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This story is a sequel to Distorted Fate

After enduring the task of adapting to being a filly and helping to stop a potential disaster from occurring, one would think that things are finally turning around for me. Sadly... fate will never be that nice to me. Now I have deal with ponies knowing that I was originally an alien, Twilight's desire to learn everything I know, as well as training a team of ponies to handle any interdimensional issues that could come to Equus thanks to Celestia's recklessness. My life just keeps getting worse.

Oh, and everypony said I'm also going to have to go through something else, but I didn't understand the word. Just give me a moment as I look it up. I think it started with a p.

Note: It is recommended to read Distorted Fate first. Also may contain some gore.
Updates Tuesdays and Fridays.

Art: WildSoulWS
Editors: FourponyChapters I-XXXV), Hyari(Chapters I-XIV) PersonalGamer (Chapters XXIX and onward) RockstarRaccoon (Chapters XXXVIII and onward), PinkieThePrankster (Chapters Chapter LVIII and onward)

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His father missing, presumed dead...betrayed by a friend.
Lost and alone, Fox McCloud turns to the universe for some sign there's something worth fighting for.
The universe answers in the form of a firebrand from another dimension.
Now his life is turned upside down for the second of many times. Especially when the little filly starts calling him 'Dad'.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Awesome new cover art by ProfessorCatPro! Along with ideas for tech pictured in the cover, which will appear in the story.

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He was an alien raised by humans, torn between two worlds and belonging to neither. His efforts thwarted, he found himself descending into madness, destined to be consumed by the nightmare he was becoming.

She was a loner, withdrawn and anti-social. When one whose regard she valued above all others turned away, she sank into darkness and despair. The madness waited.

The madness drove him to decide that if the world could not accept his enlightenment, it would suffer his madness.

The madness drove her to decide that if the world had no place for her, then it could do without her.

Sometimes, it takes another broken soul to help put your pieces back together.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Cover art by Sanyo21, commissioned by Level Dasher
Edit 2: Since everyone keeps asking, this is a crossover with the 'Mother' game series. Look it up.

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This story is a sequel to Melody of the Future

Two friends separated by circumstances and eras...

Both return to the same time and place, back to their own world, their old lives.

But both have changed greatly, and they did not return alone. And both carry scars of what happened to them, inside and out.

Can these two pick up the pieces of their old lives, and go back to where they were? Or will they perhaps become something more?

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: New Cover Art by Spitfire-Sos over on Deviant Art! It was a prize from a raffle, and I love it so much!

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Misaka Mikoto is having a pretty bad day despite being one of the most powerful beings alive. The level 5 esper known as "The Railgun," suddenly finds herself in Equestria. More specifically Canterlot, as a pony! Can The most powerful electromaster get back home to her friends? Can she solve the trouble that is brewing in Equestria's capitol? Find out in my crossover, A Certain Railgun in Canterlot!

Okay readers, I heard you loud and clear so hear it is! The sequel!

Chapters (4)

[Displaced] When our hero went to a costume party, he never expected to end up in pretty pink pony land as Fairy Tail's most badass fire dragon. After an interesting turn of events, he is now the Red Diamond, the King of the Crystal Empire!

Be ready for humor, fights, and maybe avoiding responsibilities.

[All Fairy Tail characters used are not mine, only the creator's. Please don't hate me...]

Chapters (4)

When did I go wrong? Well, first it was probably talking to that wizard. And by talking I mean insulting his dress. After that, everything just went downhill. Now I'm a fuchsia pony with an affinity for teaching pesky little kids. Hopefully I can get home before I get a migraine.

Inspired by My Twilight Facade
Thanks to axelsempai for allowing me to use his wizard. And also to my coffee machine for keeping my chapters coming.

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This story is a sequel to Wily's Wittle Wub


A dark period in the world's history. With the rise of Reploids, society was thought to enter a new golden age...until the rise of the Mavericks. Driven mad by viral infection - or simple greed and rage - these Reploids become a drastic threat to the world peace...and the conflict between them and the Maverick Hunters would tear the world apart.

However, a shining light of hope remains in Dr. Light's final creation...Megaman X. With his adopted pony daughter at his side, he shall-

Wait, what was that last part?
Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Now with cover art by sanyo21!

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Dr. Albert Wily...mad genius, evil scientist, brilliant roboticist, wanted criminal, would be world conqueror, loving father... Wait, what was that last part?

When Dr. Wily wakes up one morning with a tiny unicorn inexplicably clinging to his bald head, he is more than a little flummoxed. Unknown to him, this tiny creature is about to turn his entire life upside down, worm her way into his heart...and make his dreams a reality.

Can you feel the Wub tonight? Mega Man sure will.

Part of the PWNY-verse.
Edit: Now with awesome cover art by sanyo21! How does he do such awesome artwork so fast?
Edit 2: Adorable fan art sprite by SteamingBullet!
Edit 3: New fan art commissioned by a fan!

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Magic is supposed to be controlled, released when the caster wants it to be and in the form dictated by the spell. To Twilight's glee, she succeeds in creating a spell to see a short distance into the future after many hours of research. The test doesn't exactly go as planned, but it works just in time to save a stallion's life. As she tries to reach out to a pony who she finds has nearly given up on life, she finds to her surprise, wonder, and concern that not all facets of magic are explainable, nor the workings of the heart - especially one that has been broken.

First story in my series. Currently undergoing a massive edit, as there were a lot of errors. Chapters 1-16 completed on the edit thus far. The endings are slightly un-canon, and that will be fixed by the edit, but until I get that up, take comfort in the fact that the shift has no bearing on the rest in the series, which currently follows the alternate path. Chapters 21-24 will likely be edited the most, as they were, admittedly, kind of rushed.

Oh, on a side note, I wrote this whole thing releasing a chapter a day as a personal challenge. Not my best piece, but the one that started them all. Ending one is blatant gary stu, I'll say it now. Art by askheroichamburger of DeviantArt

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