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Instead of being killed in the cold Antarctic by Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach finds himself rematerialized in a strange new, pony filled world. He finds himself drawn into the lives of the ponies of Ponyville but some ponies fear that this sociopath will bring danger and darkness to an otherwise peaceful existence. Will the mane 6 help Walter Kovac find peace within himself or will he bring them all down with him in his cold views of reality and existence?

As Seen on Equestria Daily!
And our TvTropes page (By Crowrob0t): http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/RorschachInEquestria

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its likeness is owned by Hasbro Studios. Rorschach and Watchmen are owned by DC comics. All rights go to their normal original, intended owners.

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Twilight, seeing that her friend needed a little bit of companionship, decided to help him get a date.

But boy, did he aim a little too high for her taste.

Now, her and Spike need to help this putz of a human snatch a date from one of the most undateable beings on the planet, Princess Celestia.

Needless to say, they're doomed.

Cover art used with permission by Lydia-Rawr

Warning: Story will contain horrible romance clichés, cutsieness, and all around silliness.

You have been warned.

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During a horrible accident, you are severely injured. You wake up in the hospital, only to find your best friends. One of them has a deep secret that they feel the need to reveal to you.

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Of all the ponies to unearth the lost history of Equestria, Hitch Trailblazer considers himself more an accessory to Sunny Starscout's breadth—and depth—of knowledge. Still, he knows just as well as her that there are more parts of the old world left behind than any would dare to know.

Alone on patrol one afternoon, Hitch discovers that some of that lost history can talk.

Written for The G5 Bingo contest. Unedited coverart originally by dodsie. If you like my work, consider donating to my Ko-Fi.

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Twilight is confronted with a terrifying proposition, one that seeks to rattle the very core of rational thought. She can rest assured that socks work orally, but what if, what if, what if, what if ...
They didn't.
Also, someone seems to be stealing her milk.
If only Spike weren't gone, but he is. He's gone.

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The thunder listens.

Written for a Quills and Sofas Speedwriting panic. The prompt was something to do with lightning. I can’t really remember to be honest. It was a year ago! Thought I should polish it up a little bit and get it out there.

Thanks to Snow Quill, Sunlight Rays, and Vis-a-Viscera for proof-reading during the initial contest :)

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Equestria is a barren land trapped in perpetual sunset.

Broken, alone, afraid, and recalling only faint memories of her former life, a Hollow Pony awakens from her dreamless slumber. Lost in the shattered ruins of a hauntingly familiar world, she shambles onward in a quest to find herself, before she loses herself.

(A Pony story, heavily inspired by and using elements from Dark Souls/Elden Ring. Will update weekly, one chapter every Sunday. Praise the Sun!)

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A neckbeard has enrolled in Canterlot High and is looking for a girl friend. When he sees Sunset helping out another student, he decides that he will do whatever it takes to make Sunset his girlfriend.
Every single one of Obadiah's actions are based off of people's real life encounters they had with neckbeards they posted on Reddit, and Mama Beard is based off of real stories from r/entitledparents.
The death tag is only for the bonus chapter. It does involved the death of children. Read at your own discretion.
Part of the Equestria girls Witchingverse.

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Rewrite of A Knight's Tale: Present Dangers and Past Sorrows

For over a year, novice writer Sonnet Philosophy has lived a rather mundane life in the city of Fillydelphia -- keeping mostly to himself and burying his mind in his work. One day, however, the stallion receives an unexpected opportunity from generous strangers to fix a painful decision that he had made in his past life, as well as a chance to find those who forced him to make it. But in order for him to accomplish his wish, he will be forced to give in to his inner demons and be asked to plant seeds of conflict throughout Equestria and the world.

Meanwhile, Princess Twilight Sparkle, her fellow friends, and her new student of friendship, Starlight Glimmer, are suddenly brought into conflict with a radical group of ponies who plan to bring harm upon all sentient creatures who have little to no ancestral link to Equestria.

Through their own journeys, Sonnet, Twilight, and her friends will cross paths and will find themselves placed into a conflict that has been waged for many years. The outcome of this situation, and the welfare of the entire world, will be determined upon by Sonnet's ability to retain his remaining morals, as the Princess of Friendship must do what she can to ensure that the stallion will not slip into the grasp of darkness that haunts him.


NOTE: Current moments in the story take place between Season 6 and during the early half of Season 7.

Cover art (cropped) belongs to Yakovlev-Vad

This is the REWRITTEN story of "A Knight's Tale: Present Dangers and Past Sorrows."

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Rainbow Dash is a simple mare. She loves flying, she loves napping, but most importantly of all, she loves her friends. She loves her family. She loves the little tortoise who sleeps in the corner of her bedroom. She loves her town, she loves her country, she loves her world.

She's never thought about what she would do without it all. She's never thought about what she would do if she woke up one morning, only to discover that the world had passed her by. She's never thought about what she would be willing to do, how far she would be willing to go, to get it all back.

Featured 7/2/22 - 7/8/22

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