, edited, and cover by myself.

Chapters (21)

Everyone is familiar with the "waking up as a pony" trope, but no one expected this particular trope to occur in reality. Especially the 'pony' in this picture, who life gets more complicated then before. It will be a cumulative effort to adjust to this lifestyle, but surmounting this transformation is the only beneficial option.This story varies from mundane to supernatural carnage.

(Credit to Samaru163 for the coverart)
(Proof read by HoloGraphic starting from chapter 12-17)

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“You know how when you're at a party, and you use what you didn't realize was a magic letter to Princess Celestia to roll a joint?
I guess maybe that's not, uh, a thing, but yeah, I did that this one time. It was at that huge party Shannon and Adam had a while back. You know, Max's friends? …No, Celestia's not one of—They wouldn't know each other...
But anyway, yeah, in case you were wondering why I'm all like, a girl unicorn now, that was kinda the short version.”

Meet Rob, a 27 year old musician who gets more than he bargained blah blah blah
Get a front-row seat in his brain for the Long Version, as he wracks it trying to weasel out of being a pony, or at least not let anything slip by as he takes it one freaky moment at a time.

What will the other lost-weekenders think when they walk in on him passed out on their couch? Will he be able to get through the city and at least back to his apartment, if not to normal? Will he learn anything about REAL friendship along the way and stop being such an insufferable hipster? What if some blowhard fan author just couldn't “turn it off” and ended up trying to write a pony story as actual sci-fi? Will Ahuizotl get the statue? Does P=NPony? Can you grab me another beer while you're up?
And did that letter ever get to Princess Celestia?
Your standard pony Trip Report, with your standard pseudo-autobiographical narrator, written to flush out my creative plumbing and play around with, uh, like, good...thinkies and word-putting, and because the urge to do it just wouldn't leave me alone, so I just had to get it outta my system. I just really like the juxtaposition of humans and ponies, I guess.

Title is obviously a reference to M-Theory and Tristram Shandy, respectively. Because I can never pick just one thing.

Rated T for Adult Situations, gratuitous overthinking, and fuckloads of swearing. Oh and I guess drug use.

Chapters (11)

Twilight wakes up after a failed experiment and quickly discovers just what that failure did to her.

Will she be able to function in her new form long enough to find the counter spell, or will she go crazy before she gets the opportunity?

Can she handle being a carnivore in a town of herbivores?

What happens when a pack of Timberwolves comes, driving her to an ultimate decision?

5/11/2014 -Featured!

Chapters (30)

Orion wasn't always a pegasus... as a matter of fact, he wasn't even a pony. He was once a human, a Brony even. But one night while dreaming of life in Equestria, he accidentally makes a wish that Luna is all too happy to oblige. So what happens when you're lucky enough to be plucked from life on Earth to live as a pony in Equestria?
Well if you're Orion, you get mobbed by a party whirlwind named Pinkie, accidentally get genderswapped by a distracted friend, entertain a Goddess of the night at a sleepover, and get into situations with a certain red farmer that start rumors that you're both colt cuddlers...

and did we mention that that's just the first week?

Buckle in for a long ride, because the story doesn't end until things turn normal again, and as we all know, normal doesn't seem to exist in Ponyville.

contains feels, romance, adventure, comedy, and of course, a Human.... just don't tell Lyra...

EDIT- Story is on hiatus as of 12-23-2013 for editing and rewriting. So far, the expected date for the next update will be sometime in late January, early February.

Chapters (31)

Discord was defeated. Villains always are. It’s really quite cliché.

Before he lost, he asked himself a question: what if your virtues went out of control, rather than your flaws? Perhaps if the heroes and villains weren't so clear-cut, the conclusion wouldn't be so inevitable. If nothing else, there would be some fun chaos along the way!

Can the main six find a way to undo Discord's magic, in spite of themselves and each other?

Disclaimer; I have been working on this for a while, and the writing at the beginning is not as good as the writing later. Hopefully it is not too great of an impediment to the story.

Editing by Meta Four, ocalhoun, Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi, Sessalisk, Sereg, and JapaneseTeeth, all of whom are amazing. Go shower them with admiration!

Featured on Equestria Daily!

Alternate cover by sstwins! Unfortunately I couldn't use it since it compresses badly on fimfic, but still worth a look!

Google Docs version (contains unpublished/scrapped chapters and early drafts--if you're only interested in the finished product you can safely ignore this link)

Chapters (11)

You'll never understand a pony until you walk a mile in their horseshoes. Or more appropriately, until a magical goddess forces you to switch bodies with the other in an effort to force the lesson upon you. That's right, its a body swap fiction! Starring everyone's favorite musical ponies, Vinyl and Octavia! (Partially narrated by Princess Luna)

Chapters (11)

When it came to matters of the heart, Anthony just couldn't win. In his path, a rainbow coloured trail of broken hearts were left. With the final relationship he had, his strange exes decided they had enough. Now crashing through the universe and robbed of everything that makes him who he is: Anthony has been abandoned, branded and renamed by his exes. Find out how a pony named HeartBreak has to learn -her- place in this new world.

Chapters (19)

The definition of tolerance is simple: A fair, objective, and permissive attitude towards those whom are different than those around them. So what happens when a portion of the world's populace is changed by a strange anomaly once thought to be benign and harmless? Can the world tolerate more differences, with the mess it already has?

A/N: I know the rating says "Everyone", but it leans more towards Teen for vague sexual references and mild language. Oh, and with the ideas I currently have in story, that is definitely going to change. Probably to Mature.

Chapters (18)
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