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Once a Princess, now a Lord, Ember sends a letter to Princess Twilight to a situation that involves Spike. The letter seems serious and the dragons are already on their way. What could it entail about Ember's journey to Equestria? What does it mean for Spike?

Update: A NSFW version... has appeared! Those whom wish to explore the... freaky side, follow the link! Dragon Tails
Featured 4/17/2016!

The sequel can be found here

Chapters (16)

Department Memo:

Starting on Monday the 26th, our office company will be offering an optional "Pony Break" available daily to all employees for stress-related purposes. If interested, please leave your availability with new company employee Fluttershy at your earliest convenience.

Twenty-two to forty-four minute meetings available upon request.

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Okay, first off, you don't get to call me Flurry Heart. Not unless you have special privileges which are only afforded to those who are related to me and/or are national heroes. Or, I guess, if you're that guard that mom sends after me...

Point is, I'm Skyla. Got it memorized? SKY. LA.

Now these are the stories of how I earned myself that name. And a few other titles. And look, maybe mom and dad say I'm just going through a phase, but I say PHASES ARE FOR WIMPS. This, is who I am!

And the only reason I'm using Circus-Cinnamon's photo is because I can't find any other photos with how I really feel on it. I mean seriously, crystal ponies, I'm yelling half the time, is it that hard to take an angry picture?!

Chapters (7)

This story is a sequel to The Most Annoying Infestation

Rainbow Dash's plan was just to relax and read Daring Do books all night long. Too bad it was interupted by a certain bat pony colt, begging "Blue Mommy" to have a sleepover with him.

This is a contest entry for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest.

Review by MixMassBasher

Awesome Reading by Winged T. Spears

Chapters (2)

Spike decides he wants some spending money, so he gets a job as an assistant to the local DJ, Vinyl Scratch.

What starts off as a part-time 'errand boy' job, quickly evolves into a close friendship, and may become something more in time. Apparently, they have more in common than they ever would have thought.

Super special thanks to Avox for being my editor.
Super speical thanks to themouthofmush and Starlight Shadow for Proofreading. You guys rock!

Cover by: wafflenaw

Chapters (25)

It's a week after Nightmare Night, and the dead have risen. Zombies, ghosts and skeletons walk Ponyville's streets. It would be pretty terrifying, except for the fact that they're so nice. Also, they don't seem to realize they're dead.

But not everypony is happy with their new undead neighbors. Rainbow Dash is a little freaked out, Twilight Sparkle is on trial for murdering a skeleton, and Rarity conspires against her ghostly business partner. Will our heroes be able to keep up in a world where busy ponies don't have time to let death slow them down?

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In a world where ponies see in grayscale until they meet their soulmates, finding your soulmate is a momentous occasion, where the special connection between you quite literally colors your life. When Twilight began dating Rarity, she didn't mind that she couldn't see in colors.

Or, so she thought, until the day Rarity suddenly could.

RariTwi Challenge fic meant to be a different take on one of the many Soulmate!AU prompts circulating Tumblr.

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Batsy Fluffentuft (not the most respected of the lunar guards, and in fact on super-probation from Princess Luna herself) manages to escape into the town of Canterlot and have herself an adventure.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

Based on this story:
The Great, the Powerful, and the Magnificent
Batsy Fluffentuft the Magnificent's Grand Shower Quest
Batsy Fluffentuft's Short Screwy Adventure
Batsy Fluffentuft the Magnificent Becomes an Alicorn
Batsy Fluffentuft the Magnificent gets out...again

Chapters (2)

[Second Person Perspective]

Thanks to the efforts of six ponies, Starlight Glimmer's reign has ended. All the cutie marks have been restored, save for the ones of your new friends. There's not much time before she makes it to the caves where you'll be unable to track her down.

During the final stretch of the chase, you're tasked with lifting Double Diamond up to the top of the hill to drop snow over the entrance to the cave. As you ascend, emotions swirl within as you realize just how fast you're flying and just how warm the stallion you're holding is.

Chapters (1)
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