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You ever have one of those bad days? A day so bad you wish it never happened? Well try having that day be the literal end of the world. After a strange encounter with a strange old man I was given a new chance at life.

(Mayan test story recomeneded that you read the first 2 chapters of the linked story first to understand whats going on) (Balance of Mind and Body)

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So when two, yet not quite humans appear in Twilight's castle, she finds herself taking on a new role. From the Queen of Equestria to adoptive mother. However, that's not going to be easy, and she finds herself wanting to kill whoever made these kids like this. Namely, half-starved and just that wee bit paranoid of those around them.

Yeah, whenever she finds this 'Shadow Weaver' she's going to banish her to the moon. And probably this Hordak as well.

Or the one where Twilight adopts kid Catra and Adora and becomes the mother figure they sorely needed. And probably blows up the Evil Horde in the process.

(Now with live reading done by Nailah)

Featured on 7/22/20 in both regular and mature boxes. Featured on in both boxes on 7/23/20 as well.

My name is not Noelle Stevenson, and therefore I do not own She-Ra.

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Once upon a time in the illustrious Canterlot City, a mysterious phenomena occurred. There were these mysterious cards that started falling from the sky, and what came out of these cards were small toys that when placed on these cards turned into powerful creatures.

It was fun, but everything changed when the Bakugan started talking to them. That is when The Game Bakugan hit the peak of its popularity.

Now, a young Gundalian, named Twilight Sigma, has made a great point in her Bakugan career on earth with her partner, Darkus Cyber Dharak, as she will make new friends and foes along the way.

"But soon, Emperor Meliodus, the Grand-Father of Barodius and first ruler of Gundalia has come out of hiding for a chance to seek vengeance on not just humans and bakugan, but also to his own people, who celebrated his Grandson's demise.

Will Twilight be able to save her world and become the strongest brawler in Gundalia...Only Time will Tell.

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Jonathan and his five friends all have one thing in common. They all love the show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, but one day they each have a similar dream of the mane six battling for survival in a strange world. Johnathan soon wakes up in a world that's not earth or Equestria but somewhere in between. Johnathan learns that 100 ponies have been selected to battle for the right to ascend as the new prince or princess of Equestria. Armed with a single blue book Johnathan fights alongside Rainbow Dash and his friends to put an end to the conflict and discover the mysteries of it's origins.

A new spin on the whole "Human in Equestria" story. A tale about friendship despite the hardships of battle and war. A crossover as well with Zatch Bell! in terms of setting and situation. I hope this will provide you with something interesting and unique to this genre of Fan Fic.

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When mysterious and powerful cards from an alternate world fall from the sky, Twilight Sparkle and her friends use them to create a fun new battle game called...Bakugan.

But one day, they soon discover that the cards are more powerful than they ever thought and now it will be up to them to save not just one world, but two.

Based on the first season of the series "Bakugan"

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Bakugan, the most popular game in the world. Almost everyone wants to play and be seen as the best, including a young man by the name of Flash Sentry.

But when Flash finally gets his own Bakugan, he learns that there's more to this game then meets the eye. And with friends both new and old, he'll need to fight as hard as he can to save not just one world...but two.


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A young man goes to a card game bargain sale, looking around for any cards related to his childhood while also carrying a good amount of cash on him in a briefcase. A shady merchant offers him a collection of every creature and mugic card from the Chaotic trading card game, which is one such set of cards the man was looking for. However, once he trades briefcases with the merchant, his memories are slightly altered as well as now he is a teenager again. Not only that, he is now in a land of pastel colored ponies and the only name he can recall is his Chaotic online ID: Perim Shifter.

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Having received her teaching degree, Sunset Shimmer is back at CHS to help guide along a new generation with the lessons she's had to learn about magic and friendship.

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(The Human World Sunset Shimmer is the Main Protagonist)

Sunset Shimmer is the new student in the illustrious Canterlot Duelist Academy, where all duelists in training come to test their skills in order to become master duelists in the future. Some people duel for fame, some duel just to show people their better than them. Sunset, however, only duels for fun and entertainment. Using her Arch-Fiend Deck and the new friends Sunset will make, Sunset will do her best to hopefully pass all of her dueling courses and become a dueling master.

However, dark forces roam through the world spreading hate and fear, and it bring about a duel between friends to save the entire world from eternal darkness.

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“ This mysterious mech produces different powers depending on its pilot. Kirby's Copy Ability power has transformed it into a shape-shifting copy robot!”
— Kirby: Planet Robobot —


Haltmann Works Company. An Intergalactic Corporation that wished to reactivate [Star Dream] and achieve infinite prosperity through a plot called the Mechanizing Occupation Project. They produced a vast number of Invader Armors to help them achieve their goal. Possibly hundreds, if not thousands of these were built to harvest planets to obtain their resources and technology.

Yet this is the story of one: [Unit Model# I-7090]. One mech that would have remained unremarkable were it not for the change in status quo that occurred when he encountered the inhabitant of Popstar named Kirby. From there he became so much more:

The one who made a friend in a little pink life form.
The one who went against his programing to assist him in his adventure to save his planet.
The one who helped him to face a menagerie of menaces and puzzles to reach his goal.
And the one who after the final battle, said goodbye in the only way he could.

Perhaps he was willing to stay adrift in space until time itself ended, but what if he ended up on another planet, where the ultimate source of prosperity was a magical resource called friendship?

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