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It was a week before Nightmare Night, when Rarity decided to take a trip to Canterlot.

And while there, she meets a sweet, classy mare with a prismatic mane, and a habit of saying "Darling". But there's something about her that she finds just too familiar.

And as she'll learn, maybe there's more to this familiarity than meets the eye.

Author's Note (11/14):

Sweet Celestia.

Less than 24 hours live and this story has set three milestones for me. This is the first time I've had a story of mine be top of the Featured list, the first time I've had a story of mine get over 100 Likes, and the first time that a story of mine has reached over 1,000 views.

Thank you all so much. I am amazed.

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The fragmented Equestrian nation has begun a hesitant trot towards reconstruction and reformation, but a long road of recovery and re-acclimation is in store for the once-segregated communities of Maretime Bay, Bridlewood, and Zephyr Heights. Friendships formed and harmony restored, but with many of Sunny's one hundred and forty-two questions still left unanswered, particularly those about why Equestria devolved to such a state, it's tough to figure out where to begin.

Maybe it'd be best for her to start with some of those newer and more personal questions...ones she'd hastily written down during their crew's quest to save ponykind from its long period of separation. The unicorn capable of answering them is close at hoof...she need only ask her.

Full Story (Mystery Pony Fiction) | Chapter 1 (STTP Studio) | Chapter 2 (STTP Studio)

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As Maretime Bay, and all of Equestria, begins to reunify and bring more open minds to other races, Sprout decides to try and get closer to the one mare who helped make it all happen.

Author's Note: Please go and thank Ranger Dust, whose comment planted this idea in my head.

And also allow me to say I'm sorry... But not really.

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Izzy has an insatiable craving for pony hooves, and sets her sights on a certain sheriff next. It's sure to be a unicycling that Hitch will never forget.

Created with the help & encouragement of my co-conspirator: milesprower06

Now with an audio book by MysteryFluttershyFan

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This story is a sequel to Trixie’s Father Conspiracy

After a disastrous experience, Twilight went to Rarity for emotional support. Instead, she got Discord drama...

Special thanks to fourths for editing.

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Princess Celestia requests Twilight to join her in her throne room on the day before Hearth's Warming. The young unicorn is unsure what her mentor would need her for on the holiday, but rushes to her side anyways. When she arrives, it turns out Celestia has a very special gift to give her most favored student. A gift as wonderful as the holiday itself. But is there more going on than what Twilight believes?

This was written for Nekiyha as a part of Jinglemas 2020!
For more information about Jinglemas, check out our group!

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The smallest things can make the biggest changes in our lives.

A routine medical procedure reveals a previously unknown link between the King of the Changelings and the Prince of the Crystal Empire. With this knowledge now revealed to them both, will they find a way to contend with the change?

Or is it simply easier to keep things the way they are?


Rated Teen for mentions and discussions of conception and paternity.

Thanks to happytime27 for the pre-read.

My entry in the My Little Pony Renaissance Contest.

Cover Art Borrowed from racingwolf.

Featured From 6-29-2021 to 7-4-2021. Thank you all.

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Pipp doesn't want to return to her old life, and, after everything that's happened, she doesn't think it's possible anymore. What does the future hold?

Audiobook version by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan: https://anchor.fm/mysteryponyfiction/episodes/When-the-day-became-the-night-by-Xiutik-e1a3h9u

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Hitch is curious why mayonnaise is taboo, especially now that the other words are not. There's only one pony he can turn to for answers, but can he really trust Izzy isn't embellishing the details? I mean, mayonnaise volcano is hyperbole... right?

This story is dedicated to AnonPencil because they really hate mayonnaise.

Now with an Audiobook by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan

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"So... you weren't going to tell me?" The pink pegasus had tears in her eyes, feeling like a tiny filly again as she looked up at her mother.

"Dearest..." There was sorrow in Queen Haven's eyes, and Pipp didn't even need to hear what she'd say next. She already knew she was right. But her mother spoke anyway. "Before today, it wouldn't have mattered."

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