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While Twilight was in her bedroom at her house, she stumbled upon a strange vial of green liquid.
Then, she drinks the strange liquid and gets stressed over some past memories of Crystal Prep.
And she's mad that former principal of Crystal Prep, Abacus Cinch, is now the new dean. This makes Twilight so mad there will be some funny parts that she would love to do to get back at her. After all, Cinch did keep on forcing her to compete and spy on the Rainbooms, as well as unleashing the magic that turned her into Midnight Sparkle. But what is going on with her anger?

Despite the tags, Twilight is the 1st main character.

Chapters (18)

What if instead of a book, The tree of harmony gave Twilight a card with strange symbols on it. She studied the symbols closely wondering what they meant. But it was all very new to her. But when she looked at a small inscription that appeared on the card that said.

"Bakugan Field Open!"

The Mane Six, and Spike were magically pulled into another dimension, where there is no magic, or talking ponies. But they found themselves in the middle of a battlefield. a fight between creatures the humans call... Bakugan.

With no way to get home, they meet a young boy named Dan Kuso, a hot headed but brave brawler, and his newly acquired partner, Pyrus Dragonoid (Drago). They soon meet the rest of his teammates. Runo Misaki, a short tempered but sweet girl, and her partner Haos Tigrerra. Marucho Marukura, a smart and intelligent young boy, and his partner Aquos Preyas. Julie Makimoto, who is like the Brawlers version of Pinkie Pie, happy and joyful, and her partner Subterra Gorem. Shun Kazami, the stealthy ninja of the brawlers, and his partner Ventus Skyress. And Alice, the brightest, and most beautiful member of the Battle Brawlers who is a bit like Fluttershy.

Together, the Battle Brawlers and the ponies must work together to defeat Naga, and his army of darkness. Or else... the worlds they fought for... will be destroyed.

Chapters (31)

When Twilight Sparkle had the magical surge that cemented her place as Celestia's student, the amount of power she released not only hatched a baby Dragon, it brought forth something else. Something that shouldn't exist any more.
Something that has Celestia worried.

A fluffy puppy.

[Despite the gore tag it's rather light on that, and they have yet to make a lewd tag and there's a bit of that.]

Editing help by Lawlypops, ThatNoobpony and people in the comments.

Modoc is converting this story into a youtube audio format if you'd rather listen to the story. That link is here.

Cover art by marking

Season two is live here, Season 2

Chapters (122)

[Ben 10 X My Little Pony: FIM]

Vilgax, an intergalactic warlord, lands unwillingly in a world that lacks the technology for space travel. With no means to leave the planet, he starts developing a malicious plan to steal two of the most powerful sources of energy he has ever witnessed in the universe hidden in plain sight from the ponies' habitats with no regard to what it will do to their planet.

Twilight noticed a shooting star and observe it until it exploded in mid-air dispersing its fragments into two. One landed close to Tartarus and a smaller one landed on her friend's apple trees.

Surprised was she when she didn't see an alien creature like she has hope for but rather a white stallion alicorn who was foresight to bring calamity to Equestria and the whole world if he is ever seen.

Chapters (10)

One night, Princess Celestia was gazing at the moon, remembering the incident that happened less that a thousand years ago when a bright blue light suddenly appears before her. Once the light dies down, a small blue creature and seven mysterious gems that have an incredible amount of power remained. Seeing how young the creature is, she decides to care for it for a while only to see it as one of her own. After seeing how fast it could move she decides to name him Sonic.

Please note this is my very first story so please hold back on the hate.

Chapters (50)

NOTICE: Just a quick heads-up before you read this. This story is going to be remade again, but it'll no longer be in the MLP universe. So perhaps for the sake of my friends in the Noble Six, it's best you wait for the REAL story to come! If not, I won't stop you from reading this one. Just saying, there is a better one coming, so you'll avoid wasting your time. :raritywink: More details here!

This is the complete remake of Friendship is Epic - Book 1! I gotta tell ya, it was pretty tough remaking this, much tougher than making it the first time. If you still don't like it, please at least give me some credit for TRYING to make you happy, I'd really appreciate it. If you do like it, then I'm glad you did, it really means alot! I hope you enjoy! :D

Friendship is Epic is about a story by a red unicorn by the name of Crimson Flare Gun who moves to Ponyville to get away from the stress of haters from his hometown of Mareami. With the help of Princess Luna, Flare moves to Ponyville to learn what it means to be a good friend, with help with the Mane Six. Flare isn't a perfect pony, in fact, he might as well be Sheldon Cooper, but without his intellect. Flare can be jerky at times, but it always pays to learn mistakes to become a better pony. He opens up a pizza joint by the name of Flare's Pizza Parlor, and he lives in a movable trailer that's bigger on the inside (yeah, Time Lord technically :P ) along with his pet fish, and he befriends as much ponies as he could so he can forget his past, and learn new things. But Flare's most achieved friends in this story will be the main cast, which include Red Engineer, Crystal Iceblast, Aquatic Armor, Psyche Illusion, and Blaze Goldheart.

Flare is going to be narrating the story, but in his own way. If he's going to make a random comment in the middle of explaining the story, he will; if he's going to change the subject in the middle of the story, he will; if he's going to add Adam Sandler or Scooby Doo to the story, he will; if he's going to make cutaway gags which have nothing to do with the story at all, but there just to make a joke, he will; if he's going to sing in the story, even a song that's actually someone else's work, he will, so be warned, brahs.

If there's any flaws in the story, or if you want to make any suggestions to help make the story better, without being a complete troll about it, I will listen to whatever you have to say, and I may take it to consideration, and I'll talk to Flare about it; only if you're nice about it though. Thank you very much! I hope you enjoy the story!

IF you so happened to like the older version of Book 1, here's the link to the older version: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7969411/1/My-Big-Flare-Friendship-is-Epic

Chapters (30)

Samantha Summers didn't want to move from Oregon to go to some crumbling apartment in New York, not because of her mom or her newly attained position at Crystal Empire HQ. It was hard enough trying to figure out why she could generate light energy from her palms; completely changing her lifestyle to fit the standards of another school was another burden. The only interesting thing about it was the abundance of "abnormal people" that originated in New York, and they had all pretty much disappeared. Just a guy in a red and blue suit and occasionally Iron man.

Peter Parker didn't want to wait for Mr.Stark to call him up for another mission, or wait for the action to come to him for that matter. He'd quit every school-related group just to make room for his side-life, and he got nothing in return for it. Lots of people at school got suspicious or cynical of him, and his school life began a downward spiral towards the realm of boring. The new girl at school wasnt even enough to interest him...until he learned the reason behind the gloves she wore all the time.

Despite her reluctance to learn how her powers work, Peter knows an opportunity to have a sidekick when he sees one. He even offers to train her in the ways of crime fighting and selflessly gave her the incredibly awesome name of Firefly! Maybe if he could prove his ability as a leader, Mr.Stark would bring him along on missions more often! They could even be a cool, buddy cop duo-thing, if she trains hard enough!

What could go wrong?

Inspired by Spider-man: Homecoming!

Chapters (7)

They came out of nowhere and launched a sneak attack on Equestria as an alien race called the Davier a highly advanced alien race with advanced Medical research and Technology along with highly trained soldiers abduct the contry's citizens for research and experimentation. They capture the Main 6 and many innocent ponies and stallions and take them into space. Leaving the Equestria defenseless and wishing for salvation to save them from these invaders.

In another dimension the Pokémon World where no humans exist a young, kind, brave, and a big dreamer Turtwig along with a young smart, brave, and kind Charmander try to join the Braviary Guild. But ends up getting spooked by 2 Pokémon and ends up in a forest and meets a lost Piplup who saids to be a human, but has amnesia and can't remember his past. When they return to the guild they create their own Exploitation Team called Team Typhoon. Later they meet Shining Armor who is now the Mythical Pokémon Keldeo thanks to a transformation spell that the 3 remaining Princesses of Equestria did on him and sent him to the Pokémon World to save Twilight and her friends along with the other ponies and stallions that were captured and joins the young team. But our young Pokémon heroes will have to face the Davier and free the Equestrians that they captured and can Piplup and his 3 new friends find out his memories of his past, unravel the Davier's mysterious agenda, uncover the connection with Terra and Earth with the Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala, and save the Pokémon World from being concur by the Davier.

Watch as Team Typhoon battles powerful outlaw Pokémon, uncover the mysteries of the Legendary Sun and Moon Pokémon, make new friends, make alliances with 4 teams including Team Poképals and the Rescue Team called Team GoGetters including a team of humans who are now Pokémon from our world, and fight to save not only their world, but 3 different dimensions of Earth and Terra from being taken over by aliens! Prepare for the biggest battle in Pokémon history! As these new teams explore and fight to save the final frontier!

Takes place after Season 7 of MLPFiM.
All the Pokémon from all the generations are in this story.

Pokémon and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon are owned by the Pokémon Company.
MLPFIM is owned by Hasbro.

Chapters (2)

Luke Smith was living his normal life in Bend, Oregon. He didn't hate his home world, but he kind of find it boring sometimes, and wanted something exciting in his life. He was a very high functioning type of autistic person, and had a good heart. When he was unexpectedly transported to Equestria by wishing on a shooting star, it made his whole life different for him to endure.

Chapters (115)

Hello, my name is or was Beth. I say was, because something amazing happened to my daughter and me when we went to Everfree Northwest. You see we cosplayed as our OC's of our favorite character from MLP the lord of Chaos Discord. But then there was a flash of light and now we're in Equestria as mother and daughter Draconequus. I just hope we can prove to the ponies that we're not bad and show them sometimes a little chaos is a good thing.

Coverart by C-PUFF

Chapters (4)