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I'm not a writer looking to change hearts and minds. I'm just a guy looking to spread a little magic here and there. So, sit back and enjoy the show!

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Something terrible is lurking in the Bright World. Something great, ancient, and inapproachable. There are things older than ponykind which linger in Equestria.

It is an age of great advancements in Equestria. The power of the knights and nobles is fading, as prosperous cities and increased interconnectedness with the world funnels new wealth and power to the commoners. Feudalism is breaking down. Gunpowder, oceanic trade, and new ideologies have shifted the balance of power and pony attitudes to the powers that be. Empress Celestia rules from her capital of Equestria, but she is not sleeping well. Her enemies are organizing against the peace her predecessors brought.

Celestia sees before her the proud and arrogant aristocracy who believe their chance to take back control has come. They rally to duplicitous and sinister powers whose intentions are far from clear, but are doubtlessly partisan. The unicorns of Canterlot are willing to support any who promise them supremacy, even if it means fracturing the peace between the tribes.

From above, Celestia hears the distant songs of a long lost sister, whose power to twist and seduce the minds of mortals is second to none. The Nightmares, Dark servants of an ancient god are returning to make their play at destroying Celestia where they could not succeed a thousand years past. They will drive the empress to terrible things, she knows. Never is her wrath so hot as when facing the ones she loves.

And from the Past, Celestia feels a cycle turning, and events replaying. Great and old gods and their malicious servants who once haunted the dreams of Ponykind are coming alive again, their grudges against Celestia burning in their foul hearts.

But what drives Celestia to fear most of all is the knowledge that her ponies will be the true downfall of Equestria. They will split along their differences. They will hate, take arms, and join battle against themselves. More than one cherished student will fall to evil, twisted by Darkness or Light.

Celestia can feel her death coming. The Civil War that will inevitably come will be the only inheritance she can leave her chosen successors. It will be up to them to make something of the dreams of ponykind.

Author's warnings: Many original characters, very long story (Probs less than half done), takes a while to kick off, seriously dark at times.

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In the little town of Ponyville, six ponies were destined to save Equestria...
But there is one pony that is thrown out of his life to accompany them who will learn about friendship for the first time even though he doesn't want that at all...
But what can he do about it? This is his new life after all.
Soon everything will make sense and he will find out the whole truth about the Elements of Harmony...

This story adds a male Original Character to the Episodes of Friendship is magic who was chosen as the seventh Element of Harmony.

Reading Order:

My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship Season 1 + 2(Chapter 1 - 53)

My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship - Diary of The Storm Wings

My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship Season 3(Chapter 54 - 65)

Equestria Girls - The Legend of Friendship

My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship - Outcasts

My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship Season 4(Chapter 66 - 91)

Spoilers/ Season previews(Drag over to reveal)

Season 1 (Chapter 1-26): Star Twinkle is chosen by one unknown Element of Harmony and gets used to his new friends and all the trouble that they are involved to. Meanwhile, far away from Ponyville, a pony in a gray hood seems to know some things about Star Twinkle. But who is he?

Season 2 (Chapter 27-52): Discord the Lord of Chaos returns and it is up to the seven Elements of Harmony to defeat him. Meanwhile, a group of ponies called the Storm Wings are on the move to steal the Elements of Harmony. But for what reasons?

Season 3 (Chapter 53-65) The Crystal Empire has returned and it's up to Twilight and her friends to make sure to protect it from an Evil Unicorn King who was sent away with it. But at the same time, there is also another danger hiding in the shadows. A shadow that threatens to consume all of Equestria.

Season 4 (Chapter 66-91) Princess Celestia and Luna disappeared and it is up to the bearer of the Elements of Harmony to find them. Meanwhile, Star Twinkle is haunted by nightmares and more questions about himself that came with them. Will he find the answers? Or are they out there somewhere? Maybe he doesn't even want to find them at the end...

Season 5(Chapter 92 - 117) A mysterious map appeared inside of Twilight's new castle of Friendship. This map is summoning the princess and her friends to all kinds of places in Equestria to solve friendship problems. All except Star Twinkle, who feels left out in all of this.

Chapters (119)

The Mane Seven are on a mission to spread friendship across Equestria. It sounds easy enough, but should they let their guard down?

Twilight is confident that she can cope with any situation. Maybe she’s right and there really is nothing to worry about... Maybe.

[You may also revel in the Youtube reading (Chapter 1, Chapter 2) or mp3 download (Chapter 1, Chapter 2) that are available for this story.]

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Here's what the readers are saying about it:

Dude whoa.... That was powerful. It kinda reminds me of “If you love something” let it go. The type of pony that Twilight is I could imagine that losing her friends would make her go insane, and I know she'd do anything to still be with them. Great story. Mad I didn't hear about it until now. ~ Man on the Moon

Princess of Friendship by Bad Dragon is a great piece of work. ~ Stinium_Ruide

If Twilight can't find a way to save her friends, she'll make a way. And that works out about as well as one would think. ~ FanOfMostEverything

I hope Twilight can let go... eventually. ~ StormyVenture

I liked this story. It was heartbreaking, a bit confusing (in a good way), and overall enjoyable. ~ Heart Felt

it had the nerve to make me experience something you twats call “the feels,” but a nice enthusiastic walk in the woods solved that problem. ~ DR_LaZer

made me cry… ~ deli73

I cried. I didn't shed one tear, but a thousand. ~ Crystal_Chaos

Great story, definitely deserves the tragedy tag. ~ MustacheMerlin

This story really does earn it's tag as it presents a situation that cannot be won and that has no positive outcome, which is part of tragedy in it's strictest sense. ~ HapHazred

Brilliant. Both her plan and the story.:rainbowkiss: ~ Unbridled Dolly

I love it when a story comes together--and I say that this one did, at least for philosophical egghead dorks. ~ Mahayro

I love the entire premise and the ending was perfect. ~ Curify - ChasingVerse

Chapters (2)

This is a tale of a drake wishing to become more.

Spike hands in his two weeks resignation to Twilight. Spends some time working for Fluttershy. Then the agency comes to request him often.

Chapters (99)

When you got your Chicoltgo private detective license, you were expecting your life to be a bit more glamorous. Turns out that PI work involves a lot more paperwork than it does adventure.

But that all changes when you are hired to investigate a missing pony case. Your first clue is an encoded message that leads you to the strange village of Raven Hollow, a small town populated by ponies with an obsession with riddles and secrets. Here, you will follow the trail of puzzles to uncover the truth.

But be careful: in places like Raven Hollow, the truth is not always held sacred, and lives are often treated cheaply.

An experimental second-person puzzle adventure inspired by Telltale Games' Puzzle Agent.

Chapters (12)

When he was only 8 years old, Spike's mother and father were killed in a tragic car explosion; with no other family left, he was taken in by the family of his childhood friend, Ember. Five years have passed after that traumatizing event, now at the age of 13; Spike has tried to move on but his parents' deaths have still left quite a mark on him. One day after school, he is attacked by a ferocious beast, but is fortunately saved by a magical purple haired girl. Shortly after, he learns that his family lineage originates from a parallel magical world called Equestria, not only that but he is the direct descendant of the Dragon Emperor: Bahamut, because of this connection, Spike has powerful dormant dragon magic inside him, this makes him a target for he presents a danger to the dark forces who seek to subjugate both worlds. Together with his new friends who have taken a liking towards him, he must learn to control his powers, and defend both Earth and Equestria.

Chapters (9)

Eclipse, a freelance Necromancer, Hot Shot, a retired wandering day guard, and Crescent Blade, a bat-pony night guard, get caught up in a cult's plan after a small mix up in a bar. They don't trust the cult, but help them on their goals. As they start to do more missions, and spend time with more friends, they slowly learn about the cult's true goals. They decide to fight the cult but what happens when friendship get’s in the way? Join the three unlikely heroes as they meet new allies, follow the cult's plan and learn about the cult's true goals. That is, if they can actually get along with one another.

This is a major group collab done by the Advertisements group.
Thanks to:
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OC's used and their owners (some still yet to be used):
Eclipse - Typervader
Crescent Blade - Kamen writer Nocturnis
Hot Shot - Darth_Pinkie
Cactus Jack - Caiustheshadowpony
Thunderbolt Sentinel- Thunderbolt Sentinel
Silver Screen - Hudson Hawk
Pea Gravel - Barnside
Val - Maskinos
Bleu Celeste (Blue) - Aeluna
Crescent Quartz - SilverBlaze0ne

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What happens when a new mares comes to Ponyville and becomes an integral part in everyone's lives? Little Star, or better known as Estrella, is a new Earth pony arriving in Ponyville by train. She carries no luggage and only wears a cloak Princess Celestia loaned to her. With a past to make many shudder but the chance to have a life outside of that and a kind disposition, who knows what'll happen? And what else is brought along? A familiar fashionable unicorn mare meets our skittish new friend at the train to lead her to the castle when confusion ensues. A tentative friend of ours, Discord, is stirring up trouble! Before long, our new friend is left alone, and an entire new adventure ensues. Entertaining some Chaos, meeting the Princesses, becoming friends with the mane 6, and trouble on the horizon. Nightmares, strange memories, shocking revelations, a death nopony would expect, a love of the same ilk, and much more!
Who knows what's going to happen?
~ ~ ~
Not the best description, I know, but I will play with it over time until it makes better sense. This story honestly is good, despite the paragraph above. I plan on action, secrets, strange twists, a unique look on old characters, relationships, and more! I'm also open to ANY suggestions! So, hope you enjoy!
~ ~ ~
I'd like to give out a HUGE thanks to prereader/editors that have/are helping me.
~ Malozi
~ Follow Focus
~ Eclipse Monsoon
I also thank everyone who's offered helpful comments as well!

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Sweetie Belle has feelings for Spike, knowing his crush on her sister Rarity. But when Rarity is wrongfully taken away, will Sweetie find the courage to admit her feelings and save her sister from life imprisonment?

This is my first fic. I don't know how often it will be updated, since I get writer's block easily, I just wanted to have this out of my head. Take it as you will.

Chapters (1)

Spike learns the amazing secrets of the ancient art of Dragon Magic. He will travel the land, making new friends and learning new things. In the end he will have to use the gifts he has acquired to save the land of Equestria from the return of the Dark Dragon King, Galeek

My first fanfic and not my cover art. Found it online

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